Berkeley World Music Festival

The free 9th Annual Berkeley World Music Festival was held at People’s Park on Saturday, June 12, 2012. Performances also took place in Telegraph Avenue cafes and shops near the UC campus. The event was sponsored by Amoeba Music. The festival showcases the Bay Area’s rich world music scene. Six-time
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Wanderer’s Union

The Wanderer’s Union is a non-competitive 24 hour long wandering event that challenges participants to travel to 24 places in 24 hours.

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Berkeley Dance Project 2012: “Beneath The Flesh”

On Saturday, April 21, at Zellerbach Playhouse, the Berkeley Dance Project performed their “Beneath the Flesh” performance. Here is a snippet of the first piece, “Finding the Moon in the Dark Night Sky.” This piece is in honor of girls and women everywhere. Tianzong Jiang filmed this performance.

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1AM (First Amendment) Gallery

We did a feature on the 1AM (First Amendment) Gallery in San Francisco which features a different exhibit every month. In addition, they sell retail, spray paints and hosts 3 art classes. Kelly Lin is the Lead Arts Producer.