Squirrels are our friends too

Here’s an Animal Planet-style insider’s look at our favorite furry creatures on campus.


Complimentary Compliments

Spreading a little positivity in your day, you look great! Video by Ashley-Grace Vo and Nate Mahowald Contact us at …


Tinder Makeover

The Daily Californian’s podcast team Hard and Soft looks at one of the most private havens of modern love lives, …


How to Roll a Joint

Just because it’s not 4/20 doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some good weed. The Daily Californian has your back. Here’s …

Final Cut0

UC Berkeley professors read mean reviews

Professors react to the meanest comments they’ve received through the website Rate My Professors. Also watch our spring 2016 opinion columnists read …


Opinion columnists read comments

Opinion columnists read aloud the funniest, weirdest and meanest comments they’ve received through the Daily Cal website, Facebook and email. …

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Scenes of Memorial Glade during 420

Students hang out at Memorial Glade on April 20th for a “POTluck.” Karen Lin is the Multimedia Editor. Contact her …