The wood-burning oven gets so hot that pizzas only need to spend a few minutes in there to cook, giving them a subtly charred flavor without burning them.

A tour of Berkeley’s new Downtown Berkeley pizzeria

Watch a tour of BUILD Pizzeria Roma, a new Downtown Berkeley pizzeria that opens Tuesday. The restaurant – which is located at 2286 Shattuck Avenue – has a full bar and will serve custom Roman-style pizzas. Read more here.

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Eating Berkeley: How to Make an Omelette

Andrew Steinsapir of the Daily Cal Food Blog demonstrates how to make an omelette. You’ll need: –eggs –non-stick spray –spices (optional) An appropriately sized pan helps.

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Eating Berkeley: caramelizing onions

Andrew Steinsapir of the Daily Cal Food Blog demonstrates how to caramelize onions. Ingredients include: –sliced or chopped white onion –canola oil –vinegar or lemon juice –seasoning (optional)

Joani Blank, founder of Good Vibrations

Interview with Joani Blank, founder of Good Vibrations

Watch a video interview with the founder of the sex toy shop Good Vibrations. Joani Blank, who opened the first location in San Francisco 1977, advertised the store as sex-positive and women-oriented. Click here to read more about the history of Good Vibrations and how the chain is doing today.

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How to Brew Beer: Wheat IPA

Watch an instructional video on brewing beer. Here is the recipe Derek Remsburg used: Grain Bill 9 lbs 2-Row 5 lbs Wheat Malt 1 lb Vienna Malt 0.5 lb Crystal 60 Hops 0.4 oz chinook at 60 min. 1 oz cascade at 20 min. 0.5 oz columbus at 20 min.
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Cafes in Berkeley

Watch a video with reviews of coffee shops in Berkeley by Fiona Hannigan. The coffee shops featured are Peet’s, Philz Coffee, Milano, Strada, Free Speech Movement, and Espresso Roma.

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Crossroads: Healthy Options

Renee Simpson, Cal Dining’s registered dietitian, has suggestions for healthy options at Crossroads, UC Berkeley’s largest dining common.

sustainable farm.FANG

California Grown: A special look at organic and local food

The emphasis placed on food and food culture is everywhere in Berkeley. Local, sustainable and organic are ideas that have emerged in the last 30 years and that continue to resonate with the residents and the students living in the city. This video series explores why organic and sustainable are
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