Below the Fold: Episode 1 with UC Berkeley student Michelle Zheng discussing sex, love and relationships

For the first episode of “Below the Fold,” we interviewed Michelle Zheng, who you may know as last semester’s Sex on Tuesday columnist. We covered several topics such as self-love, abusive relationships, honesty, writing and polyamory. Within the first few minutes of interviewing Michelle, we began to understand that the
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Tinder Makeover

The Daily Californian’s podcast team Hard and Soft looks at one of the most private havens of modern love lives, Tinder, and gives Aslesha a makeover of her profile. Cinematography and Editing by Ashley-Grace Vo and Chris Cox Contact us at [email protected]


Bear necessities: Amir Blumenfeld on success in comedy

It’s always tough to know what the future holds, especially when you’re a UC Berkeley student. Join Ashley Gave-Vo and Nathaniel Mahowald in the very first episode of The Daily Californian’s new podcast, “Bear Necessities.” Today, we talk to comedy icon, Collegehumor’s Amir Blumenfeld, about his time at UC Berkeley,
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