Laci Green talks consensual sex and relationships

If you walked past Lower Sproul on Monday and wondered why there were were condoms everywhere, The Daily Californian has an answer for you. On Monday, UC Berkeley alumnus and sex-positive vlogger Laci Green came back to visit the campus and discuss the importance of consent with students. In a
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Video Essay: Interview with Chancellor Nicholas Dirks

Daily Californian columnist Adam Garzoli interviews chancellor Nicholas Dirks to discuss higher education. Filmed by Karen Lin and Yuka Koshino Edited by Yuka Koshino Part 1: Berkeley Global Campus 1 Part 2 Berkeley Global Campus 2 w Part 3 Undergraduate Initiative Part 4 Senate Constitutional Amendment 1 Part 5 Concluding
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Opinion Columnists Spring 2015

The five opinion columnists for the Spring 2015 semester introduce themselves and explain the topics they will be covering for the next few months. Filmed by Alison Tang and Karen Lin Edited by Alison Tang Music by Tori Sweeney

What does the China dream mean?

Daily Cal opinion blogger Anh Thai asks students and employees on campus what the China Dream means and how the China Dream compares with the American Dream.