Breaking down the status of affirmative action at UC Berkeley


The U.S. Supreme Court dealt a significant victory to supporters of affirmative action June 23 when it upheld the consideration of race in the admissions policy of the University of Texas at Austin. But the decision won’t impact the university’s admissions policy because California state law supersedes the verdict.
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City Council approves budget for 2017 fiscal year

At its Tuesday meeting, the Berkeley City Council approved and adopted a compromise budget for fiscal year 2017, which requires roughly $1.5 million in reserve funding and partially defunds programs including the Berkeley Drop-In Center and Youth Spirit Artworks.
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Premier Cru lawsuit reaches settlement

A settlement decision on the Premier Cru class action lawsuit was reached May 16, affecting approximately 4,450 Premier Cru customers who were left without the bottles of wine they paid for before the company declared bankruptcy Jan. 8.
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