UCPD reports mountain lion sighted near Clark Kerr Track

The alert wrote that in the past couple years, several sightings of mountain lions have occurred in the hills above the Berkeley campus. Carcasses of animals suspected to have been attacked by mountain lions have also been discovered in the past couple years, according to UCPD.
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YAF claims campus blocked Ben Shapiro appearance

The Young America’s Foundation claims that campus officials have been unable to identify a venue for the campus appearance of Ben Shapiro on Sep. 14, according to a press release issued today titled “Berkeley Blocks Ben Shapiro.”
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BPD report indicates racial disparities in policing

Black residents in Berkeley are almost six times more likely to have force used on them, nearly six times more likely to be pulled over for a traffic stop and three times more likely during a vehicle stop to be subjected to a search by Berkeley Police Department officers, compared to white Berkeley residents, according to the CPE report.
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