Controversy continues in Auxiliary’s realignment

Though the administrative arm of the ASUC began reporting to a different department on campus July 1, little else has changed so far. Aside from its direct change in reporting structure, further effects of the ASUC Auxiliary’s highly debated realignment to the Division of Student Affairs will come later, officials
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ASUC Auxiliary financial services manager appointed interim director

Dean of Students Jonathan Poullard announced Monday the appointment of Marilyn Stager as the interim director for the ASUC Auxiliary. Stager, currently the financial services manager for the Auxiliary, will begin Sept. 1 and will replace Nadesan Permaul, who retired June 29. Stager has served as the financial services manager
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ASUC senator-elect arrested in San Bernardino immigration rally

ASUC Senator-elect Ju Hong and six other students were released from jail Wednesday morning after being arrested in San Bernardino on Tuesday for blocking a city street during an immigration rally. Hong, an undocumented student at UC Berkeley, and the six others were charged with unlawful assembly and failure to
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The Lower Sproul Plaza is still set for renovation, but a presentation projected that operating costs of the future facilities are associated with a negative cash flow.

Operating cost projections for Lower Sproul renovation show deficit

Projections for the operating costs of the redesigned Lower Sproul Plaza show a negative cash flow associated with the future facilities, according to a presentation from a consultant to the plaza’s renovation project. A deficit as high as $800,000 may occur between 2019 and 2022, after an expected bump in
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ASUC Auxiliary Director Nadesan Permaul retired June 29, two days before the auxiliary underwent a major realignment. The circumstances of his departure prompted questions as to whether his retirement was forced.

Questions surround ASUC Auxiliary director’s retirement

ASUC Auxiliary Director Nadesan Permaul’s retirement only two days before the auxiliary underwent a major realignment prompted some to question whether the realignment was used as an opportunity to force his retirement. Though talk of Permaul retiring in a few years or sometime later this academic year had already been
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Retirement of ASUC Auxiliary Director announced

After 33 years of employment at UC Berkeley, ASUC Auxiliary Director Nadesan Permaul retired Wednesday, just days before the auxiliary undergoes a major realignment. During his time on campus, Permaul has held positions in the Department of Recreational Sports, the Physical Plant, UCPD, Parking and Transportation and the ASUC Auxiliary.
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Studio adds art classes to close deficit

The ASUC Art Studio, which has been on the UC Berkeley campus for over 50 years, plans to expand the amount of classes it offers in an effort to close its ongoing deficit. Accordingly, the ASUC Store Operations Board discussed the future of the studio at its meeting last Wednesday.
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The ASUC Auxiliary will exist under the Division of Student Affairs in order to align similar services.

ASUC Auxiliary oversight to change

The business arm of the ASUC will soon report to a new campus office for stated reasons of aligning similar services and efficiency. Currently, the ASUC Auxiliary sits in the Office of Administration and Finance and reports to Ron Coley, associate vice chancellor of business and administrative services. But as
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