ASUC Senate passes bill supporting student supermajority district

The ASUC Senate voted Wednesday to support the creation of a student supermajority district in Berkeley, despite concerns that a student city council member might not be able to adequately represent all students. The bill endorsed the idea of altering the city charter to eliminate its current restrictions against a
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Candidates from all parties who will be running in the ASUC elections attended an informational meeting Tuesday evening.

New candidates revealed for 2012 ASUC election at Tuesday meeting

Presidential field broadened as three new candidates enter the race

Concerns about campaign spending surfaced while new independent and third-party candidates for executive positions were revealed Tuesday night at a mandatory meeting for all candidates running in the 2012 ASUC general election. The ASUC Elections Council held the meeting to give an overview of campaign rules. The meeting was the
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Defend Affirmative Action executive candidates Victor Martinez, Matt Williams, Alisha Johnson and Jeremy Palmer will run for student advocate, president, external affairs vice president and executive vice president, respectively.

Defend Affirmative Action Party announces ASUC executive candidates

The Defend Affirmative Action Party has announced its executive candidates for the 2012 ASUC general election. The party is running on a five-point platform, promising to work toward a reversal of fee hikes, double underrepresented minority student enrollment, campaign for the passage of a federal DREAM Act, stop British Petroleum-funded
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Class Pass renewal referendum moves forward despite contention

A referendum asking students to renew the Class Pass program will be placed on the upcoming 2012 ASUC general election ballot, but concerns over a lack of negotiation with AC Transit have prompted an ASUC senator to campaign against the referendum. When the ASUC Senate voted on the referendum for
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Jason Bellet and Eric Raby are running for senate, while Rachel Horning and Noah Ickowitz are running for president and student advocate with the SQUELCH! party.

SQUELCH! party announces executive, senate candidates

The SQUELCH! party announced its candidates Sunday for the upcoming 2012 ASUC general election, running a full satirical executive slate. The party traditionally runs a series of joke executive candidates and one serious candidate for the ASUC Senate. The party has won one senate seat consecutively each year for at
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Daily Cal fee referendum placed on ASUC election ballot

UC Berkeley students will vote this April during the 2012 ASUC general election on whether to approve a student fee to support The Daily Californian. The ASUC Senate voted Wednesday night to put the V.O.I.C.E. Initiative before students asking whether they support a $2 per semester student fee to help
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Party with Occupy Cal members announces ASUC executive slate

Occupy Cal demonstrators and other students have formed an executive slate for the spring 2012 ASUC general election, but past election data show they are unlikely to secure the positions traditionally held by Student Action and CalSERVE. Students for a Democratic University — previously tentatively named the Political Action Party
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