Kristin Persson, Gerbrand Ceder and Wenhao Sun at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory on Thursday, November 17, 2016 in Berkeley, Calif. 11/17/16

Diamonds aren’t forever

A new study from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory deepened scientific understanding of nearly 30,000 materials by quantifying their thermodynamic scale of metastability, a breakthrough that paves the way for future innovations in technologies like batteries and solar power.
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The fight for a field

$7 million, 2 Title IX investigations and a damaged women’s field hockey program

In 2013, the UC Berkeley field hockey team was kicked off its longtime home, Maxwell Family Field, by Cal Athletics. Today, the team plays at Underhill Field, a converted recreational field lacking permanent bathrooms, storage, stands or a press platform.
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UC Berkeley community reacts to Cuban leader Fidel Castro’s death

While some figures, such as President-elect Donald Trump, celebrated the passing of the figure synonymous to many with communist ideology, others expressed different sentiments — such as Miguel Altieri, a campus professor of agroecology, who said he felt “very saddened” to hear about Castro’s passing.
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