ASUC Senate may vote again on a bus pass referendum

The ASUC Senate may vote once again on a bus pass referendum a few weeks after it approved a referendum for the upcoming 2012 ASUC general election to extend unlimited rides on AC Transit and Bear Transit. ASUC President Vishalli Loomba — one of the original authors of the bill
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CalSERVE senators Sydney Fang, Anthony Galace and Andrew Albright and co-chair of the campus Black Student Union Naomi Wilson comprise the CalSERVE executive slate.

CalSERVE announces executive candidates

After not running an executive slate in last year’s ASUC election, the CalSERVE party announced its four executive candidates Monday for the upcoming general election. Current CalSERVE Senators Andrew Albright, Anthony Galace and Sydney Fang will run for the offices of president, executive vice president and external affairs vice president,
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Associate Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs for Residential and Student Service Programs LeNorman Strong speaks to the ASUC.

Harry Le Grande, ASUC Senate discuss ASUC Auxiliary’s transition

The ASUC Senate questioned Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Harry Le Grande at the senate’s meeting Wednesday night for the first time since the ASUC’s administrative branch moved under his purview last summer. The ASUC Auxiliary’s July 1 shift in reporting structure from Administration and Finance to the campus Division
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ASUC Senate puts bus pass referendum on election ballot

UC Berkeley students will vote this April during the 2012 ASUC general election on whether to extend the campus’ Class Pass, which gives students unlimited rides on AC Transit and Bear Transit buses. The ASUC Senate voted Wednesday night in favor of a bill that places a referendum on the ballot
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As deadline approaches, ASUC Auxiliary’s future remains unclear

With a little over two months until an April 30 deadline to submit recommendations for restructuring the ASUC’s administrative branch, a transition team charged with the task is still collecting information, leaving many in the dark about what will happen to the ASUC Auxiliary in the future. The Transition Planning
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ASUC Senate votes to support Day of Action protesting Prop. 209

The ASUC Senate voted Wednesday to pass a bill supporting a Feb. 13 Day of Action in favor of overturning Proposition 209, a 1996 bill that prohibits affirmative action in admissions to public institutions. Under the bill, the senate will withdraw about $400 from its Contingency Fund to support the
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AC Transit was forced to cut costs in order to balance its budget.

ASUC Senate postpones vote on bus pass bill

Lack of data on student bus usage stalled the ASUC Senate from voting on a bill that would put a referendum on the 2012 general election ballot to give students the option to extend unlimited ridership on local bus services. The bill — authored by ASUC President Vishalli Loomba and
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