ASUC Store Operations Board holds retreat to tackle issues

The ASUC Store Operations Board discussed the possibility of a new charter and reviewed the financial statuses of businesses under its jurisdiction at last weekend’s retreat. Although no official board decisions were made, attendees did briefly discuss the decision to postpone rechartering. A decision to recharter would have involved adopting
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Bear’s Lair Food Court vendor reopens

Bear’s Lair Food Court vendor Saigon Eats reopened this week after having been closed for the past week. The eatery’s unpaid rent led some to speculate that the prolonged absence might be related to an inability to pay, or possibly just vacation time. Saigon Eats employee Omar Cervera said the business
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Campus restaurant Saigon Eats, which is among the vendors in the Bear’s Lair Food Court, closed recently as a result of outstanding rent totaling $32,000.

Campus eatery might not reopen due to unpaid rent

For the last week or so, one of the vendors in the Bear’s Lair Food Court has remained conspicuously closed, raising concern that the vendor may not be able to pay its rent. More than one explanation could be behind the recent closure of Saigon Eats on campus. It could
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Campus signs letter of intent for new Pepsi beverage contract

Though negotiations have yet to be finalized for a 10-year beverage contract, UC Berkeley signed a letter of intent Friday with PepsiCo Inc., establishing a framework under which the two parties will operate until a final contract is signed. The letter of intent states that major terms of the contract
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The Bear’s Lair Pub, located on Lower Sproul Plaza, will open for one year under new management — a partnership of Bay Area business owners — on Thursday.

Campus pub to open with new management

The Bear’s Lair Pub on campus will open under new management this week, about one year before the space will likely close as part of a broader renovation project for Lower Sproul Plaza. At a meeting of the ASUC Store Operations Board last Thursday, board members said a partnership of
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Controversy continues in Auxiliary’s realignment

Though the administrative arm of the ASUC began reporting to a different department on campus July 1, little else has changed so far. Aside from its direct change in reporting structure, further effects of the ASUC Auxiliary’s highly debated realignment to the Division of Student Affairs will come later, officials
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ASUC Auxiliary financial services manager appointed interim director

Dean of Students Jonathan Poullard announced Monday the appointment of Marilyn Stager as the interim director for the ASUC Auxiliary. Stager, currently the financial services manager for the Auxiliary, will begin Sept. 1 and will replace Nadesan Permaul, who retired June 29. Stager has served as the financial services manager
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ASUC senator-elect arrested in San Bernardino immigration rally

ASUC Senator-elect Ju Hong and six other students were released from jail Wednesday morning after being arrested in San Bernardino on Tuesday for blocking a city street during an immigration rally. Hong, an undocumented student at UC Berkeley, and the six others were charged with unlawful assembly and failure to
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The Lower Sproul Plaza is still set for renovation, but a presentation projected that operating costs of the future facilities are associated with a negative cash flow.

Operating cost projections for Lower Sproul renovation show deficit

Projections for the operating costs of the redesigned Lower Sproul Plaza show a negative cash flow associated with the future facilities, according to a presentation from a consultant to the plaza’s renovation project. A deficit as high as $800,000 may occur between 2019 and 2022, after an expected bump in
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