Occupy Cal has moved their encampment to Doe Library. Compared to previous encampments, there is almost no police presence.

New Occupy Cal encampment sees little UCPD presence

In a shift from the massive police presence at the first Occupy Cal encampment in November, UCPD has not confronted the camp established last Thursday, aside from announcing general dispersal orders nightly. The Occupy Cal camp, which moved from the steps of Sproul Hall to those of Doe Memorial Library
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UC Berkeley engineering school appoints new dean to promote equity

UC Berkeley’s College of Engineering is striving to increase gender and ethnic diversity among its students following allegations of discrimination last semester, although efforts are progressing gradually. The college garnered much attention last October when a California Watch article pointed out instances of sexism in the campus’s male-dominated engineering student
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Sophomore Kyle Crews sings way to Hollywood on American Idol

On paper, Kyle Crews seems fairly straightforward: a tall, blonde and blue-eyed self-proclaimed “gentle giant” in the Kappa Alpha fraternity at UC Berkeley. But Crews on paper does not necessarily match up with the real-life sophomore. Certainly, not many would expect him to be a fan of R&B and a
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Members of Occupy Cal have moved their tents to the steps of Doe Library.

Occupy Cal protesters move to Doe Library steps

Occupy Cal protesters moved their tents from the steps outside of Sproul Hall to the steps of Doe Memorial Library Tuesday morning, continuing an encampment that began Thursday. Protesters decided shortly before midnight Monday to temporarily move to the steps in front of UC Berkeley’s largest library in an effort
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Protesters to hold rally to raise awareness about prison systems

A rally will be held on UC Berkeley’s Sproul Plaza on Friday to raise awareness about the American prison system. The 1 p.m. rally will feature speakers who “represent the demographics of the people incarcerated, to reflect the inherent racism of the system,” according to the Facebook page for the
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Occupy Cal encampment continues despite warnings

Despite repeated warnings about violating campus policy, Occupy Cal protesters continued their encampment outside Sproul Hall with nine tents Monday evening. As of about 5:30 p.m. Monday, around 25 students remained on the Sproul steps in continuation of a protest that began Feb. 9 — three months after the Nov.
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Co-ops, fraternaties and sororities are among the off campus groups the ASUC sustainability team is encouraging to participate in RecycleMania.

UC Berkeley participates in recycling competition

UC Berkeley began competing last week in RecycleMania, a contest between colleges in the United States and Canada designed to divert waste from landfills through recycling and composting. During the eight-week competition, participating schools report the amount of recycling and trash collected on their campuses each week, and competitors can
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Protesters gather on Upper Sproul and resume their occupation.

Occupy Cal protest continues on steps of Sproul Hall

A group of Occupy Cal protesters continued an encampment on the steps of Sproul Hall as of Sunday afternoon, extending a protest that began Thursday on the three month anniversary of the Nov. 9 campus protests. Around 3 p.m. Sunday, 30 to 40 protesters gathered on the steps for a
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