UC student regents warn of possible tuition hikes

UC Student Regent Alfredo Mireles Jr. and UC Student Regent-designate Jonathan Stein spoke of impending tuition hikes facing students if they do not voice their opinions at Wednesday night’s ASUC Senate meeting. The UC Board of Regents will be making long-term financial decisions during the next five months and is
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Food Day, a national event promoting healthy, sustainable food, was also celebrated on the UC Berkeley campus.

Picnic marks first Food Day at UC Berkeley

The lyrical strains of the California Golden Overtones, free whole grain bread samples and a picnic marked UC Berkeley’s celebration of the first Food Day Monday. The event, sponsored by the Center for Science in the Public Interest, is designed to encourage sustainable food production and healthy eating and was
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Aarti Kohli is Director of Immigration Policy at the Warren Institute, part of Berkeley Law.

UC Berkeley report criticizes US immigration enforcement

Contention surrounds a report the UC Berkeley School of Law released Wednesday that analyzed the effects of the U.S. immigration enforcement program. According to the report, the current immigration system pushes individuals through the process of deportation without allowing for sufficient opportunity to challenge the verdict or legal counsel. Secure
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Raymond Ma, a first-year undergraduate, rummages through free items in Campbell Hall. Campbell Hall is scheduled to be demolished due to seismic concerns.

Crowds grab free leftover goods from Campbell Hall

Thursday’s Free Day in Campbell Hall — a free-for-all for students, faculty and staff to grab whatever remained in the seismically unsafe, now-abandoned building — attracted more than 100 people and was punctuated by a magnitude 4.0 earthquake in the  afternoon. The Free Day began promptly at 11 a.m. and
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