Classroom 127 Dwinelle is currently being converted into an ‘active learning classroom,’ whose purpose is to allow alternative teaching methods and student collaboration.

Some campus classrooms undergo changes for learning experiment

One of several UC Berkeley classrooms that are being converted into active learning classrooms, which would serve as “test kitchens” to try out new tools and techniques in classes, was completed last week and will now be available for use in the fall semester. The project to transform two classrooms
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UC Press to partner with business school to publish journal

University of California Press announced Monday that it will partner with the Haas School of Business to publish the school’s peer-reviewed journal as part of an effort by UC Berkeley to consolidate campus operations to save money. Beginning this November, UC Press will publish the California Management Review, the business
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Richmond Field Station is one of six finalist sites for Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory’s proposed second campus.

Berkeley Lab to hear final proposal for second campus

Since the middle of last month, the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory has been listening to the proposals of cities stretching from Richmond to Alameda in order to decide where the lab will erect a second campus. According to lab spokesperson Jon Weiner, the proposed second campus is an effort to
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Trucks featuring the Pepsi logo were parked outside the Recreational Sports Facility and Evans Diamond on Wednesday. The campus will likely enter a 10-year contract with the beverage company on Thursday.

New campus beverage contract with Pepsi is likely

UC Berkeley’s 10-year beverage contract with Coca-Cola Co., which has previously been highly scrutinized by some students on campus, expired Wednesday and will likely be followed by a new contract with PepsiCo Inc. In May, the university released a request for proposal which stated the minimum requirements necessary for beverage
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Campus students’ proposal recognized by Federal Aviation Administration

Four undergraduate students in the UC Berkeley Institute of Transportation Studies were recognized by the Federal Aviation Administration for their proposal to improve airport efficiency. The students’ proposal suggested that airlines and airport operators share gates as well as real-time information on gate utilization in order to reduce the time
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Tolman Hall, located at the northwest corner of UC Berkeley’s campus, received a rating of “poor” in a 1997 seismic safety survey, which has generated concern among those with offices in the building.

Tolman Hall classrooms close due to poor seismic rating

The removal of classes and student activities from Tolman Hall — which occurred July 15 — due to the building’s “poor” seismic rating has been the source of recent tension between campus administration and faculty members with offices still in the building. Located at the northwestern-most corner of campus, Tolman
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Juan Carlos works at the I-House Cafe, which will experience a change of management on Wednesday.

New management to oversee International House cafe

International House Cafe-goers will be in for a surprise come Wednesday when they enter the historical Piedmont Avenue joint and are welcomed with a completely different menu. After the cafe’s lease expired last month, I-House leadership selected Bon Appetit, an on-site restaurant company that provides cafe and catering services to
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Peter Duesberg, the campus professor of molecular and cell biology who led the research on the development of cancer, argues that carcinogenesis is the result of speciation.

Study challenges theory of cancer formation

Cancer formation is a process akin to the development of a newly evolved species, rather than a result of mutation, according to a study recently published by researchers at UC Berkeley. Published in the July 1 issue of the journal Cell Cycle, the study, led by campus professor of molecular
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Detained UC hikers to receive verdict within one week

Following almost two years of detainment, UC Berkeley alumni Josh Fattal and Shane Bauer will receive their verdict from Iran’s Revolutionary Court within one week following their trial Sunday. In the days leading up to the trial, local groups have been increasing efforts to advocate for the hikers’ release. Fattal
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