New director of Letters and Science advising appointed

Roseanne Fong, the current director of New Student Services, has been appointed as director of undergraduate advising for the College of Letters and Science, according to an announcement made Monday. Fong will begin in her new position starting Oct. 10, after serving as the director of new student services for
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Study cooks up ideas for stove efficiency

The simple task of boiling water can take a Haitian almost 40 minutes using traditional charcoal stoves, during which they are exposed to levels of air pollution that can effectively shorten the average life by 6.6 years. However, researchers at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory are working to improve the efficiency
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Shawn Lewis (center), the president of the Berkeley College Republicans, and former UC Regent Ward Connerly (behind Lewis) support the ‘Increase Diversity Bake Sale.’ The bake sale aimed to satirize SB 185 — affirmative action-like legislation — through a proposed price structure based on race and sex.

Affirmative action debate heats up over bake sale

When two girls dressed as Native Americans approached the “Increase Diversity Bake Sale” table on Tuesday for free cupcakes, Andy Nevis, the executive director of the Berkeley College Republicans, told them that the costumes were not necessary to get the cupcakes at a lower price. But the sale’s stratified price
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Report suggests ways for improving Letters and Science education

After a year of preparation, suggestions for an overhaul of UC Berkeley undergraduate education, including fewer breadth requirements and an emphasis on improved teaching, were released in a campus report Tuesday. The L&S Faculty Forum, made up of 25 professors and administrators, submitted its report — which outlines 15 recommendations
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Opponents of the Increase Diversity bake sale hold signs on Upper Sproul Plaza.

New coalition protests ‘oppressive’ UC Berkeley campus climate

Over the course of just a few days, “The Coalition,” a newly-formed multicultural student group, planned and executed a die-in, and recruited over 250 demonstrators. The organization, which formed out of protest to the Berkeley College Republicans’ bake sale, made its presence known Tuesday by conducting a demonstration on Sproul
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A member of the Berkeley College Republicans sits behind the Increase Diversity bake sale table on Upper Sproul Plaza.

UC Berkeley Republicans consider bake sale success, despite criticism

If he had a chance to do it again in the future, said Berkeley College Republicans President Shawn Lewis, he wouldn’t. But Lewis believes that Tuesday’s “Increase Diversity Bake Sale,” which led to international uproar, disapproval from the campus student government and administration and violent threats for the group’s members,
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Opponents of the Increase Diversity bake sale raise their fists and cheer on Upper Sproul Plaza. - Randy Adam Romero

Hundreds gather in Sproul Plaza in protest of UC Berkeley bake sale

Hundreds of students and community members convened on Upper Sproul Plaza Tuesday to protest the controversial “Increase Diversity Bake Sale” hosted by the Berkeley College Republicans, peaking in a demonstration that saw hundreds of protesters lie on their backs in front of Sproul Hall. The bake sale, which was first
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