UC Berkeley researchers exhibit first instance of ATRIAS robot scaling stepping stones

Hydrid Robotics Group of UC Berkeley/Courtesy

After more than three years of research, the Hybrid Robotics group, in partnership with researchers at Carnegie Mellon University, has developed algorithms that allow the ATRIAS robot to scale “discrete terrain” where there may be gaps between footholds and differences in foothold heights, according to Sreenath.
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3 UC Berkeley affiliates listed among MIT’s ‘35 Innovators Under 35′

Three UC Berkeley affiliates — electrical engineering and computer science, or EECS, assistant professor Alessandro Chiesa, EECS graduate student Chelsea Finn and research scientist John Schulman, who earned a doctorate from the UC Berkeley EECS department — were recognized in the Massachusett Institute of Technology, or MIT, Technology Review’s 2018 list of “35 Innovators Under 35.”
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