Aarti Kohli is Director of Immigration Policy at the Warren Institute, part of Berkeley Law.

UC Berkeley report criticizes US immigration enforcement

Contention surrounds a report the UC Berkeley School of Law released Wednesday that analyzed the effects of the U.S. immigration enforcement program. According to the report, the current immigration system pushes individuals through the process of deportation without allowing for sufficient opportunity to challenge the verdict or legal counsel. Secure
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Study looks into benefits of reflective roofs

Researchers from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory are investigating how reflective roofs can save on electric bills and send solar radiation back into space. Lab researchers are measuring how white, reflective roofs can save money on an individual level by studying whether they reduce a building’s air conditioning costs. On
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Nobel Peace Prize Award Ceremony for Saul Perlmutter

UC Berkeley professor wins Nobel Prize

UC Berkeley Professor of physics Saul Perlmutter has won the Nobel Prize in Physics. Perlmutter, who will share the award with two other scientists, was recognized for his work studying supernovae. Brian Schmidt, an astronomer at the Research School of Astronomy and Astrophysics at the Australian National University, and Adam
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Study cooks up ideas for stove efficiency

The simple task of boiling water can take a Haitian almost 40 minutes using traditional charcoal stoves, during which they are exposed to levels of air pollution that can effectively shorten the average life by 6.6 years. However, researchers at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory are working to improve the efficiency
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