UC Berkeley research group rethinks solar cell design

If different materials, textures and shapes are used in solar cells, the technology could produce more efficient electricity, a campus research group has found. Research conducted by Eli Yablonovitch, a campus professor of electrical engineering and computer science, and graduate student Owen Miller showed that reimagining the construction of solar
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Faces of Berkeley: Jim Patton, adventuring professor

Integrative biology professor emeritus has been shipwrecked five times

UC Berkeley professor emeritus Jim Patton’s desk is nestled comfortably among rows of large gray cases storing hundreds of stuffed and oftentimes exotic creatures that have been carefully studied by researchers at the campus Museum of Vertebrate Zoology. As a curator at the museum for the last 40 years, the retired professor of
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Study: Humans emit about 37 million bacteria per hour

A recent study may give germophobic students yet another reason to dread going to lecture. A joint study of indoor microbial composition by UC Berkeley and Yale University researchers found that human presence causes a significant increase in levels of bacteria and fungi indoors. The average human emission, the study
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