City of Berkeley launches updated online public records portal

Public documents, such as city council minutes, staff reports, ordinances and resolutions, can now be found on the city of Berkeley website, some dating back to the early 1900s. Users can now search for any public record by category and enter key terms and time ranges for specificity.
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In effort to combat fare evasion, BART may replace station gates

BART spokesperson Anna Duckworth said BART gates are waist-high, while other transit agencies have higher gates that discourage fare evasion. Lt. Randy Gregson, a BART patrol watch commander, described BART stations as “porous” with many portals of exit and entry — another challenge in deterring fare evasion.
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Berkeley Police Department announces security camera registration program to assist in investigations

In the past, BPD has had success using footage provided from community members’ security systems to assist with investigations, according to its website. This program is intended to aid officers in more promptly identifying security footage that could potentially help officers follow leads, identify suspects and investigate crime, according to the BPD website.\
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