Brown to file initiative to raise funds for education

Gov. Jerry Brown plans to bypass the state legislature by filing an initiative with the state Attorney General’s office that would generate nearly $7 billion in dedicated funding for public safety and education. In an open letter to the people of California Monday, Brown announced a proposal that would require
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UC Berkeley Chancellor Robert Birgeneau released audio recording Tuesday apologizing for police actions during Occupy Cal.

Chancellor will not discuss Nov. 9 in address to ASUC Senate

UC Berkeley Chancellor Robert Birgeneau will speak at the ASUC Senate’s final meeting of the semester Wednesday night but will not discuss the contentious events of Nov. 9 due to the lawsuit recently filed against the campus. BAMN, a national pro-affirmative action organization, filed a lawsuit last week on behalf
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Cornel West, Carl Dix speak at UC Berkeley about social change

Thousands of UC Berkeley students, faculty, occupy protesters and residents from around the Bay Area lined up Friday night to view a dialogue between Carl Dix, a founding member of the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA, and Cornel West, a politically progressive professor from Princeton University. The dialogue — which was
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Tents set up on Sproul in response to Cornel West discussion

Occupy Cal demonstrators set up three tents on Upper Sproul Plaza Friday evening in an impromptu act to gather public attention as over 1,000 people lined up to hear American intellectual Cornel West speak in Pauley Ballroom. Although the action of setting up the tents was not formally approved by the
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Criticism raised after building demolition violates permit

Demolition of the building destroyed in the Nov. 18 fire was halted temporarily Wednesday following an accidental violation of the partial demolition permit, though some residents claim city staff did not intervene quickly enough. A side letter of agreement issued with the demolition permit stipulated that the walls along Haste
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BART adopts cellphone disruption policy

Following controversy over Bay Area Rapid Transit officials’ decision to cut all cellphone communication at multiple stations in August to prevent a protest, BART Board of Directors adopted a policy this week to only interrupt service under “extraordinary circumstances.” At its meeting Thursday, the board approved a policy that defined
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