Several Berkeley co-ops, including Cloyne Court and Casa Zimbabwe, have been or are scheduled to be seismically retrofitted.

Co-ops work to raise funds for retrofits

Berkeley Student Cooperative residents will do anything from selling handmade paintings to teaching people how to brew beer to raise money for a fundraising campaign that will seismically retrofit their housing — an endeavour made more pressing in light of the flurry of earthquake activity in recent weeks. The ‘What
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EPA Administrator spoke at UC Berkeley School of Law about current EPA policies on Thursday morning.

EPA head discusses environmental law at UC Berkeley School of Law

Lisa Jackson, the administrator of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, discussed current challenges to environmental laws and other topics Thursday at the UC Berkeley School of Law. Speaking before an audience of about 180 students, faculty and other attendees, Jackson cited the agency’s progress on issues such as instituting national
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Rally on Sproul Plaza supports affirmative action

More than 100 students from UC Berkeley and Oakland High School gathered on Sproul Plaza at noon today to protest in support of restoring affirmative action. Students marched from Sproul Plaza and went around Memorial Glade and gathered again on Sproul chanting slogans and holding banners that read “Defend Affermative
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Elizabeth Bamaca, a protester arrested at the March 2nd Wheeler Hall occupation speaks to her attorney.

Wheeler Hall protesters face jail time or community service

The three remaining protesters from the March 2 demonstrations were sentenced Thursday to 90 days in county jail for their involvement in the Wheeler Hall sit-in, a term they will not serve if they complete 120 hours of community service within three years. Michael Veremans, Elizabeth Bamaca and Jason Ozolins
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A protester jumps from one semi trailer to another. Protesters stopped semi trucks along the approaches to the port.

Protesters shut down maritime operations at Port of Oakland

OAKLAND — In an attempt to shut down maritime operations, protesters from the Occupy Movement marched to the Port of Oakland during Wednesday’s general strike, effectively shutting down business for the evening while causing no reported damage. The march began at Frank Ogawa Plaza in Downtown Oakland and lead the crowd
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Senate passes bill supporting Occupy Cal

The ASUC Senate passed a bill Wednesday night that supports the Occupy Cal movement, which includes a Nov. 9 walkout and noontime rally on Sproul Plaza, and finances buses to transport students to the upcoming UC Board of Regents meeting at UC San Francisco. The bill, co-authored by Cooperative Movement Senator Elliot Goldstein and CalSERVE Senator Andrew Albright, provides support for the protest through
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