Students and community members pass through Sather Gate on their way to a meeting in the Multicultural Community Center.

Bake sale going forward as planned despite national protest

Despite massive outcries of protest from campus organizations, the Berkeley College Republicans are adamant in going ahead with their controversial bake sale. The sale — intended as a satirical response to the affirmative action-like SB 185 currently awaiting Gov. Jerry Brown’s signature — will involve baked goods that are priced
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Unit 3 suite burglarized

A Unit 3 suite was burglarized early Thursday morning after its resident left a sliding glass door leading to the patio unlocked. The victim told UCPD police he left his Unit 3 Ida Sproul ground floor suite at about 6:15 a.m. and suspects that he left the sliding glass door
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Reactions to controversial bake sale at UC Berkeley

View “The public reacts to UC Berkeley’s bake sale controversy” on Storify View “The public reacts to UC Berkeley’s bake sale controversy” on Storify Claire Perlman is the assistant university news editor.

Patient dies at Oakland hospital during nurse labor dispute

Oakland police are investigating the death of a patient who appears to have been administered the wrong dose of medication by a replacement nurse this weekend, according to the Bay City News. Oakland Police Department officers responded to the Alta Bates Summit Medical Center on Hawthorne Avenue at 4:05 a.m.
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A member of the Berkeley College Republicans sells a baked good to a patron on Upper Sproul Plaza during the Increase Diversity bake sale.

Complete coverage of the UC Berkeley Republican bake sale controversy

This page will aggregate The Daily Californian’s coverage of the Berkeley College Republicans’ “Increase Diversity Bake Sale” and the campus community’s response. Here you will find news, videos and analysis of the controversy.  Go here for a complete collection of the UC Berkeley community’s commentary on the bake sale. Follow
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Legendary area news reporter dies at 75

Renaissance man Bob MacKenzie — a magician, fly-fisherman, dancer, legendary Bay Area news reporter and UC Berkeley alumnus — died Thursday morning after battling cancer for seven years. He was 75. Though Bob MacKenzie led a rich life outside of work, he made his biggest mark as a feature reporter
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Research reconstructs brain activity

Scientists could recreate dreams and memories with new brain imaging technology developed by UC Berkeley researchers. With the use of functional magnetic resonance imaging, activities created by the brain from watching YouTube videos were reconstructed, allowing scientists to view the images that the brain observed. The research was published Sept.
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Neither arrestee was a campus student

Two men were arrested on felony charges during a protest at Tolman Hall Thursday night and several people were injured following a sporadically violent, daylong demonstration against proposed student fee increases. The men, Drew Phillips, 25, and Richard Clemons, 30, were arrested on Thursday night. Neither are UC Berkeley students.
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