The dark side of dopamine: Pleasure hormone also responds to pain, UC Berkeley study finds

Campus scientists recently released a study revealing a new side to dopamine — one that responds to aversive stimuli. This challenges long-held beliefs that dopamine is uniquely involved in reward systems. The molecule helps train the brain to pursue pleasurable stimuli and avoid negative stimuli, but its role is varied — it’s implicated in conditions from addiction to Parkinson’s disease.
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BART board approves new police contract, increases salaries

The contract includes a one-time salary increase of six percent and annual raises from 2.5-2.75 percent over the course of the contract, and extends an incentive program that provides new officers a $10,000 hiring bonus. BART said in a press release that the agreement comes as police officer salaries are rising nationwide, and that the agreement brings BART officers closer to Bay Area averages.
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