Operational Excellence proposal to streamline administrative tasks submitted

Following a Feb. 14 proposal to consolidate campus administrative tasks into one main location, a team within Operational Excellence submitted a request for approval of the proposal last Friday. The campus shared services team of Operational Excellence  — UC Berkeley’s controversial cost-cutting initiative to streamline campus operations — presented a 19-page request to
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Firefighters responded to a fire alarm that was pull at Etcheverry Hall.

Small fire erupts in Etcheverry Hall

A small fire that broke out in a lab in Etcheverry Hall on Northside Thursday morning has now been put out, police say. Around 10:15 a.m., Berkeley Fire Department responded to a fire in a lab on the fifth floor of the hall that started because of construction work that
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Audio Slideshow: Faces of Berkeley, Wenqing Yan

Watch an audio slideshow of Wenqing Yan, an anime artist and Berkeley alumni whose artwork speaks about environmental issues and the Occupy movement. Cecilia Wong edited this video.

After the noon rally, protesters made their way down Telegraph Avenue toward Oakland.

Live Blog: Updates from the March 1 Day of Action

Following the controversial events of the Nov. 9  Occupy Cal protests, March 1 begins another Day of Action in support of public higher education at UC Berkeley. Protest events are scheduled to occur across the state at the UC campuses, and campus faculty and administration have endorsed protesters’ plans to march
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Wenqing Yan creates anime style art with an activist perspective.

Faces of Berkeley: Wenqing Yan, activist artist

UC Berkeley graduate combines activism and anime to better speak to people

UC Berkeley alumna Wenqing Yan admits that her following on the art website deviantART — where her profile page has more than 7 million views — is largely composed of 12-year-olds. These fans of her art, which is styled after Japanese animation known as anime, often ask about the anime
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March 2nd Protest

UC Berkeley faculty, administration endorse March protest events

In the final stretch leading up to the protest events scheduled to begin Thursday, both UC Berkeley administration and faculty have indicated support, with some pledging to participate in rallies in Sacramento and even the four-day “99 Mile March for Education and Social Justice” to the state Capitol. In a
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ASUC Senate may vote again on a bus pass referendum

The ASUC Senate may vote once again on a bus pass referendum a few weeks after it approved a referendum for the upcoming 2012 ASUC general election to extend unlimited rides on AC Transit and Bear Transit. ASUC President Vishalli Loomba — one of the original authors of the bill
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