Astronomy institute to reactivate radio telescope project

Following successful fundraising efforts, the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence Institute, an institute that previously partnered with UC Berkeley, will be able to begin to reactivate its array of 42 radio telescope dishes after the project was shut down in April due to a lack of funding. The institute was able
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Group of UC retirees appeal court decision

After losing in the courts earlier this year in a drawn-out legal battle regarding retirement health benefits, a group of UC retirees at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory are appealing the court’s decision, seeking to prove that their original benefits were unfairly altered. The UC Livermore Retiree Group — which
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UC researchers funded to study nuclear energy

Three University of California campuses have received $5.4 million from the U.S. Department of Energy to fund nuclear energy research over the next several years, beginning what some researchers have said will be a transformation in the way nuclear energy is generated in this country. As part of the department’s
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Tolman (above) and Campbell Halls are among the buildings on UC Berkeley’s campus that require retrofitting.

With state funding falling short, seismic needs mounting at UC

With state funding for the University of California plummeting, the seismic repairs of buildings throughout the 10-campus system are being put on hold while UC officials hope that money materializes. At UC Berkeley, Chancellor Robert Birgeneau ordered 13 classrooms at Tolman Hall shuttered while the campus looks for $202 million
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Pepsi vending machine

Vending of new partner’s drinks begins at UC Berkeley

Though a new beverage contract with PepsiCo Inc. has yet to be signed, the campus has recently begun to sell the company’s products with the expectation of signing a contract in the near future. The campus’s prior contract with Coca-Cola Co. expired Aug. 3 after a 10-year term, but campus
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The construction of the Student-Athlete High Performance Center has irritated some of those living nearby.

Disapproval of Memorial Stadium construction continues

With the new Student-Athlete High Performance Center set to open in a few weeks, members of the Berkeley community voiced their concern with the entire Memorial Stadium construction process at Tuesday night’s public hearing to discuss the project’s Environmental Impact Report. The performance center — a project estimated to cost
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Community members raise concern over equal representation in city redistricting

As Berkeley’s redistricting process continues to advance, concern has been raised about whether the rules established in the city charter affect equal representation of minority voters and therefore violate the federal Voting Rights Act, though city officials said there are no credible claims yet. Students and redistricting campaign coordinators spoke
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Detained hikers still await verdict

Though more than a week has passed since their trial date, two UC Berkeley alumni who have been detained in Iran for more than two years are still waiting for their verdict. UC Berkeley alumni Shane Bauer and Josh Fattal stood trial in Iran’s Revolutionary Court last Sunday after their
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Research finds some Internet Service Providers hijack searches

Some Internet Service Providers  who work with third-party proxy servers may be redirecting and possibly hijacking their users’ search queries, according to a blog posted last Thursday by the Electronic Frontier Foundation, which worked in collaboration with UC Berkeley-affiliated researchers. Researchers at the International Computer Science Institute, a campus-affiliated institute,
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Persia Salehi/Staff

UC endowment funds experienced growth in last fiscal year

In the midst of repeated cuts in state funding to the state’s higher education institutions, the University of California experienced growth in endowment funds last fiscal year, potentially providing additional financial support to students and faculty. The UC’s endowment assets — which are composed of money or property that is
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