New UC tax generates concern about financial impact on student fees

A shift in the way the UC Office of the President gathers funds from each campus has caused some concern about the impact on student fees and the financial state of individual campuses. In previous academic years, revenue generated from individual campuses had been collected and then redistributed across the
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A number of protesters were arrested in the Capitol building following their decision to stay and occupy the space.

Charges dropped against most Occupy the Capitol protesters

Protesters received word from the Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office Thursday advising that charges filed against 73 of the 77 protesters arrested during the Occupy the Capitol protests on March 5 were dismissed. According to Sacramento County District Attorney Jan Scully, three protesters still have charges pending for resisting arrest
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Arrest made in cyclist hit-and-run case

Following a hit-and-run involving cyclists in North Berkeley on Wednesday, an arrest was made by the Berkeley Police Department in the case Friday. Two cyclists were riding east up Tunnel Road when they were struck by a black car at around 4:30 p.m. The driver of the vehicle did not
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Charges against 2 more Occupy Cal protesters dropped

The criminal charges against two protesters involved in the Nov. 9 Occupy Cal demonstrations were dismissed at a hearing Friday, leaving only two more hearings to determine the fate of the charges for the remaining protesters. Recent UC Berkeley graduate Erick Uribe — charged with blocking a public thoroughfare and
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Berkeley City Council will consider a measure that would allow people a five minute grace period to return to their cars before receiving a parking violation.

Berkeley City Council to consider grace period for parking violations

The Berkeley City Council will consider a measure at its meeting Tuesday night suggesting that parking enforcement officers allow people a five-minute grace period to return to their cars after their meters expire. The measure, which was submitted by Councilmember Laurie Capitelli, comes amid multiple complaints from Berkeley patrons and
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From left, President Vishalli Loomba, EAVP Joey Freeman, AAVP Julia Joung and EVP Chris Alabastro, all members of Student Action.

ASUC executives reflect on their offices’ goals

As the academic year comes to a close, a new set of ASUC executives is preparing to enter office and work on their campaign platforms. The five outgoing executive officers have achieved some of the goals they campaigned on, but others remain incomplete. Although each came into office with his
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Campus awards scholarships to about 140 students under DREAM Act

For one undocumented UC Berkeley junior, a scholarship has meant the opportunity to dream again. Born in Japan, the student — who asked to remain anonymous to protect her immigration status — had a less-than-perfect childhood. After her family moved to California about 20 years ago, her undocumented father was
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Albany encampment disputes claims of poor sanitation

ALBANY, Calif. — Since protesters first took over UC-owned land in Albany Sunday afternoon, they have made the space their own, setting up a composting toilet, a kitchen that serves food donated by local community members, chickens in portable coops and a beehive. While campus administration has expressed concern about
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4 more Occupy Cal protesters have charges dropped

Criminal charges against four protesters who participated in the Nov. 9 Occupy Cal demonstration were dismissed during a hearing on Thursday, just a day after four other protesters also had their charges dropped. BAMN organizer Yvette Felarca and UC Berkeley graduate student Amanda Armstrong were present at the hearing at
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Mayor Bates announces re-election bid for November

Ten-year incumbent Mayor Tom Bates announced Thursday that he intends to seek another term for Berkeley mayor come this November. If re-elected, this will be Bates’ fourth term as mayor. Despite criticism that his long tenure discourages new blood from taking a hold of the reins, Bates maintains that his
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