Richmond site selected as Berkeley lab’s second campus

RICHMOND, Calif. — After about eight months of evaluating different finalist locations, the University of California announced Monday morning that the Richmond Field Station is the preferred site chosen for the second campus of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Berkeley Lab officials selected the field station — which the UC
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The Richmond Field Station has been selected as the location of Berkeley Lab's second campus.

UC announces Berkeley Lab’s second campus

University of California officials announced Monday that the Richmond Field Station has been chosen as the preferred site for the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory’s second campus. According to a lab press release, the site presents the “best opportunity to solve the Lab’s pressing space problems while allowing for long-term growth.”
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Study finds some forms of gossip may be beneficial

Though traditionally seen as a way to spread nasty rumors and scandalous information, gossip may gain a better reputation after the release of a new study by a team of UC Berkeley researchers that suggests some forms of gossip can actually be positive. The study — which was published online
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Researchers discover largest black holes ever

UC Berkeley researchers have discovered the two largest black holes ever spotted, according to a recently published report in the journal Nature. According to the researchers, the discovery of the black holes — which took about eight years of research — may help scientists further explore the ways in which
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UC Berkeley receives grant for earthquake warning system

With the possibility of a large earthquake approaching, a grant for $2 million over the next three years will allow UC Berkeley researchers to work toward creating an early earthquake warning system for the public. The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation awarded $2 million each to UC Berkeley, California Institute
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