UC President Janet Napolitano praises Obama’s college ranking system, makes recommendations


After President Barack Obama announced his plan for a new college ranking system, UC President Janet Napolitano announced Wednesday a set of recommendations to help direct the program’s implementation. Obama’s plan, revealed in December, proposes comparisons between schools on factors such as graduation rates, student debt and post-graduate financial security. With
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Legislation introduced to prevent euthanasia of lab cats, dogs

Assemblymember Matthew Dababneh (D-Encino) introduced Assembly Bill 147 in January, which requires that all research institutions in California that receive public funding for research offer healthy dogs and cats that were used in research to non-profit adoption agencies rather than euthanizing them.
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State committees announce request for audit of UC budget

The announcement comes after a joint oversight hearing between the Joint Legislative Audit Committee, chaired by Gipson, and the Assembly Higher Education Committee. The hearing was held Wednesday in response to critiques of policies created after a UC budget audit in 2011.
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Phishing scam targets Anthem customers who may have been affected by earlier breach

According to campus privacy officer Lisa Ho, Anthem notified the university Friday of a phishing scam as a result of the cyber attack earlier in the week. The phishing scam, which uses Anthem’s logo, includes an offer to sign up for a year of credit card protection. According to Anthem, there is no indication that the scam email campaigns are conducted by those that committed the original attack.
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