Tolman (above) and Campbell Halls are among the buildings on UC Berkeley’s campus that require retrofitting.

With state funding falling short, seismic needs mounting at UC

With state funding for the University of California plummeting, the seismic repairs of buildings throughout the 10-campus system are being put on hold while UC officials hope that money materializes. At UC Berkeley, Chancellor Robert Birgeneau ordered 13 classrooms at Tolman Hall shuttered while the campus looks for $202 million
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UC says state audit advice was already in the works

Though a group of student leaders from throughout the UC is calling for the implementation of several recommendations made by a recently released state audit, university officials maintain that such transformations were in the works prior to the audit and are already being implemented. The audit of the university, which
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Federal graduate loan subsidy eliminated in debt ceiling deal

Though undergraduate students who benefit from a federal grant program came out on top when President Barack Obama signed a last-minute deal to raise the national debt ceiling Tuesday afternoon, graduate and professional students throughout the country will start owing more on their loans. The debt ceiling deal preserves the
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UC seeks employee comment on proposed policy amendments

Several amendments to a University of California employee policy were proposed by the UC Office of the President and effectively released Monday, calling for consideration of performance when making decisions regarding layoffs and time reduction. The proposed policy changes will allow employers throughout the UC to consider employees’ work performance
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Persia Salehi/Staff

State audit of UC calls for more financial transparency

A report issued by the California state auditor on Thursday suggested that the University of California should be more willing to make more of its financial information open to the public, though the report did not find cases of wasteful spending, as had been previously suggested by a state lawmaker.
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Debt-ceiling negotiations could impact Pell Grant aid

As a result of the ongoing debt-ceiling negotiations in Washington, D.C., federally funded Pell Grant aid packages — which many University of California students rely on — may undergo serious cuts or gain new avenues of funding in the latest proposals to reduce the federal deficit. Pell Grants — a
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UC professional schools seek to ease student financial burden

Due to a sudden increase in systemwide student fees, several professional schools at campuses throughout the University of California are seeking ways to help ease the financial burden and anxiety of their students. Last week, both UC Berkeley and UCLA’s law schools announced that they will offer scholarships to their
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Supporters of the DREAM Act, pictured here in a September 2010 protest promoting the act, are now beginning to see results with Gov. Jerry Brown signing part one of the act, AB 130, into law Monday.

Brown signs first part of state DREAM Act into law

Gov. Jerry Brown signed one part of the California DREAM Act — which will provide increased financial aid for undocumented students — into law Monday at a town hall hosted by the bill’s author. AB 130 — which was authored by state Assemblymember Gilbert Cedillo, D-Los Angeles — was passed
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