Group of former chancellors pushes for drastic tuition hikes

A group of former University of California chancellors suggest raising tuition to about $24,000 for in-state students and increasing the number of out-of-state and international students in a report sent to UC President Mark Yudof Aug. 4 and made public in October. In late June, former chancellors Richard Atkinson and
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UC reaches tentative agreement with lecturers’, librarians’ union

The University of California announced Tuesday that it has reached two tentative agreements with the American Federation of Teachers union to provide various benefits and increases for the university’s more than 350 librarians and 3,000 lecturers. Under the tentative agreement for lecturers, a number of conditions will go into effect,
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Despite scrutiny brought by bake sale, many UC students call Gov. Brown

With a controversial bake sale at UC Berkeley bringing attention to SB 185, the UC Student Association orchestrated systemwide call-in events Tuesday which saw hundreds of students across the state call Gov. Jerry Brown’s office in support of the bill. Every UC campus student association, with the exception of UC Davis
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UC Board of Regents discusses funding for graduate students

With funding for its graduate academic students falling behind the UC’s competitor institutions, the UC Board of Regents discussed at their meeting Thursday how to increase funds for graduate students — a crucial part of the university’s academic excellence, according to faculty and administrators. Board members discussed eliminating nonresident graduate
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UC Board of Regents considers multi-year budget plan

Plan could take student tuition and fees over $22,000 by 2015

SAN FRANCISCO — The UC Board of Regents was polarized Thursday when it confronted a proposed multi-year budget plan, as board members simultaneously accepted the need for a long-term budget and fought the possibility of higher tuition and fees, which, if state funding stagnates, could top $22,000 under the plan.
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Regents intend to study chancellor compensation

As the university struggles with tough economic times, the UC Board of Regents met Wednesday to discuss studying recruitment of top administrators at the same time as lower-paid workers asserted that their current wages put them in poverty. The board detailed its intention to pursue a systemwide study of chancellor
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Regents to consider annual tuition increases

The plan would raise tuition between 8 and 16 percent annually over the next four years

SAN FRANCISCO – Whether you consider tuition increases necessary in the face of declining state funding or view them as an undue burden on the backs of students, reality boils down to one thing: Student tuition is likely to continue to rise at least into the near future. A budget
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Students present postcards in support of DREAM Act

Student leaders from California’s public higher education institutions teamed up Monday to present Gov. Jerry Brown’s staff with 11,309 postcards, each urging the governor to sign the second part of the California DREAM Act  — AB 131 — into law. Luis Quinonez, a staff member for the bill’s author,  Assemblyman
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Students to present postcards in support of DREAM Act to governor

Over 11,000 cards signed by students

UC student leaders will team today with students from CSUs and community colleges to present Gov. Jerry Brown’s staff 11,309 postcards urging him to sign the second part of the California DREAM Act into law. In addition to the presentation of the postcards, UC Student Association President Claudia Magana, Assemblymember Gil
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