Urban Shield is unnecessary and beyond repair

Jessica Khauv/Staff

The Urban Shield program does not reflect our needs. In the past decade, rather than confronting terrorist threats, the police department has trended toward facing high-risk searches, arrest warrant services, patrol support and crowd management. The tactical exercises at Urban Shield do not focus on these activities but instead on politically motivated mass violence, obscuring the principle of de-escalation in community crime encounters.
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A rolling room with tinted windows

You Are What You Habituate

In one way I was liberated when I came to the Bay Area car-less, becoming more pedestrian and exploring the city at 3 miles per hour. But in another I was deprived of my mechanic, metal safety blanket.
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First, to do no harm: The cruelty of the Second Street and Marina Boulevard evictions

On Memorial Day on Marina Boulevard, the sun rose over a field of dry grass and fell on a row of RVs and campers in which people had been living for up to a year. Now they were scurrying about in a panic, some angry, some despairing, some resigned, because Berkeley police had arrived in two squad cars and announced that everyone had to leave or they would be ticketed and their vehicles towed. I heard people say: “Where can we go?”
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So you’re a 12-year-old hajji?

Stories from The Book

My mom had picked me up from school that day, and she told me that I was to miss a month of school. At 12 years old, I was receiving the opportunity to trek to the other side of the world, stay in Saudi Arabia and complete the spiritual and religious journey that is the hajj.
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Cookie Wednesday


A cookie coma was always my fate on Wednesday evenings — I was never destined to be the girl who chose the apple.
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You are what you believe

I came in with the confidence from my summer co-op experience, but I soon recoiled into a shadow of myself that I had long been unacquainted with.
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Finding home in Bejaia

When people stare, I’m reminded that no matter how desperately I want to be a part of this culture, I will always be a mixed-race American.
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