To read me is to know me


There will always be new times filled with new jobs and friends and apartments, and as I share myself with the world, I will always have my columns there.
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A note about notes

You Are What You Habituate

After nearly falling in love with all of my housemates last summer, never having a large fraternity-like community before, I would paraphrase exact correspondences or shards of conversations I overheard.
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If you ask me what I am

Mixed Feelings

Maybe the problem is that people are concerned with finding out which specific racial category I fall under. In reality, there’s not necessarily one right answer.
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A world united

Stories from The Book

She looked at me as if I could somehow explain the current political state of America, but I couldn’t. I couldn’t even process what had happened.
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Creating social change through mathematics

In recent years, the demand for good teachers has outpaced the supply of new teachers. Nevertheless, I have decided to double major in mathematics and Spanish while also completing a minor in math and science education.
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