Off the beat: I don’t mind my mind

Your first panic attack commences a lifelong commitment — one you never signed up for. Maybe you’re one of the lucky few who experience just one in a lifetime, but the terror that follows will forever linger. You never want to feel that way again: trapped inside yourself and desperate
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Off the beat: On behalf of China

On behalf of China, I’d like to apologize to all the rest of Asia for Shanghei-ing the Western image of “Asian.” Really, truly sorry. You see, rest of Asia, a solid geographical understanding is hard to come by in the States, and the resolve to get one on your own
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Off the beat: We fall before we fly

I always thought that riding a bike was the closest any of us could come to flying. I was the last of my elementary school friends to learn how to ride a bike, shedding my training wheels the summer before entering fourth grade. My mother wouldn’t let me try riding
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Off the beat: Cut the dick shaming

“Is it still redeemable? Third time’s the charm” read the message I sent to a guy in my building whom I’d turned down twice before. I then immediately shut off my phone for 10 minutes for fear of the rejection that might follow. If I hadn’t, I would have been
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Off the beat: Love and Farmville

I met Claudia on Farmville. I was living in Reno, working in sales for a home shopping channel, and she lived with her son in Mexico City, where she was a teacher. I would stop by and water her garden, and we started chatting when we saw each other online.
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Off the beat: Coffee and me

I raised the smooth glass to my lips, felt the inky brown coffee slide down the back of my throat. Bitter and warm. I wrapped my hands around the clear glass and peered around the cafe. It was 5 p.m. on a Sunday, and Cafe Milano was packed like a
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I quit, advise yourself

Advice: Do Not Follow

I began this semester steeped deep in delusions of grandeur and a stringent dedication to offer you advice, while also discouraging you from adhering to that advice. I sincerely hope that over the last few months, my questionable counsel has pushed you to question something — even if it was
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On the future of the UC system

Ed-xistential Crisis

There’s a part of me that wishes I could write for The Daily Californian a little bit longer. The challenges and controversies confronting UC Berkeley at this moment — and awaiting it in the near future — are many and compelling, and I’d like to be able to continue discussing
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Write, hooker, write

Sex on Tuesday

I wouldn’t be a sex writer if it weren’t for the day my role model called me a hooker. Last year, Meg Elison, a former Daily Cal staffer, and I took Asian American literature together. One day, she sashayed into lecture and said, “Hey, hooker.” At that moment, fireworks replaced
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Confessions of a spring admit

Lessons from my mother

Here and now, with just weeks left before I graduate from college, after several hours of listening to drawling country music songs about parents and in my last ever column about my mother, I still find it impossible to sum up all that my mother is and all that she
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