Resting Approachable Face

Off the Beat

Resting Approachable face can best be defined as a punum that makes a statement to the world declaring “Come talk to me, I would love to hear you life story, braid your hair, and prance around through the meadows with you”.
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A preface

Reading Life Closely

I was 17, sitting in the back seat of my mom’s Prius and watching the setting sun smear its light onto the bay when I thought of my first good metaphor. It only took about 13 years of voracious reading and the perfect alignment of sun, ocean and observer for
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Hours on the hill

Off the beat

I zip my pants back up and reorient myself. My chin lifts and my chest puffs out. I shout! “For California, for California, the hills send back the cry!”
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Justin Knight_Online

Baby fever

Ambivalent shrugs at the question of parenthood soon became “babies sicken me” and then turned into “I’d kill to have a kid.”
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Fire Janet Napolitano (and goodbye!)

Behind Enemy Lines

Earlier this year, President Janet Napolitano completed an interview with six UC student newspapers in which she defended a 2.5 percent tuition hike in order to “maintain quality” across the public university system. She reiterated that the hike was a “last resort” and, in response to a question from UC
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Write a review

Off the beat

To hell with writing about your feelings — it’s too hard and too frustrating. But write about a new movie you enjoyed or an album you hate.
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Belly of the beast

Staying in Omelas

When their darkest nightmares come to life, my friends confide in me the monsters that prowl their minds and the scars that etch their breaths. I want to be present for those stories that make them who they are, that cloud over their familiar smiles. If they have gifted me
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