BART must do better for the commuters who depend on it

BAY AREA AFFAIRS: In making decisions that impact thousands, BART must be inclusive and sensitive to low-income and minority commuters

Alexander Hong/Senior Staff

Starting in February of next year, 2,900 Bay Area commuters will have to find alternative routes to their early-morning jobs for the next four years — because BART has decided it needs to save 5 percent of its total construction costs. This decision will leave thousands of predominantly low-income and
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Belly of the beast

Sex on Tuesday

So to you, my faithful reader, welcome to sex on Tuesday. Not relationships on Tuesday. Not love on Tuesday. Dripping pussy, wet on the sheets, sweat and heat, blood on the tongue, all taste buds and goosebumps, sex.
Welcome to the belly of the beast.
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UC Berkeley campus must continue to protect free speech

In the past few years, UC Berkeley has been attacked for being “anti-free speech” and has been portrayed in the media as an institution that is ideologically homogeneous. But our unique history tells us that this is not the case. We are the home of the Free Speech Movement, and
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Homeless communities need access to menstrual products

Tampon was among my limited lexicon of “dirty words” as a young girl. And it wasn’t just tampons — saying any word that had to do with menstruation made me feel ashamed. It was a forbidden subject that left me feeling grungy with guilt. The stigma gave me little room
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Identity Crisis ft. hummus


It’s true that some aspects of cultural or ethnic identity are integral to who you are. I don’t think I would be wholly me if I weren’t Jewish. But I can reference my Judaism and have that serve as one of my key characteristics without making that my sole identifier.
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From red lips to pacifiers

Mommy Issues

Somewhere along the path of becoming a mom, I completely and utterly gave up on my appearance. But I gradually realized that this didn’t mean I had given up on investing in myself — far from it. Instead, I’ve changed the attributes that define me.
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UC Berkeley must meet basic needs of its disabled students

CAMPUS ISSUES: Disabled students deserve more than the bare minimum. The campus needs to stop hiding behind bureaucratic excuses and step up

When Nancy Barker, a deaf visiting student researcher, came to UC Berkeley, she repeatedly requested American Sign Language interpreters from the campus’s Disabled Students’ Program, or DSP. Now, she’s filing a lawsuit against the campus for allegedly failing to provide these services. Barker’s case does not stand alone. It’s part
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