Diverse perspectives enhance discourse around sex

Sex on Tuesday

Over the course of the semester, my columns have been the subject of a bit of controversy: I’ve been praised for their content and, at the same time, have faced accusations of sexism and misogyny from friends, colleagues and the public. Generally, the reactions to my columns have been polarizing. Read More…

The caliber of a man


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A room of our own

Graduate students hold up our university. They provide the teaching and grading labor that makes quality instruction possible. They also produce scholarship — both here and throughout their careers — that allows UC Berkeley to call itself a world-class site of cutting-edge research. Read More…

Crimean punishment


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Admissions data reflect a dearth of resources

CAMPUS ISSUES: The campus's increasing reliance on nonresident students to fill its coffers is excusable in the context of state disinvestment from higher education

Admissions data for the 2014-15 school year demonstrate UC campuses’ plan to rely more heavily on higher-paying international and out-of-state students to make up for insufficient state funding. The move is understandable and tolerable, as long as UC campuses continue to prioritize serving California residents. With a 17.3 percent acceptance Read More…


Practicing no religion is a right, too

Social Double-take

“I’m sorry to say this, but on this track, you’re condemned to eternal wrath in hell.” OK. Not the most pleasant thing anyone has said to me. And certainly not what I was expecting to hear when I went over to Free Speech Movement Cafe that day for some sunshine Read More…

Sold to the highest bidder


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Weighing the benefits


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ASUC Senate incapable of managing Cal Lodge

CAMPUS ISSUES: The ASUC Senate should maintain ownership of the Cal Lodge, but allow a professional to make the major decisions.

The ASUC Senate recently hired two MBA candidates at the Haas School of Business to help it create a business plan that will bring its Lake Tahoe-area lodge out of disrepair and into the black. It’s an encouraging step to correct the senate’s yearslong mismanagement of the property, but until Read More…