Off the beat: Barnacles, blackberries, beaches

My first and only comprehensive tour of any foreign country came when I was 8 and my parents decided that a trip to British Columbia, with its low exchange rate and proximity to home, was the ideal way to introduce their children to a foreign country.
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Off-campus library facility needs room to grow

Public institutions are often very bad about infrastructure. Just look at the failure of governments at all levels to maintain roads and bridges and light rail or, for that matter, schools. As a public institution, the University of California has the same problem. There is considerable glory in starting a
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Berkeley must prioritize bicyclist, pedestrian safety

CITY ISSUES: Death of a cyclist this week highlights need for change

Monday’s tragic death of a bicyclist following a hit-and-run collision earlier this month in Berkeley once again highlights the need for improved bicyclist and pedestrian safety measures in this city.
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City Council must respond to use of force during protests

CITY ISSUES: Allegations of police misconduct during December demonstrations cannot be pushed aside

The decision by Berkeley City Council to again postpone taking action in response to police use of force during the December protests was the result of poor planning and does a disservice to the many community members seeking answers.
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UC Grinch picked workers’ pockets

During the recent holiday season, the university continued its tradition of reaching into staff pockets to fund the holiday closure. Originally begun to save energy, the closure has evolved into an annual financial pinch costing staff between 1.2 and 1.9 percent of their wages, according to our calculations. The three-
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Agatha kehayas

Off the beat: Still we will stumble on

I lift my arms in a full body scanner, though I am not at the airport. I move on, then gather my searched-through things from the plastic bins. The security guard asks me if I work at the fire company whose emblem is on my sweatshirt, bearing my last name.
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A new social contract: demands for Greeks

Sexual assault at colleges and universities has become somewhat of a hot-button issue over the course of 2014. Back in March, the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights began a Title IX investigation into how UC Berkeley was handling reports of sexual assault, contributing to a nationwide conversation
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Off the beat: Home is wherever I’m with you

For as long as I remember, every summer, my maternal aunts and all of my cousins would travel from wherever they were living at the time to settle in my grandma’s secluded, bright-yellow house in Al-Zabadani, a small town about half an hour outside Damascus, Syria.
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UCSA demands greater fiscal transparency of regents

By now, every student of the UC system has likely heard of the UC Board of Regents’ tuition policy and the protests it sparked throughout the system in response. What many students may not know is how their campus and state student representatives were responding before our semester resumed last
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