Pressing issues of the 2016 election

Jake Moore/Staff

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Affirmative action necessary to support diversity, upward mobility

NATIONAL ISSUES: Affirmative action case to be heard once again by Supreme Court

With the Supreme Court’s decision to once again consider race-conscious policies in university admissions, those who champion diversity and access to higher education for underrepresented minorities must once more make the case for affirmative action. It’s disappointing that with racism at the core of recent national tragedies, the court feels
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A village of Big Brothers

Stale Off the Boat

I didn’t laugh. I didn’t speak. I barely breathed. I simply sat there with a Botox-esque smile as family friends paraded in front of me. I was known as the obedient one, the example child. You can never hear my boisterous cackle among the rambunctious laughter of our family friends,
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Glutton and mutton

Deadly Sins of Berkeley

“Gluttony: the act or habit of eating or drinking too much.” I love lamb chops. They excite each of my five senses. They taste like happiness. Their smell is life changing. The sound they make while they sizzle on a pan fills my heart with joy. They are tender. They
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Off the beat: Checking my baggage

When it comes to packing for a trip, I’m a mess. I tend to ignore it until the last hour, then find myself tossing anything and everything into my luggage until only a stray tank top or two are left in my drawers. I didn’t think my dysfunctional packing was
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Landlord coalition may threaten tenant rights

CITY AFFAIRS: A recently formed Berkeley group to advocate the rights of property owners is troubling in its stark opposition to the rent board’s pro-tenant policies.

The nascent formation of a coalition to lobby for landlord rights, complete with its own political action committee, is concerning. We are troubled by the idea of powerful people pooling their resources and wealth for causes that may further cripple affordable housing and regulations meant to protect tenants. The coalition
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Charleston tragedy must motivate systemic change

Another day and another tragedy in the Black community. This time, a white terrorist executed nine patrons worshipping in the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina. Today and every day, we are reminded that we are not safe in this country. We are not safe to pray,
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Eat your wedding cake, too

A Penny for your Bullshit

Does anyone remember the 2008 election? Were you there? I thought you looked familiar. Do you remember whom you voted for? It’s OK — now that the election’s over, you can tell me. You voted for Barack Obama? Nice! Do you remember that wave of hope and optimism that everyone —
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