UC Berkeley budget problems stem from state pressure

Campus issues: Revenue generation in Christ’s budget relies too heavily on benevolence and charity

Carol Christ has a clear philanthropy vision. In the Christ Administration’s budget for 2017–18, Christ and her team envision a campus in which donations are a primary source of revenue. Indeed, revenue generation was bandied about during the lead-up to the new budget. The plan reveals that revenue makes up
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Peace be upon you

How to Muslim for Dummies

My typical week writing for The Daily Californian has pretty much followed the same basic routine this summer. When the day sneaks up for me to submit another article to my editor, I spend a good 80 percent of my time racking my brain for what part of my religion
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24-point Impact

Off the Beat

Perhaps as a self-assurance that we were not yet stodgy journalists but could still be cool, ironic college kids when we wanted, here at the student newspaper, we save some of our best quotes from circulation and hang them up on the walls of our office instead. These are the
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