‘Actually, I’m not gay’

Sex on Tuesday

Chris Cox_online

We would stay up all night in his room talking about whatever naive freshman woes were plaguing us. I would divulge conflicted thoughts over the girthy 26-year-old dicks I illegally sucked as an underage Golden Bear, while he would retort with confused romantic musings about the multiple women who made
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City of Berkeley Measures

With 12 city ballot measures, voters have the duty to decide on crucial aspects of Berkeley’s future Nov. 8  . From infrastructure bonds to education taxes to public campaign financing and beyond, city measures often have the most immediate impact on residents. The city website’s section for ballot measures mostly
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Catching z’s


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Jake Fineman_online

Tooting my own horn

Now that I’ve spent a couple of weeks lambasting Student Action and CalSERVE, the twin pillars of bloated villainy supporting the ASUC’s two-party system, I’ve been repeatedly asked if I’m going to “do SQUELCH! next” out of some misbegotten idea of “fairness.” I’ve been holding off on this because, as
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Neal Lawrence_online

We’ll carry on

Naked Brunch

It’s October, which means all things spooky are rising from their graves to haunt the hapless living. Facebook Memories keeps us supplied with a steady diet of ghosts in the form of exes and bad haircuts. But I’d like to resurrect the spookiest thing of all… Your high school emo
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California ballot proposition endorsements

Ballot propositions have a nasty habit of forcing voters to give black-and-white answers to complex, multifaceted questions. They often leave nuance out of the equation. This year, California voters are faced with the longest list of ballot propositions since 2000, and sifting through them is no short process. Luckily, The
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Solidarity and space

Three weeks ago, students from the bridges Multicultural Resource Center and the Queer Alliance Resource Center, or QARC, attended our Student Union Board of Directors meeting to deliver demands for new space in the ASUC Martin Luther King Jr. Student Union. These students raised valid concerns about the challenges they
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Yes on Y1: Youth voting for BUSD Board of Directors

Approving Measure Y1 would allow 16- and 17-year-olds the opportunity to vote in elections for the Berkeley Unified School District Board of Directors. The board’s decisions primarily affect students in the Berkeley school district, but as it stands now, most students graduate before they are old enough to vote. Y1
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