Wear lipstick; apply for foodstamps

Advice: Do Not Follow

The glass doors of the Alameda County Social Services Agency were finally in view, and I slowed, glancing over to the window. Staring at my skewed reflection, I thought, “Am I really wearing lipstick to get food stamps?” I’d made the decision 30 minutes prior, and at the time, it
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Sexual assault conference should have been more accessible

CAMPUS ISSUES: Two-day event was almost entirely closed to media; just 100 seats reserved for students

UC Berkeley’s first-ever National Conference on Campus Sexual Assault and Violence, held this week at the DoubleTree Hotel, should have been more accessible to both students and the media. The two-day conference excluded members of the media, including staff of The Daily Californian, from attending the event, with the exception
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Changing tides

Gregory Arena/Senior Staff

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Curriculum in distress

The Ed-xistential Crisis

While UC Berkeley has been “reimagining” undergraduate education for years, it has yet to settle on an acceptable alternative to its presently beleaguered curriculum.
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Despite opponents, case for UC fossil fuel divestment remains strong

UC Berkeley professor of law Steven Davidoff Solomon’s Feb. 10 piece in the New York Times DealBook, “Colleges Use Anti-Apartheid Strategies to Battle Fossil Fuels,” makes a number of arguments about the futility of the University of California divesting its $3 billion holdings in fossil fuels. Almost all of them
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Berkeley’s police-community relations imperfect but improving

A number of people have asked my thoughts on how to improve police-community relations in light of the tragic events in Ferguson and Staten Island and the controversy over Berkeley police crowd-control tactics in the Dec. 6 protests in the city. Regarding the police response Dec. 6, I believe we
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UC opted for poor context to announce tuition hike delay

UNIVERSITY ISSUES: Postponement of tuition and fee increase is still positive step

Last week, UC President Janet Napolitano announced a delay of a controversial tuition hike set to begin this summer, which elicited cheer from many students — and with good reason: There’s promise for compromise between Gov. Jerry Brown and Napolitano, and students need not worry just yet over how to pay for their next tuition and fee installment.
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Navigating the intersections of submission

Sex on Tuesday

I’d gawked the hell out of her FetLife profile photos: There’s one of her on her knees, arms tied to a spreader bar, and another of her nude on all fours, wearing a plush pair of cat ears and lapping milk out of a bowl — all for the gaze of her Dominant husband.
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