Sexual liberation is not black and white

Sex on Tuesday

Taylor Romine_online

  From the 1960s feminists marching through the streets demanding sexual autonomy to topless women proudly strutting on college campuses during SlutWalk, the proud, naked white woman — somehow with the most perfectly rounded breasts and perky nipples — remains society’s image of liberation. Diverse representations of race, disability, age
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Protests at University of Missouri relevant in Berkeley

In recent weeks and months, higher education has been rocked by issues of race playing out on college campuses in ways that remind us that we are not “postracial” in this country or in institutions of higher learning. Our students are organizing in new ways, led by Black Student Unions
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Regents’ decision threatens integrity of UC financial aid

Convening at UCSF’s Mission Bay campus Thursday afternoon, the UC Board of Regents proposed and passed the UC budget for the 2016-17 academic year, as well as a plan to increase undergraduate enrollment in the University of California by 10,000 students over the next three years. Part of the funding
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Coverage of Stiles Hall story commendable

Thank you for your coverage of a possible residence hall on the Stiles Hall and adjacent parking lots. I would like our hundreds of friends and supporters to know that Stiles Hall has been in negotiations on this since its inception. We are excited about getting a new, modern space
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BAMN protests don’t do students justice

CAMPUS ISSUES: The aggressive tactics that BAMN used in its recent anti-sexual assault protests exclude and alienate both supporters and survivors.

To end rape culture on college campuses, all students must take part in open and honest dialogues about their experiences, privileges and positions within the system. Yet when some voices in the conversation are shouting over others, they stymie both the conversation and the progress. On campus last week, BAMN
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Citation needed

Technocratic Tirade

A search engine and bibliography, in the right hands with the wrong intentions, are dangerous weapons. Some might think suspicious sources and outright fabrications are capable of greater deceits, and consequently approach them with a more cautious mind, but links to poorly translated Russian conspiracy websites and unqualified lies require
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Monique Lupu_online

Jumping down the rabbit hole

Bipolar Betty

“Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” -Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland Anxiety seems to come out of nowhere, violently arresting our breath so that all we feel is fear. It happens so sneakily that, oftentimes, we don’t even realize we are caught up in
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Exposure to arts central to undergraduate experience

Chancellor's Corner

In Bay Area technology circles, the story is well-known: At Reed College in the early 1970s, Steve Jobs dropped in on a class in calligraphy that he later said was the most important academic experience he ever had. The course enabled him to see the value of clarity, elegance and
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Laws ensuring sidewalks for all walks of life

CITY AFFAIRS: Berkeley City Council’s new ordinance will criminalize homelessness against public sentiment rather than address root causes of problem.

A city ordinance on its way to being stamped into law would strictly regulate street behavior and encourage Berkeley’s most vulnerable population to move on to other cities without actually solving homelessness or addressing its diverse causes. On Tuesday, Berkeley City Council passed an amendment to Berkeley regulations called “Improve
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