Neal Lawrence_online

Before the fall

Naked Brunch

On June 12, 2016, 50 people were killed in the deadly mass shooting at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando. The next morning, while I was preparing to attend LA Pride, the police intercepted a heavily armed man with that same destination. In the days that followed, I wrote this piece
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Democrats ensure country moves forward

On Nov. 8, the liberal Berkeley bubble burst: Donald Trump was elected president of the United States. Although Hillary Clinton received more than two million more popular votes than Donald Trump, the Electoral College votes displaced her. While we are naturally shocked and disappointed by the outcome of such a
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Never stop creating, discussing, enjoying the arts

STUDENT LIFE: Students and members of the Berkeley community should make sure to take avantage of the many art-creating resources that riddle the area.

Art saves lives. Simple words but easy to forget. Luckily, they’re plastered on Youth Spirit Artworks’ website. Optimistic and empowering murals grace the walls of the city of Berkeley, brightening residents’ days while their creators continue growing through an outlet meant to channel student creativity. The organization works to reinforce
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Jay Chotirmal_online

Newsstands over newsfeeds

Stepping Back

Social media platforms were once an effective and entertaining form of communication utilized to spread information and organize movements — from Occupy to Black Lives Matter. The same online platforms have evolved in such a way that they’re practically incomparable to their past selves. Social media platforms no longer foster
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Chris Cox_online

This column got me laid

Sex on Tuesday

As UC Berkeley’s resident Edgar Allan Hoe, I have blessed this campus with enough dick debacles and anal autobiographies to last one whole glorious, gay semester. Writing this column has been quite a trip. Well, actually, multiple trips to be exact: to bedrooms, bathroom stalls and beyond. While I’m extremely
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UC Berkeley football coach gives poor excuses for losses

Dear Coach Dykes, As a former college baseball player, you should know that the worst thing you can do for team morale and effort is to blame your teammates for a loss and, worse yet, question their athletic ability as the reason for a loss. I watched your interview after
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Jihoon Park_online

Everyone’s an asshole (and that’s okay, kind of)

Off the Beat

As I was walking back to the table with my drink, another customer bumped into me and spilled coffee onto my jacket. I stood there stunned for a moment with a “Wow, did you really just do that?” face while the other customer walked away without even saying sorry. When
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