An open letter to Peter Pan

The New Age Bard

Ah, Peter! Think of all you missed; the injustices, to be sure, and the losses, but the delights of all of it too — the uncertainty of stepping forth without really knowing the way, the loves you never allowed to change you, the meaning you never allowed yourself to find.
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An open letter to the UC community

I want to stress that while I do identify with certain groups and a certain culture, those aspects are part of my persona but not a part of my platform. As your student regent-designate, I am committed to listening to and advocating on behalf of all students, regardless of background or belief.
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Let’s take back our tuition

As members of the ASUC Office of the External Affairs Vice President, we are relieved to see students fighting back against tuition hikes. Approximately 150 UC Berkeley students went to UCSF for the UC Board of Regents meeting Wednesday, thanks to the help of AFSCME, UAW and UPTE; later that
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Who is going to fight for us now?

UNIVERSITY ISSUES: With the tuition hike approved, the university moves away from its traditional, state-funded model and increases its dependence on students.

When the state allows a university to turn students into a significant source of funding, it is allowing the university to slowly discard its public identity.
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College for the aimless

Millenial Meltdown

At 3, I wanted to be a king. Unaware as I was of the definitively scarce demand for kings in the modern workplace and otherwise unconcerned by such obstacles, I told anyone who stood still long enough about my grand machinations.
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Who pays more? Who pays less?

On Wednesday and Thursday of this week, the UC Board of Regents is scheduled to have a critical vote on President Janet Napolitano’s proposed five-year budget plan, which includes, in the absence of significant increases in state funding, 5 percent annual increases in tuition.
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Censured by censorship

Gregory Arena/Staff

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High and dry

Gregory Arena/Staff

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Waiting on the unfair tipping system to change

BAY AREA AFFAIRS: While tipping may be a good idea in theory, service charges implemented by the restaurant lead to more fair and equal pay for restaurant employees.

There is a fear that in the absence of tipping, the level of service at restaurants will deteriorate. There are other ways, however, through which servers could be held accountable for maintaining high standards.
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2017 cannot come fast enough

Sex on Tuesday

Amidst all of this freedom — all of this talk surrounding the reclamation of female bodies and the reconfiguration of lives separate from biological need — comes a dangerous rhetoric about responsibility and accountability when it comes to unwanted pregnancy.
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