Belly of the beast

Staying in Omelas

When their darkest nightmares come to life, my friends confide in me the monsters that prowl their minds and the scars that etch their breaths. I want to be present for those stories that make them who they are, that cloud over their familiar smiles. If they have gifted me
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Oppressive overcast


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Buying soy products works as land-saving measure

In her op-ed “Growing use of soy products has global consequences,” Nina Angelo argues that the consumption of soy-based alternatives to meat and dairy products exacerbates social, environmental and economic exploitation in Latin American countries. While it is true that soy production has expanded significantly in that region in recent years, Angelo’s subsequent analysis of the issue is based primarily on conjecture and leaves out many crucial considerations.
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Being there

Brave New World

After hours of staring at a screen and typing my research paper, I was ready to go home. I didn’t realize four hours had passed. Stomach rumbling, my eyes were fixed on my phone’s glowing screen. I was overwhelmed by the amount of unanswered messages were on my phone while
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Hard and Soft Final Image

Shorts Episode #5: Good Vibes

Hard and Soft

Hard and Soft goes on a journey to get one of our producers a pleasure pole, a joy stick, a crotch rocket — a good ol’ vibrator. Enjoy the ride! Thank you for your support for Hard and Soft! Every like, follow, and subscription means the world to us. If
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Apples and oranges


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Mallory Pittman/Staff

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Lawsuit against UC regents emblematic of issues facing college football

The Daily Californian reported my lawsuit against the UC Board of Regents, under the state Public Records Act, for hitherto unreleased emails and other internal documents authored by university officials in relation to the 2014 death of Cal football player Ted Agu and to its precursor incident, a 2013 teammate-on-teammate altercation.
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