After graduation, work to help LGBTQ youth

Research shows that students who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender can have a much harder time making it through high school than students who do not.In addition, LGBT youth represent about 6 percent of the teenage population but as much as 40 percent of the homeless youth population.
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Editorial against SB 66 opposes campaign rights

In its article “BAMN unfairly threatened legal action against ASUC senators” the Daily Cal Senior Editorial Board opposed the vote by the ASUC Senate that defended freedom of speech protections during the ASUC elections. In their editorial board position, they chose to join some senators in arguing in support of the
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How to eat bananas

Advice: Do Not Follow

The other day I was eating the most important, essential, critically acclaimed, well-balanced meal of the day — breakfast — and my friend looked at my bowl of cereal and perfectly sliced banana and said, “When you eat bananas, you are basically eating blood.” Imagining my cute circular banana bits
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Berkeley must redirect resources to help mentally ill, ease strain on police

CITY ISSUES: Intervention by police should be last resort

In light of concerns voiced at a recent community meeting, the city needs to redirect its resources to different intervention programs for those undergoing a psychiatric or mental health crisis. Berkeley Police Department, which is responding to a rising number of such calls, should be a last-resort safety net. The time, energy and costs associated with police handling the bulk of these emergencies would be better used elsewhere.
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One university and UC Hastings

Ed-xistential Crisis

There’s little that can be said about legal education that students, graduates and professors of law schools haven’t already said. It needs to be more practical, or more grounded in theory. The juris doctor takes too long to complete, or is just the right length. Law school has been both
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Testing its metal

Gregory Arena/Senior Staff

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Charges against ASUC candidates indicate voter awareness

CAMPUS ISSUES: Spamming allegations must be addressed head on by Judicial Council

The aftermath of ASUC elections this year saw spamming charges filed left and right, against individual candidates and parties’ entire executive slates. The charges alleged that candidates sent unsolicited emails to recipients they did not have a prior relationship with, did not obtain permission by an organization’s leadership to send
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Sex and depression are not mutually exclusive

Sex on Tuesday

On our first date at a bar on Southside, before the fries even left the kitchen, we high-fived over learning about each other’s dead dads. It wasn’t a toast to their deaths but a quick signal that we knew each other’s grief. That’s the kind of plain understanding I look
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ASUC executive office misuses its discretionary funding

While many student groups financially struggle to get by, there are a select few within the ASUC for whom money is no object. From the ASUC’s $2 million budget, $52,000 is allocated for discretionary funding, which is given to senatorial and executive offices in amounts ranging from $500 to $14,500.
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