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The new power generation


It was a warm summer evening when I got the call. After a long day of entertaining family members at my cousin’s seaside wedding, I was lounging in a tropical-themed San Diego hotel when I received a somber interruption from my former roommate and esteemed dance-enthusiast Kashawn. Upon my answering,
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California dreaming


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Speaking the language of tolerance, acceptance

STUDENT LIFE: Recent events prove the importance of using accurate, precise language to describe all things in order to avoid unnecessarily silencing others.

Months ago, the campus announced that it would comprehensively review all building names. This came after calls to rename Barrows Hall because of David Prescott Barrows’ imperialist ideals. Last week, a series of posters professing hate speech toward pro-Palestinian activists were removed from campus, prompting an aggressive dialogue about the
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Bayview deserves clean environment

Industrial parks and hazardous waste facilities on every corner, polluted murky waters and an old abandoned meatpacking warehouse. This description of the Bayview-Hunters Point community could easily pass for the setting of a story in R.L. Stein’s eerie “Goosebumps” books. The health of Bayview residents is degrading at an unbelievably
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Students should define their own honor code

Take a second to pull out your Cal ID and admire the really awkward picture of yourself that you probably took with butterflies in your stomach and sweaty palms by your sides because you were so excited to finally be on campus, but of course no one told you that
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Marijuana op-ed rains down truth

Amber Norori’s op-ed in The Daily Californian’s April 19 issue was excellent. It is rare to see a discussion of the massive harm that illegal pot growing has done and is still doing to the natural environment in northern California, mainly in our national forests. The vast majority of pot
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On listening

Bits of Berkeley

This semester, we set out to tackle university issues that seemed too complicated to address in one week’s column. We thought that maybe with two weeks, we could present a fuller image of the issues we hoped to explore. Unsurprisingly, we found that we could not. While two weeks allowed
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Job application process

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Getting in bed with corporations, waking up in hell

CAMPUS ISSUES: Poor budgetary decisions from campus, university and state put the UC Berkeley campus in the unfortunate position of relying on corporations.

So long as the state of California continues to grant the University of California insufficient funding and our campus continues to overcompensate high-level administrators, the public mission of the university will be compromised. Every time the campus enters into a partnership with private corporations, it opens itself up to a
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