ASUC Senator King Xiong gives voice to Hmong community


The Hmong community makes up less than 1 percent of the thousands of students at UC Berkeley. Belonging to one of the smallest communities at UC Berkeley, Xiong aspires to leave footprints on political and social grounds for Hmong students who are soon to become future college students and leaders. Read More…


White paper exposes unfair cuts to PACS

We as students have suffered the consequences of negligent administrators for too long. Instead of improving PACS and providing it with the resources it so rightfully deserves, IAS administrators have systematically incapacitated the program and altered it almost beyond recognition. Read More…

Defending against the police

CITY ISSUES: The dialogue surrounding the police use of tasers shows citizens are paying attention to their police, which is a positive step.

It has been little more than a month since outrage swept the nation in response to the killing of Michael Brown by Officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson, Missouri, sparking protests, solidarity marches, online campaigns and other actions of support. Read More…


Off the beat: What we say really matters

There is a good deal of research suggesting that our ability to properly understand abstract concepts and complex spatial relationships depends, in large part, on our ability to combine much simpler concepts and relationships using language. Moreover, the use of language to attempt to shape how and what we think is by no means a new concept. Read More…


Off the beat: Berkeley on a Saturday night

“Separator” by Radiohead was whispering through my headphones, and it was that part where the guitar kicked in — one of those parts of a song that holds an indescribable sway. There was still some chocolate ice cream left to dry on the underside of my right forearm, and my face and shirt were slightly sticky with sweat. Read More…

Snake oil

Gregory Arena/Staff

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Vote yes on Measure Q: Work, pollute less

If the United States could get back on the track of gradually reducing average work hours, as we did during most of our history, it would be much more feasible to build a sustainable economy during the coming century. Read More…


Off the beat: Self-reflection and sojourns

There’s a stretch of highway reaching through the Santa Cruz mountains down to the coast that I find myself returning to each summer like clockwork. California Highway 9 winds through redwood forests and hugs steep drops into the San Lorenzo Valley, spanning a number of miles leading through tiny towns and campsites into downtown Santa Cruz and the vast expanse of the Pacific. Read More…