Achievement unlocked: bottoming

Sex on Tuesday

Chris Cox_online

Out of pure desperation, I bit his pillow, already littered with imprints of my despair, begging for some form of relief. I hoped that by inflicting any miniscule amount of pain on this inanimate object of comfort, I could somehow escape the penetrative force threatening to consume me from behind.
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Self worth


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Next chief of police must hear community concerns

CITY AFFAIRS: Resignation of chief Michael Meehan means that the Berkeley Police Department can finally be run by somebody committed to transparency.

After the resignation of police chief Michael Meehan, who couldn’t seem to balance the demands of his own police department with the demands of a hypervigilant community, it’s incumbent on the next chief to bridge a growing divide between Berkeley Police Department and city residents. It’s not difficult to see
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Mayoral candidate Jesse Arreguin not progressive

Even in Berkeley, “progressives” push conservative policies. Sadly, Berkeley City Council member and mayoral candidate Jesse Arreguín embodies this short-sighted approach. By resisting new housing and transit, he and other self-professed “progressives” perpetuate the status quo of rising rents, carbon-belching traffic jams and faltering public transit. Their policies undermine environmental
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Police must reform to prevent loss of lives

This past weekend, President Barack Obama commended the New York Police Department for their “outstanding work” in apprehending the suspect of a bombing that happened just twenty-four hours earlier. Police response in this case demonstrates that the police are capable of responding quickly and with much success to protect the
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Jake Fineman_online

An inconvenient truth

Pot Calling the Kettle

Elected officials in the ASUC, like politicians everywhere, love to make bold pronouncements about nebulous topical issues, such as mental health or sexual assault. Tying themselves to non-controversial and unchallenging issues makes it fairly easy for these officials to undertake projects that seem useful without taking any real responsibility for
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Neal Lawrence_online

Good queer, bad queer

Naked Brunch

I would quit being trans if I could wake up as Uma Thurman. “Pulp Fiction” era, if you’re asking. I’d quit dreaming of top surgery and give up my sense of self to enter that life of being elegant and rocking blunt bangs. I’d even let an award-winning weasel man
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Funding faux-pas

Joel Mayorga/Staff

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Campus must do more for people with visual impairments

CAMPUS ISSUES: UC Berkeley's response to a Department of Justice letter calling for more accessibility for the visually impaired to online resources was embarrassing.

As the home of the disability rights movement, UC Berkeley ought to enjoy a stellar reputation for its accessibility. And yet, just last week, the Department of Justice found that many of UC Berkeley’s free, public online resources failed to include proper closed captioning and image explanation, making them inaccessible
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Regressive platforms disqualify candidate for mayor

With his endorsement of Laurie Capitelli, the conservative running for mayor in Berkeley, Robert Reich has now lost all credibility as a progressive. His shameful fawning over Hillary Clinton (she’ll make a “great president”) was bad enough, but it’s understandable that some people who supported Bernie Sanders are terrified of
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