Right-wing student groups invite bigoted trolls to invade campus under guise of free speech

CAMPUS ISSUES: The campus is bleeding resources to support events put on by Berkeley College Republicans and Berkeley Patriot.

Kelly Baird/Staff

The four-day “Free Speech Week” event is another excuse for provocateurs to hide behind a “free speech” label and unleash inane, tired and violent ideas that threaten a vast population of the Berkeley community’s right to exist.
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Nicole Kim Mug

Wake up call

Berkeley Got Back

UC Berkeley’s bureaucratic skin has gradually toughened, overshadowing our individual impact as students and faculty.
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UC Berkeley must defend free speech, promote dialogue

At the climax of the Free Speech Movement 53 years ago, UC Berkeley faculty overwhelmingly resolved that “the content of speech or advocacy should not be restricted by the university” and that “the time, place, and manner of conducting political activity on the campus shall be subject to reasonable regulation
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Campus abides by First Amendment, protects free speech

Chancellor Carol Christ is adhering to the First Amendment and the basic principles of academic freedom in ensuring that controversial speakers can appear on the UC Berkeley campus without endangering the safety of students, staff and faculty. Indeed, UC Berkeley has the chance to be a model for colleges and
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