Dissecting Robert Reich

Behind Enemy Lines

In the past few weeks, Robert Reich has taken to the Internet to launch a “resistance” campaign against President Donald Trump. Just recently, I listened to one of my friends, who happens to be a Reich fanatic, rant about how Trump should be ousted from his job for uttering untrue
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Episode #2: Firsts

Hard and Soft

For Hard and Soft’s second episode, Chris and Joshua talk about firsts — first crushes, first kisses and first heartbreaks. We’re getting soft up in here, especially Chris. (And we promise we’re good at math, even though we definitely screwed up the numbers.) Thank you for your support for Hard
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Don’t be like me

Staying in omelas

My mother, in her torrent of anxious wing-flapping, was set on sending her firstborn off to college with a briefcase full of life advice that would last a lifetime. Don’t read in the dark. Don’t go out at night. Don’t smoke “the pot.” These bits of advice were broadcast in
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Campus Black Student Union deserves more resources

CAMPUS ISSUES: University needs to think of long-term solutions to improve campus climate for underrepresented minorities on campus

Being a student at UC Berkeley is hell. Anyone can tell you that. Being a student at UC Berkeley as an underrepresented minority is even worse. But those voices often go unheard. A 2014 campus climate survey proved beyond anecdotal evidence that a higher percentage of racial minorities experienced exclusionary
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Gender, sexuality and identity are new frontiers

Freedoms of identity and expression are fundamental to human rights. As we evolve as a species, so do our understanding of the world and ourselves. Expanding this understanding always encounters resistance from those made comfortable by the current system, and pioneers have faced great risk in pushing the frontier further
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Climate change fights must be cooperative

In a letter I wrote that 2,300 UC and CSU faculty members signed, we asked the Trump administration to honor the U.S. commitment to meeting the modest reductions in greenhouse gas emissions set out in the Paris Climate Accord. In the weeks since that letter circulated, Scott Pruitt falsely testified
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