Money is power

Sex on Tuesday

Different financial statuses create a particular kind of power dynamic in a relationship. Almost inevitably, it means the one with more money has more power.
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After all this time

Lessons from My Father

While the significance of the year 2000 as the beginning of a new millenium was lost on young 8-year-old me, that year was still a landmark year in the life of little Sarah Dadouch. Until that year, I had mainly read Arabic books that were easily accessible in the bookstores of Damascus, Syria, and I was content with my book collection. But then, my father, who frequently took trips to the States, purchased a small book somewhere in America — a book that had been described to him by the pushy salesperson as the new obsession of this nation.
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Fashion tips for radicals

Advice: Do Not Follow

Regular civilians are often hostile — or just downright indifferent — when passionate UC Berkeley revolutionaries leave the ivory tower and try to discuss nuanced and pedantic political philosophies with the masses. Unfortunately, plebeians always want to harp on and on about the absurd and trivial, such as what you
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Regulating street behavior will not end homelessness

CITY ISSUES: Berkeley City Council wrongly moved forward with proposed ordinances that would police the actions of homeless individuals

Berkeley City Council’s move toward regulating street behavior amounts to a broad misstep and represents a failure to listen to constituents who sharply criticized the proposed rules Tuesday night and voted down a similar measure in 2012.
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The right-college mindset

Ed-xistential Crisis

A week from today, tens of thousands of high school seniors will find out whether or not they’ve been accepted to study at UC Berkeley. For those students, the anxieties of March 26 will be followed by the stresses of weighing admissions and financial aid offers throughout April, with the
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ASUC must slash financially wasteful practices

Over the last four years, the ASUC’s financial team has struggled to balance its substantial recurring budgetary shortfalls. In the 2014-15 year alone, the ASUC is expected to run short of its initial projections by more than $200,000. Coupled with the approximate $165,000 of overspending rung up over the previous
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Services not citations needed to address homelessness

On Tuesday, the Berkeley City Council will be voting on a controversial proposal that will further criminalize the homeless. The plan, called “Berkeley’s Community Commercial Sidewalks and Public Spaces,” includes 10 proposals to cite, arrest and further marginalize our most downtrodden. It only offers one positive proposal — a year-round
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