Off the beat: I don’t mind my mind

Your first panic attack commences a lifelong commitment — one you never signed up for. Maybe you’re one of the lucky few who experience just one in a lifetime, but the terror that follows will forever linger. You never want to feel that way again: trapped inside yourself and desperate
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Fossil Free UC faculty letter not specific enough in demands

The university-wide campaign called Fossil Free UC encourages faculty to sign a letter to request the UC Board of Regents to divest university endowments from fossil fuel stocks, an initiative largely driven by climate concerns. Seeking to engage the entire faculty of all UC campuses to address one of the
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University must implement anti-sexual assault training

At the UC Student Congress, hosted by the UC Student Association last August, the UCSA adopted the UConsent campaign at the urging of hundreds of students in attendance. UConsent is the University of California-wide campaign against sexual assault, which works to support a culture of consent through increased “awareness, education
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Off the beat: On behalf of China

On behalf of China, I’d like to apologize to all the rest of Asia for Shanghei-ing the Western image of “Asian.” Really, truly sorry. You see, rest of Asia, a solid geographical understanding is hard to come by in the States, and the resolve to get one on your own
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Gregory Arena/Senior Staff

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Against all odds, Assad regime still stands

If the Syrian conflict has proven anything over the past four years, it is that Bashar al-Assad is determined to preserve his presidency. I believe that the days when a coordinated solution for Syria did not involve the dictator are over and that the desire to leverage against the regime
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Recent funding agreement not a sign of great progress

UNIVERSITY ISSUES: The tuition agreement, though it provides support for in-state students, doesn't address the issue of state divestment from public higher education.

Though last week’s funding agreement between the University of California and the state has been touted as a success for the university, it fails a large portion of the student population and only weakly addresses the issue of state divestment from public higher education. The compromise between Gov. Jerry Brown
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Off the beat: We fall before we fly

I always thought that riding a bike was the closest any of us could come to flying. I was the last of my elementary school friends to learn how to ride a bike, shedding my training wheels the summer before entering fourth grade. My mother wouldn’t let me try riding
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Reflections on my 1st year at UC Berkeley

As for some of you, my first year at this place we call UC Berkeley — exhilarating, transforming and occasionally overwhelming — has come to a close. I’ve had an opportunity to reflect on what I share with those on my team and on who I represent in the UC
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