Generalizations about monotheistic religions should not warrant blame

William Pan/Staff

David Gayton’s article “Religion slaughters 49” demonstrates flawed reasoning. Nowhere within it does the author prove his bombastic claim that “the main culprit behind the massacre that took place in Orlando this weekend was the irrational thinking that all monotheistic religions inspire.” He clarifies by saying that “religious fundamentalism” bears
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Crowdsourcing not efficient solution to budget crisis

After countless failed attempts by well-paid administrators to balance UC Berkeley’s budget, the campus has finally decided to ask the people for advice. Last week, campus announced that it would be launching a crowdsourcing website that would serve to collect ideas on how to raise its revenue from the campus
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Food access is problem for many Bears

Before coming to Berkeley, I was only aware of the problem of food insecurity in a vague, removed sense. In fact, the issue was so far removed from my reality that I had never heard or used the phrase “food insecurity” — instead, I called it “hunger” and was satisfied
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Proposal for infrastructure repair should benefit citizens

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s proposal to introduce a fully-funded, five-year infrastructure plan during her first 100 days in office is good news for every American who uses roads or rails.  Rebuilding our transportation infrastructure is the most pressing necessity facing the United States. As general president of a
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Yoojin Shin_Online_Zainab Ali

Was It Yellow Fever?

The Privileged Protestor

Asian chicks. They got the brains, the looks, and the bod. Or so they say. “I can’t explain it—it’s just an attraction.” We had been dating for a few weeks and, until then, everything had felt like a dream. He was the fourth white man who had directly confessed his
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Maggie Lam_Online

Choosing myself over white people

Melting into the pot

On the night of the summer solstice, I sat on my co-op’s lower roof with my new housemate Emily as we stared off into the fading sunset, admiring the rainbow haze that lingered after a long, overwhelming day of sun. Although Emily and I had only interacted a few times
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Elena Stacy_Online

A rough start

Doing Okay (Kind Of)

It was the Saturday after my first week of college. I sat at home in my bedroom and dabbed my crusty eyes with a hot rag, Harry Potter on in the background. I was surrounded by DayQuil, Ibuprofen and a bottle of antibiotic eyedrops. As I coughed heavily, I thought,
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Food for thought during Ramadan

The Jaded Pessimist

Insomnia pried my eyes open and painted thick black circles underneath them at a time when I didn’t have the mercy of coffee to spare me. The sixth night of Ramadan, I turned off the lights at midnight, begrudgingly tucked away my electronics, and sat there, waiting for sleep to
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Without homeland, but without owner

Off the Beat

When I was first learning to speak, I had a huge amount of trouble pronouncing the word “abuelo.” Not that I really remember, but so I’ve been told. My cousin got it just fine, but I never really had the verbal dexterity for it so I called my grandfather “Abo.”
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State ensures health of undocumented immigrants

Earlier this month, Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill that could allow undocumented Californians to obtain health insurance under the Affordable Care Act. Though it may be a largely symbolic move, it’s a step toward including undocumented immigrants in our metric of measuring the quality of life in the United
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