Gov. Jerry Brown undermines UC students with his lackluster budget proposal

UNIVERSITY ISSUES: Gov. Jerry Brown broke his agreement with the UC system to increase state funding by 4 percent

Kelly Baird/Staff

When Gov. Jerry Brown and UC President Janet Napolitano agreed to state funding increases to the University of California by 4 percent a year for four years back in 2015, the university should have been protected from budgetary surprises. But this month, Brown failed to uphold his end of the bargain.
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Anderson Lanham_online

Growing up and growing apart

Off the Beat

Though my sister and I were raised in the same house with the same parents in the same Chicago suburb, our childhoods were immeasurably different. I have to wonder if that is what made us so different or if it was inevitable from the beginning that our life paths would split so drastically.
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Tech-savvy students will help protect net neutrality

Like just about every other interesting facet of the internet, net neutrality is imperative to blockchain technology. Although the use of blockchain in whatever application — be it cryptocurrency, supply-chain or something else entirely — is certainly possible without the net neutrality rules that were overturned, the real issue (and
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Why I don’t use exclamation points

Off the Beat

I thought girls had to be bubbly, kind, energetic and enthusiastic. As I had seen on television and movies, there was no middle between smiling and crying — girls could not be serious, and they could never be angry.
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