Waxen wings and time machines

The new age bard

Our natural impatience makes us desire above all else the day that success will burst through the door in a torrential fury. But the truth is, dreams are rarely realized in a flash. We must coast for many miles between seabirds and clouds, diligently flapping our wings to keep going, if we ever care to reach a destination. Read More…

Students should be the stars

CAMPUS ISSUES: The quality of graduation commencement speeches should not be compromised for the presence of a noted figure.

Our pool of alumni is expansive and brilliant, and to not tap into our campus resource is a disservice to graduates looking to build their own legacy after leaving UC Berkeley. Read More…


YES on 45: Stop health insurance company rip-offs

Health insurance companies need these false mouthpieces and misinformation because they know the public will support Prop 45 when they learn insurance companies oppose it and it will stop the health insurance ripoffs. Why else would health insurance companies be spending tens of millions to defeat Prop 45? Read More…


Say hello to the modern introvert

Millenial Meltdown

Introverts, like George W. Bush’s still life paintings, are misunderstood creatures. Most people — including most introverts, in fact — believe the word is functionally a synonym for quiet and socially reserved. And introverts can certainly fit this description, but so can extroverts. Read More…

Worried sick

Gregory Arena/Staff

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Help schools help students

HIGHER EDUCATION: Instead of allocating millions to Awards for Innovation in Higher Education, state should help schools with existing programs.

Our campuses do not need any more incentives to help students graduate. What our campuses do need from the state is additional funding in order to meet the needs our university already has. Read More…


Do you love your penis?

Sex on Tuesday

I spent a large portion of my youth with a pretty severe penis envy: I was obsessed with the idea that having a dick would make life so much easier, not to mention way more fun. I wanted to piss on shit with no regard for authority, to whip out my wang in the middle of a middle-school assembly like the psychotic kids I looked up to — I wanted to brag about my big balls in the locker room and woo the ladies with low-resolution dick pics from my Motorola RAZR. Read More…