A systemic failure: It’s time to stop perpetuating elitism in higher education

NATIONAL ISSUES: The college admissions scam was just another instance of oppression in education. Universities must fight harder to make education equitable.

Students in a classroom taking the SAT. One student is asleep with a bag of money on his desk
Emily Bi/Staff

The U.S. Department of Justice exposed the largest known college admissions bribery scheme in United States history. And while the actions brought to light by this investigation are illegal, this scam is symptomatic of a much larger problem of inequity in academia and education.
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City hall building with a paper that reads "Cal Grant"

Summer term students need to receive better financial aid

We looked at studies done by the federal government that showed that students who receive more aid for summer are more likely to take summer courses and graduate on time. Research surrounding summer aid was so compelling that it even prompted the Republican-majority Congress to extend federal aid to summer.
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Recognizing sex as a coping mechanism

Sex on Tuesday

It wasn’t until I started journaling and addressing the root of my pain that I realized how my trauma had impacted my sex life. Being a survivor of violence has meant unlearning my dangerous coping mechanisms and unpacking my unhealthy relationship to sex.
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Not your exotic trophy

The Half of It

But I am not a doll for anyone to parade around and brag about. I am not a dish spiced mildly enough to round out a white man’s palate without challenging his Eurocentric views.
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A student looking stressed in lecture looking at their schedule

Stop glorifying UC Berkeley’s workaholic stress culture

CAMPUS ISSUES: On this college campus, professors and administrators must encourage learning — not academic burnout

A recent tweet criticizing a UC Berkeley electrical engineering and computer sciences professor’s proposed 80-hour weekly academic workload has outraged many community members. But this incident is symptomatic of a larger issue: the toxic work culture on this campus. UC Berkeley is often stereotyped as the “workaholic” UC campus, and it’s time for the community to acknowledge how harmful that title really is.
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Unsettled Settler

I’m not ashamed of disclosing my sexual orientation anymore. I now can confidently take my girlfriend’s hand and kiss her in public and no longer tremble when someone condemns me, saying I’m going to hell or calls me a bull dyke.
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A game of luck

Muscle Memories

I never once considered myself lucky. I had worked hard through IV and breathing treatments to prepare for all my exams. I had no choice but to push through the dull aches and the sleepy side effects. Classmates couldn’t understand my struggle and often mocked me for “privileges” by stating that I was lucky.
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