Confusing Jews with Judaism

Thinking Theology

If the allegations are true, I’ll be deeply saddened and, frankly, pissed. Pissed because someone who supposedly represents Orthodox Judaism as a spiritual leader ignored its principles. Pissed because his actions are inevitably associated with a community with which I identify. Pissed because his identity as a rabbi implies that his behavior is OK within our value system. It’s not. Read More…


Reaching heaven, brick by brick

The new age bard

Assuming colorblindness and natural indiscriminateness will get us into all kinds of trouble. The only way we may combat this silent fog of prejudice is by acknowledging that it it is there. Read More…


Save Lick Observatory to defend public education, scientific inquiry

The struggle to save Lick Observatory occurs in this larger context and has larger implications than the fate of any single facility. But because the Lick funding scandal exemplifies the hypocrisy and injustice of the attack on public education, the student movement at UC Berkeley and across the UC system has the power to rise
up and defeat Janet Napolitano and stop the attack on the Lick Observatory.
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Laboring against a stigma

CAMPUS ISSUES: Faculty and student population must take it upon themselves to fight discrimination against pregnant students on campus.

Not everyone on our campus took the same path to get here; we need to be accommodating of different student lifestyles, from student-parents and pregnant students to veterans and athletes. Read More…


Help us help you: Reach out to your UC student regents

Each of us has a responsibility to ourselves and to one another, to ensure that the university is the best institution it can possibly be. Together, we want to encourage all students to embrace our diversity, set aside our differences and come together to bring positive change to our university. Read More…


Naked celebrities are people too

Millenial Meltdown

Imagine that it’s a Friday night. You know what that means: “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire,” Nestle Drumsticks and some Ibuprofen. A little medical marijuana for your, uh, restless foot syndrome. Maybe some friends. Read More…

Up a creek

Gregory Arena/Staff

Contact the Gregory Arena at [email protected]

Plan ahead for practice fields

CAMPUS ISSUES: If the campus decides to reallocate field space for football practice, it must first take into account the impact on the field hockey team.

If the campus decides to allocate the space above the new parking structure to an additional football practice facility, it must demonstrate an immediate and substantial need for doing so. Read More…


Do you love your vagina?

Sex on Tuesday

This one goes out to all of those female-bodied individuals up in the club — or the classroom; it’s whatever. You may or may not own a vagina if you’re reading this right now, but chances are, you probably appreciate the mighty power of the pussy. Read More…

Combat sexual assault, not administration

We are working hard at this issue and are disappointed that the op-ed writers chose to personally attack our staff rather than work with us on as many fronts as possible as we continue to seek ways to end sexual assault and violence on the UC Berkeley campus and beyond. Read More…