Our Privilege: The right to protest, demand accessible higher education

Lauren Glasby/Staff

The discourse surrounding the occupation of Wheeler Hall must not neglect to consider that our role in a free and fair society demands a certain level of empathy. It was impossible to pass by Sproul on the way to Wheeler and not note the evidently painful contrast between the students in Ayotzinapa and the students of the UC system. When we speak, the world listens, and the complexity of this position is almost sickening. We do not stand alone, and are our actions are not occurring in a vacuum.
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UC tuition hike will not burden low-income families

It’s time for California to have a serious debate about how it funds higher education. While we believe the costs of education should be shared across stakeholder groups, that doesn’t mean the current balance is rational or fair. As our state’s economy recovers from several lean years, it is time to reinvest in one of our most valuable resources: public higher education. This is the message we should be delivering to Sacramento.
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Take control of our education, not just a building

HIGHER EDUCATION: While we agree with the goals of the student protest at Wheeler Hall, the movement would be more effective if it was addressed to Gov. Brown.

Over the last week, more than 200 students have camped in Wheeler Hall to demonstrate their frustration with the UC Board of Regents’ recently passed plan to increase tuition should the state fail to increase UC funding. While we wholeheartedly agree with the goals of the student movement, protesters must
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Blood is the new black

Sex on Tuesday

Maybe it’s the teenage girl in me talking, but there’s something about the surge in vampire films that has given blood sucking and hunting a renewed social capital in the depraved sex lives of our generation of perverts.
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Religion is not my opiate

Thinking theology

If religion is the opium of the masses, as Karl Marx famously suggested, I’m clearly going to the wrong metaphorical drug dealer.
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An open letter to the UC community

I want to stress that while I do identify with certain groups and a certain culture, those aspects are part of my persona but not a part of my platform. As your student regent-designate, I am committed to listening to and advocating on behalf of all students, regardless of background or belief.
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Let’s take back our tuition

As members of the ASUC Office of the External Affairs Vice President, we are relieved to see students fighting back against tuition hikes. Approximately 150 UC Berkeley students went to UCSF for the UC Board of Regents meeting Wednesday, thanks to the help of AFSCME, UAW and UPTE; later that
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An open letter to Peter Pan

The New Age Bard

Ah, Peter! Think of all you missed; the injustices, to be sure, and the losses, but the delights of all of it too — the uncertainty of stepping forth without really knowing the way, the loves you never allowed to change you, the meaning you never allowed yourself to find.
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