Dumplings full of culture

The Half of It

The childhood memories associated with food always remind me of the significance of my Chinese heritage that is erased because I’m mixed. Even when the world may not perceive me as Chinese, these memories of cooking with family and friends affirm my connection to China.
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A backpack with objects labelled BPA and "harzard"

Individuals should protect themselves from BPA

Reducing your exposure to BPA may seem like a daunting task, but it’s truly not impossible. The next time you take that casual stroll down the grocery store aisle, remember to think frozen or fresh, to say no to plastics and consume everything in moderation. Remembering these five easy steps will help you keep this one industrial chemical out of your water, fruits and veggies.
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Please consider the facts regarding the Thirty Meter Telescope on Maunakea

There are many strong opinions about the Thirty Meter Telescope, or TMT, project on Maunakea on Hawaiʻi Island, and it is important that everyone know the facts. Unfortunately, an April 2 op-ed by members of UC Berkeley’s Indigenous Americas Working Group calling for the UC system to stop funding construction of the TMT contained inaccurate information that needs a response.
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Not sorry for all of my lesbian sins

Unsettled Settler

After my family learned I was a lesbian, I separated myself from church because of their homophobic treatment toward me. But now that I’ve become aware of its true history and purposes in Latin America, not only do I not want to be associated with it for its homophobic rhetoric, but also for its undeniable role as colonizers.
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A community of support

Muscle Memories

I find that sharing my own personal accounts and reading others’ give me a unique sense of liberation. Individuals on these forums want to listen to me, and they want to be heard. That is the crucial difference between the dialogue that often takes place in real life versus online. The support from the community space made me see that my struggles and experiences with MG are valid.
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A person at a cafe considering a paper and a plastic cup

Students should stop treating recycling as the solution

When you aren’t put face to face with the heaping mounds of trash you’ve created, it’s easy to avoid taking responsibility for them. And when placed side by side with midterms and project deadlines, UC Berkeley students might find it hard to prioritize global waste issues.
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Dress to impress

A Greek Tragedy

If I decide to show no skin, or if I want to wear the smallest skimpiest dress in the world, that is my decision. A community full of young women shouldn’t treat each other differently depending on their outfit choices. A sorority should be a space in which women are uplifted through sisterhood, and by regulating their dress code and enforcing the concept that a woman’s worth is correlated to her modesty, a sorority is failing to do so.
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Scholarly and shapely

In My Size

When I finally get to hold a diploma in my hand, I will think back to the day that I almost denied myself a chance to graduate from UC Berkeley because of my curves. My body is an empowering part of me, which I embrace with confidence, but it will never define my success!
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Impostor syndrome in STEM

Cracking the Code Ceiling

It’s taken a lot of energy and effort to try to combat my impostor syndrome and stop comparing myself within STEM. Whether it’s taking the time to write or calling an old friend in between classes, I try to remember the things outside of academia that make me who I am.
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