Berkeley Housing crisis demands educated voters

On June 27, Berkeley City Council adopted a series of changes to the way in which the city’s affordable housing mitigation fee is administered. Ostensibly these changes will encourage affordable housing production, because every member of City Council is on record supporting it. The result of these changes, however, is
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The journey north

Reading life closely

In a blur of roadside poppies and mountain sequoias, a tablecloth of California landscape is pulled from underneath my feet, leaving me intact, if a bit wobbly, in Oregon
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Dress to oppress

How to Muslim for dummies

There are two lollipops on the ground: one neatly wrapped and one opened and covered with ants crawling all over it.
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Do it anyway

Heading West

I’m still unlearning the mindset that mental illness is a result of personal failure, a concept Carrie spent her life debunking.
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Summer of Love- Editor’s Note

You sent us your submissions. Today, we present to you the winners of the inaugural Summer of Love essay contest. We had to sift through an incredible volume of pieces from all walks of life in Berkeley. Queer and non-normative perspectives reigned supreme. The hippies of the original Summer of
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