Episode #6: Love, Long Distance

Hard and Soft

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As graduation and internship offers loom in the distance, one thing seems to be on everyone’s mind: long distance. Chris and Josh speak with media studies lecturer extraordinaire Edward Timke, who’s gone through the travails of long-distance love. Timke provides some pointers on how to create a love strong enough
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Live forward

Staying in Omelas

The sunny colors of the Game of Life board lay in mocking contrast to the brewing clouds of tension above them. An accusation of a stolen turn had transformed the optimistic attempt at creating memories among four grade-school cousins into a showdown between two of us. My victory celebration was
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ASUC candidates must hold selves accountable

CAMPUS ISSUES: Candidates owe it to the voters to remain honest and accept accountability rather than mislead them further.

As UC Berkeley’s independent, student-run newspaper and the only outlet that regularly covers the ASUC, we have a responsibility to hold people in power accountable and to ensure that the community has an accurate understanding of the problems facing our campus. That means we have a responsibility to examine the
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Elephant in the community center

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Hard and Soft Shorts Episode #2: Oski(nks)

Do Golden Bears enjoy Golden Showers? Sticking with the theme of kink week, Chris and Josh interview fellow Cal students Yensy and Amir about their sexplorations. From fisting and choking, to other sub/dom kinks, check out this short to get a good bite size snippet of what we’re “into.” Thank
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Fact-checking the ASUC senate candidates

CAMPUS ISSUES: Each year, many candidates running for ASUC senate slide by with half-assed ideas. This time, they won't.

Implementing a counterclockwise Southside Bear Transit route, despite the fact that it already runs counterclockwise. Talking to Vice Chancellor Harry LeGrande, who stepped down in December. Creating more UC Berkeley research positions in STEM, even though funding is scant. What do these misinformed ideas have in common? They’re all platforms
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A love-hate relationship

The pain inside me went up and down as the violins shrieked and the cellos wept. I tried to appreciate the beauty of the music, but all that kept going through my head was, “I hate this thing, I hate this thing, I hate this thing …” It had been
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Surprise party

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