Down the glory hole

Sex on Tuesday

Michelle Zheng

Many view interest in non-conformist desires as a negative reflection of an individual. Society thinks bad people have “sick” desires or vice versa.
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Campus students play vital role in upholding alcohol policy

On Oct. 5, Councilmember Kate Harrison held a town hall meeting on a pressing topic: What can the city of Berkeley do to reduce troublesome drinking in Downtown Berkeley, which she defined as public drinking by homeless people and access to alcohol by underaged students from Berkeley High? I served
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Building character

Pressing Restart

Going through the hormonal war that was puberty, I wanted to be somewhere, and someone, far, far away. Through games, I could do just that.
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Ismael Farooqui

Diversity without conflict?

The Campus on a Hill

The value of diversity on our campus can be described as a civil state of conflict among different groups of people. If we don’t recognize this delicate balance holding our campus up, we may allow the collapse of the very diversity we cherish.
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Nicole Kim Mug

Who is Berkeley?

Berkeley Got Back

While we can disparage the blatantly colonialist undertones of his statement, we can also acknowledge and agree with a call for progress.
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GOP tax plan would devastate graduate students

NATIONAL ISSUES: The plan would require that college employees pay income tax on waived tuition that could add thousands to UC Berkeley students yearly bills.

The U.S. House of Representatives passed a tax plan Thursday that would place a crushing financial burden on thousands of graduate students at UC Berkeley and across the country.
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