BAMN protests don’t do students justice

CAMPUS ISSUES: The aggressive tactics that BAMN used in its recent anti-sexual assault protests exclude and alienate both supporters and survivors.

To end rape culture on college campuses, all students must take part in open and honest dialogues about their experiences, privileges and positions within the system. Yet when some voices in the conversation are shouting over others, they stymie both the conversation and the progress. On campus last week, BAMN
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Laws ensuring sidewalks for all walks of life

CITY AFFAIRS: Berkeley City Council’s new ordinance will criminalize homelessness against public sentiment rather than address root causes of problem.

A city ordinance on its way to being stamped into law would strictly regulate street behavior and encourage Berkeley’s most vulnerable population to move on to other cities without actually solving homelessness or addressing its diverse causes. On Tuesday, Berkeley City Council passed an amendment to Berkeley regulations called “Improve
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Enrollment expansion plan should prompt infrastructural improvements, too

UNIVERSITY ISSUES: Increasing enrollment in the UC system will benefit all California citizens as long as the infrastructure is updated to prepare for them.

In the fight for more equitable education for California residents, UC President Janet Napolitano’s plan to enroll 10,000 more in-state undergraduate students in the University of California over the next three years — double the number the state is requiring, as per the state-and-UC funding agreement — is a major
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When college campuses become civil rights battlegrounds

NATIONAL AFFAIRS: The institutional racism manifesting in action at the University of Missouri has parallels at UC Berkeley, and students must stand in true solidarity

To the Black students at Mizzou, we, the Senior Editorial Board of The Daily Californian, are with you in solidarity. We and the world watch those who would threaten the sense of safety of Black students at Mizzou. We watch from across the country — in our classrooms, in our
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Walking the walk at Berkeley High School

CITY AFFAIRS: After racist incident, Berkeley High School Students demonstrate impressive response, and now administration must also prove dedication to fighting racism

When public threats of terror against black students crop up on a school computer and permeate a community, any semblance of safety in an already racially tense environment is shattered. Taking steps toward healing — the first of which ought to be expelling the student responsible — must be done
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The Safe Campus Act endangers college students

NATIONAL AFFAIRS: The new federal bill would create an unsafe environment for sexual assault survivors by introducing possibly unhelpful police obstacle

By requiring student survivors of sexual assault to report to the local police before action can be taken by their universities, the Safe Campus Act could paradoxically foster an extremely unsafe atmosphere on college campuses. Given the growing awareness of the long-tolerated problem of sexual assault on campuses, a Republican
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Banking on corporations to fund UC Berkeley’s future

CAMPUS ISSUES: When the University Partnership program made a deal with Bank of the West, they sought to make a profit by turning student space corporate

With the ongoing specter of budgetary crisis, the University of California must take innovative yet extreme measures, such as UC Berkeley’s recent deal to make Bank of the West its “official bank.” While we recognize the necessity of private partnerships to raise money that continues to fund projects on campus
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Berkeley and the mysterious case of the empty ballot box

CAMPUS ISSUES: Students' failure to participate in the political process to effect change prompts an ASUC bill proposal not strong enough to address the serious problem.

In the most recent move to combat years of student political inactivity, the ASUC Senate has introduced a bill that would work to make coursework on general election days more flexible in what is essentially a last-ditch effort to encourage students to vote. When students are failing to engage in
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When the freeze finally melts

INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS: Support for South African students fighting against tuition hikes should be of crucial importance to UC students who will soon need to take similar action.

College students around the world should stand in solidarity with South African students, whose recent mass protests and riots, stemming from proposed fee increases of more than 10 percent, persuaded the government to freeze tuition for the next academic year. In the wake of declining state funding, rising costs of
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Printing a paper for the people

A recent move by Wesleyan’s student government to cut funding from its student newspaper after a controversial op-ed reveals an alarming imposition of government on the sphere of journalism and signals how little our generation understands the free press. In the wake of campus backlash from an op-ed on the
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