Campus must do more for people with visual impairments

CAMPUS ISSUES: UC Berkeley's response to a Department of Justice letter calling for more accessibility for the visually impaired to online resources was embarrassing.

As the home of the disability rights movement, UC Berkeley ought to enjoy a stellar reputation for its accessibility. And yet, just last week, the Department of Justice found that many of UC Berkeley’s free, public online resources failed to include proper closed captioning and image explanation, making them inaccessible
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City officials need students to keep them accountable

CITY AFFAIRS: UC Berkeley students should register to vote in Berkeley so that city officials and laws can be held more accountable to a large student population.

For so many disenfranchised members of the Berkeley community — including youths, undocumented people and the formerly incarcerated — maintaining a political voice without a vote requires activism, protests and the assertive claiming of spaces. In light of this, the privilege of wielding political influence in the safe confines of
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UC Berkeley political activists must not promote hatred

CAMPUS ISSUES: Students across the political spectrum must bridge gaps by engaging in meaningful ideological debate rather than promoting hateful division

The Republican presidential nominee repeatedly spews hateful rhetoric without restraint, and students on this campus must vigorously challenge his supporters’ ability to overlook blatant racism and sexism. But at the same time, we must ensure that every student — regardless of political affiliation — feels safe on this campus. In
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Housing crisis plaguing students grows more urgent

CAMPUS ISSUES: Given raised enrollment and an absence of state funding for higher education in this state, campus's housing failures are a shared burden.

The housing crisis in Berkeley gets more acute every day, and still the campus remains unable to provide the necessary solutions. Students turn singles into doubles, triples and even quads. Students move into residence halls that are still under construction or into rooms converted from study lounges. Students live on
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Choudhry does not belong on UC Berkeley campus

CAMPUS ISSUES: Professor Sujit Choudhry's return to campus means that sexual violence survivors will continue to feel unsafe on a routinely insensitive campus.

Sujit Choudhry’s open letter in The Daily Californian’s opinion section demonstrates unequivocally that the former UC Berkeley School of Law dean still has no meaningful concept of his actions, their implications or sexual harassment in general. His diatribe weaves together the most prevalent tactics of sexual violence perpetrators — survivor
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Steven Hayward’s faults won’t fly on campus

CAMPUS ISSUES: Steven Hayward has the potential to be an exceptionally productive foil to UC Berkeley liberalism provided he's able to drop the hateful rhetoric.

Steven Hayward, the conservative scholar recently appointed to be a visiting scholar at UC Berkeley, has made it clear that he thinks his presence will shake things up at this good ol’ bastion of liberalism. And if that’s the extent of his goal, his tenure here surely will be as
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Minimum wage ordinance creates minimal clarity

CAMPUS AFFAIRS: By passing an ordinance, city council forces community members to partake in a confusing no-no campaign against minimum wage ballot measures.

If Berkeley City Council had passed an ordinance to increase minimum wage to $15 an hour a year ago, it would certainly have been cause for raucous celebration. But placed within the context of a November election that already includes two separate $15 minimum wage ballot measures, politics and confusion
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A fond farewell to the Berkeley Global Campus

CAMPUS ISSUES: Cancellation of Berkeley Global Campus means that members of the Richmond community group wasted more than a year of hard work.

Another week, another humiliation for Dirks’ administration. It seems only fitting that two weeks removed from the announcement of his resignation, the campus now gets to wave goodbye to Dirks’ prized pet project: the Berkeley Global Campus. He called for the project in 2014 with considerable fanfare and pomp, claiming
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Dirks’ work far from done

CAMPUS ISSUES: Chancellor Nicholas Dirks must use his remaining months in office to improve the campus and address ongoing problems at UC Berkeley.

At the outset of what would devolve into a turbulent tenure, Dirks remarked on his appreciation for the University of California’s transparency: “I’ve never had transparency like this in my life,” he told The Daily Californian in 2013. Three long years later, Dirks announced in an Aug. 16 campuswide email
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Solitary confinement is detrimental to prisoners

STATE ISSUES: Solitary confinement is part of a systemic reluctance to treat prisoners humanely, but early release may be a step toward rehabilitative justice

David Maldonado graduated from UC Berkeley in May, but just eight years before, he was in prison. Stories like Maldonado’s are rare: The country’s justice system does not serve to nurture the people behind bars, leaving most prisoners acutely unprepared to reintegrate and contribute to society once their sentences conclude.
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