Chancellors not for sale

UNIVERSITY ISSUES: Keeping upper-management positions competitive is important, but investing in minute salary increases is not the best use of UC funds.

The UC Board of Regents’ vote last week to increase the salaries of 15 executive administrators was unnecessary, placing precious UC funds into the hands of those who already earn many thousands of dollars beyond a living wage. The reasoning behind the salary increase is that in order to attract
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Berkeley Global Campus must protect local interests

CAMPUS ISSUES: UC Berkeley officials behind the Richmond satellite campus must ensure that it benefits residents

The big idea behind the Berkeley Global Campus at Richmond Bay is bright — brilliant, even: to attract international researchers to collaborate with the UC Berkeley community on the most pressing issues of the day and to do so in our local community. But many of the problems surrounding the
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Berkeley needs improved housing-safety measures

CITY AFFAIRS: City council to review proposed safety measures following balcony collapse

On June 16, six students died and seven more were injured because of the collapse of a Downtown apartment building’s fifth-floor balcony. To the families of the victims, we offer our deepest sympathies, and to those students still recovering, we offer our prayers and best wishes. In the wake of
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Affirmative action necessary to support diversity, upward mobility

NATIONAL ISSUES: Affirmative action case to be heard once again by Supreme Court

With the Supreme Court’s decision to once again consider race-conscious policies in university admissions, those who champion diversity and access to higher education for underrepresented minorities must once more make the case for affirmative action. It’s disappointing that with racism at the core of recent national tragedies, the court feels
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Landlord coalition may threaten tenant rights

CITY AFFAIRS: A recently formed Berkeley group to advocate the rights of property owners is troubling in its stark opposition to the rent board’s pro-tenant policies.

The nascent formation of a coalition to lobby for landlord rights, complete with its own political action committee, is concerning. We are troubled by the idea of powerful people pooling their resources and wealth for causes that may further cripple affordable housing and regulations meant to protect tenants. The coalition
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Police report on protests falls short of expectations

CAMPUS ISSUES: Review excludes many meaningful recommendations

Berkeley Police Department’s report on its actions during the December protests disappointed many members of the community. It cherry-picked facts, lacked accountability and failed to include many meaningful recommendations. Few events affected Berkeley as much this past year as the December protests in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.
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Lecturers deserve better benefits, greater job security

UNIVERSITY ISSUES: Current union contract negotiations should improve lecturers' job stability

Lecturers represent a vital portion of the University of California’s teaching community. As such, they deserve to receive benefits comparable with those of other faculty and staff employed by the university. Improved benefits, job stability and shared governance are the three platforms that the University Council-AFT, a union representing many
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City budget proposal will negatively affect at-risk groups

CITY ISSUES: Berkeley's budget proposal suggests cuts to programs that provide important services to homeless youth

At a time of relative economic upswing, coupled with growing concerns about the displacement of low-income populations, it is troubling that the city of Berkeley would propose cuts to extremely valuable nonprofits that serve homeless, low-income youth and the mentally ill. The proposal has already garnered opposition from community members,
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Students with dependents watch sinking SHIP

CAMPUS ISSUES: UC Berkeley student-parents and those with spouses are forced to walk the plank into a sea of insurance programs

UC Berkeley’s plan to terminate health insurance for dependents of students will cut off a valuable option for a population that is already marginalized on our campus and faces a greater degree of responsibility than most. Beginning in the fall, UC Berkeley’s Student Health Insurance Plan will no longer cover
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