City must fix infrastructural problems

CITY ISSUES: There are many imminent problems threatened the city of Berkeley that we must be prepared for.

Willow Yang/Senior Staff

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. In November, Berkeley succumbed to old, ineffective habits: It passed the measly Measure T1, which implemented a multiyear plan to fix infrastructural problems. But this time, it will cover only one-fifth of the projected cost — and
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School district must aim to be more transparent

CITY ISSUES: Berkeley Unified School District should be more open to public inquiries from students and parents.

If the Berkeley Unified School District is a black box — opaque, unwilling to acknowledge problems and unyielding to parents’ concerns — then the rumors and allegations against the district are Schrodinger’s cat. For much of the current school year, BUSD has been at the center of lawsuits, the most
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University must keep police reaction peaceful

UNIVERSITY ISSUES: Police have learned from past examples how to deal with protests, but there is still room for improvement.

This time, the unusual suspects voiced their anger at police, as members of Berkeley College Republicans criticized UCPD for its reaction to the Milo Yiannopoulos protest that erupted on campus earlier this month — namely claiming that police had been too passive. UCPD is well-weathered when it comes to protests.
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Sports must take backseat to political, social issues

NATIONAL ISSUES: California state law that fights discrimination in other states on the basis of sexual orientation is a good first step

Anyone who considers themselves a sports fan has experienced getting lost in the commotion and excitement of a game. But every so often, an issue will pop up that reminds us of our reality, and the games and fanfare must take a backseat. California Assembly Bill No. 1887, which took
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Campus must prioritize affordable housing units

CAMPUS ISSUES: Campus should match its rate of increased enrollment with a similar increase in available housing.

With an increasing horde of students, UC Berkeley has laid out plans to build new housing units at nine locations. But the reality of the situation is that the administration is not yet prepared to face the next wave of students. We must start breaking ground, fast. Currently, only about
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Protest shows presence of free speech on campus

CAMPUS ISSUES: Students found a way to make the best of a losing situation by gathering on Sproul Plaza

Hours after the cancellation of an event where Breitbart technology editor Milo Yiannopoulos planned to target undocumented students at UC Berkeley, community members gathered to clean up shattered remains of the night’s chaos — largely the work of outside anarchist groups. Yiannopoulos, per usual, played the victim. After he fled
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Trump executive orders require all to be vigilant guardians of democracy

NATIONAL ISSUES: Widespread activism is required to defend the country's legacy as a home for displaced peoples.

Against an authoritarian administration that blurs the lines of constitutionality and throws checks and balances out the window, we must protect the country’s legacy as a home for displaced peoples. Trump’s inhumane Muslim ban — he refuses to call it by that name, but that is what the executive order
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Berkeley must continue fight against Trump’s xenophobic actions

CITY ISSUES: In the face of President Donald Trump's executive orders, the city must affirm its values and protect undocumented residents.

At 1951 Coffee, people whom our new president has labeled dangerous Trojan horses “who are definitely, in many cases, ISIS-aligned” serve coffee like any other baristas. The refugee-centric business embodies Berkeley at its best. But with his executive order Wednesday to cut federal funding for sanctuary cities, President Donald Trump
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City of Berkeley should not disperse encampments

CITY ISSUES: With no viable alternatives, Berkeley should allow homeless to keep their encampments, especially during cold winters

Whether the city of Berkeley likes it or not, homeless encampments save lives. By repeatedly dispersing those encampments because of public complaints, the city has failed to value the demands and the lives of the homeless. Several homeless people have already died this winter from exposure to the rain and
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Women’s March did not encompass many groups

NATIONAL ISSUE: Activists should make an effort not to marginalize non-cisgender communities of color

A movement draws power from its numbers, but it should not pursue numbers at the cost of marginalizing its own intended participants. On Saturday, millions joined the Women’s March — an impressive worldwide effort after Donald Trump was inaugurated — carrying the banner of “unity” under an administration that has
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