Constant gun violence necessitates call to action

NATIONAL ISSUES: Students must be part of the conversation around preventing gun violence that affects their own lives and the lives of those around them

We think we speak for most Americans when we say we’re sickened, we’re frustrated, we’re angry and we’re a little bit scared. And the worst part is how many times we’ve said this before. Nothing that happened Thursday in Roseburg, Oregon, is new. It has all happened before — in
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New data on BPD stops, searches poses problem

CITY AFFAIRS: After a delay in the collection and publicization of data, Berkeley Police Department must hold itself accountable to the public it claims to serve and protect.

The recently released data report on Berkeley Police Department’s vehicle stops and searches — indicating an excessively high number of stops and searches of underrepresented minorities — represents a manifestation of larger national trends and a lesson: Even liberal Berkeley is not immune to racial biases. When comparing the demographics
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Oppose City Council’s proposal to limit partying, student life

CITY AFFAIRS: City Council’s plan to restrict student gatherings would infringe on student rights rather than protect students’ safety

Berkeley City Council’s proposed ordinance aimed at limiting gatherings in off-campus student residences attempts to address substantial problems present in student life but would fail to bring about any effective change other than deepening the divide between UC Berkeley students and Berkeley residents.
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Proposed cell phone ordinance unnecessary and uninformed

CITY AFFAIRS: Proposed City Council cell phone ordinance inconsistent with true values of progressivism

Berkeley City Council’s proposed “right to know” ordinance warning consumers about the levels of radiation exposure from cellphones — which got the green light from a federal judge this week after a legal challenge — is an unnecessary precaution supported by shoddy to nonexistent evidence. While similar campaigns focused on
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Committee cannot define experiences of discrimination

UNIVERSITY ISSUES: Committee of the UC Board of Regents' decision to change language to address one form of discrimination excludes others, as well as restricts free speech

A committee of the UC Board of Regents’ move to rewrite its proposed Statement of Principles Against Intolerance, in part because of the drafted statement’s omission of the term “anti-Semitism,” was unnecessary and fraught with political considerations. During last week’s meeting, Regent Richard Blum warned that his wife, U.S. Senator
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Students must not let rankings define college experience

NATIONAL ISSUES: The White House’s new reports on college use flawed metrics, but students must still seek to make campus as accessible as possible.

Last week, the White House released a report on colleges’ costs, graduation rates and post-graduation earnings. While the decision to exclude official rankings from the report reflects an important recognition that college rankings often end up stratifying schools by at-times unreasonable criterion, this scorecard still uses a metric attempting to
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University of California must invest in better future

The University of California’s decision last week to sell its approximately $200 million holdings in coal- and tar sands-focused oil companies follows years of activism and advocacy but comes in the absence of any significant statement of policy that outlines the process of disinvestment. Given the current decline in the
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Delayed police, commission reports necessitate student action

CITY ISSUES: Students disillusioned with political process must engage in order to have voice represented

The bruises from police batons have long since healed. The tear gas is far out of our eyes. Soon, the memories of last December’s violent Ferguson protests will begin to fade from our consciousnesses as well. That is precisely why the delay of the Police Review Commission’s report — and
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Campus sexual assault committee chair needed now

CAMPUS ISSUES: The ASUC Senate's last-minute decision to reopen applications reflects lack of foresight in selection process

When the ASUC Senate decided last week to withdraw its nomination of UC Berkeley senior Meghan Warner as the sexual assault commission director, the position she held last year, the senate’s intentions of opening the position to a wider variety of candidates reflected a desire to achieve equity and diversity.
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In defense of the chancellor’s fence

CAMPUS ISSUES: Chancellor entitled to security for home on campus

Despite recent backlash from students and faculty against the decision to erect a fence around University House, the chancellor’s home on campus, the chancellor and his family have the right to take action to guarantee their safety. UCPD, which is in charge of responding to threats against the security of
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