Sexual assault conference should have been more accessible

CAMPUS ISSUES: Two-day event was almost entirely closed to media; just 100 seats reserved for students

UC Berkeley’s first-ever National Conference on Campus Sexual Assault and Violence, held this week at the DoubleTree Hotel, should have been more accessible to both students and the media. The two-day conference excluded members of the media, including staff of The Daily Californian, from attending the event, with the exception
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UC opted for poor context to announce tuition hike delay

UNIVERSITY ISSUES: Postponement of tuition and fee increase is still positive step

Last week, UC President Janet Napolitano announced a delay of a controversial tuition hike set to begin this summer, which elicited cheer from many students — and with good reason: There’s promise for compromise between Gov. Jerry Brown and Napolitano, and students need not worry just yet over how to pay for their next tuition and fee installment.
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Give women’s field hockey team equal resources

CAMPUS ISSUES: The lack of a suitable practice field for players is inexcusable

When a women’s athletic team is booted from its home turf, told multiple times that a campus practice space was not available and forced to commute to Stanford University — a situation no other Cal Athletics team faces — you have a serious equity problem.
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ASUC bylaw overhaul is mixed fix

CAMPUS ISSUES: Rules surrounding political party creation, endorsements may have unintended consequences

The ASUC’s complete revamping of its election bylaws were well-intentioned and may improve equity in elections, but the changes could have been more transparent and may produce unintended consequences.
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Run election campaigns on ideas, not big money

CITY ISSUES: Thousands of dollars came from outside city, political action committees in November

Though it’s difficult to measure the effect of money in Berkeley’s November elections — whether big bucks actually swayed the vote in one direction — we are certain of one assessment: The sheer amount of funds channeled into city politics is disturbing, even if they may have proved inconsequential.
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$15,000 ASUC website redesign is unnecessary

CAMPUS ISSUES: A proposed website redesign that would partner the ASUC with a private contractor is a misuse of funds

An ASUC Senate bill that would launch a $15,000 website redesign is a deeply misguided attempt to boost transparency and better serve students. On top of the inappropriate spending put forward in the bill, the selection of an outside contractor typifies a process that overlooked student talent on campus.
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Berkeley must prioritize bicyclist, pedestrian safety

CITY ISSUES: Death of a cyclist this week highlights need for change

Monday’s tragic death of a bicyclist following a hit-and-run collision earlier this month in Berkeley once again highlights the need for improved bicyclist and pedestrian safety measures in this city.
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City Council must respond to use of force during protests

CITY ISSUES: Allegations of police misconduct during December demonstrations cannot be pushed aside

The decision by Berkeley City Council to again postpone taking action in response to police use of force during the December protests was the result of poor planning and does a disservice to the many community members seeking answers.
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