ASUC candidates must hold selves accountable

CAMPUS ISSUES: Candidates owe it to the voters to remain honest and accept accountability rather than mislead them further.

Willow Yang/Senior Staff

As UC Berkeley’s independent, student-run newspaper and the only outlet that regularly covers the ASUC, we have a responsibility to hold people in power accountable and to ensure that the community has an accurate understanding of the problems facing our campus. That means we have a responsibility to examine the
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Fact-checking the ASUC senate candidates

CAMPUS ISSUES: Each year, many candidates running for ASUC senate slide by with half-assed ideas. This time, they won't.

Implementing a counterclockwise Southside Bear Transit route, despite the fact that it already runs counterclockwise. Talking to Vice Chancellor Harry LeGrande, who stepped down in December. Creating more UC Berkeley research positions in STEM, even though funding is scant. What do these misinformed ideas have in common? They’re all platforms
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Appointment of Carol Christ good for campus

UC Berkeley has narrowly avoided an apocalypse. With the appointment of Carol Christ to the position of chancellor, the campus has positioned itself to overcome the fiscal and administrative challenges that have afflicted public perception for years now. She is the most qualified person entering this job in recent memory.
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Shoulder Tap operation is dispensable form of law enforcement

CITY ISSUES: Berkeley police crackdowns on underage drinking cause more harm than good.

Berkeley police employ a patrol strategy that involves creating problems to solve. The state’s Shoulder Tap Program, which deploys undercover agents to swindle people into buying alcohol for minors, is the latest in a list of contentious policies — and the most dispensable. The California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control
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Campus must look into Cal Dining exploitation allegations

CAMPUS ISSUES: Undergraduate Workers Union raises awareness to an important issue but must narrow focus to accomplish its goals

The Undergraduate Workers Union has made history as the first independent union for undergraduate students. If it does not make some fundamental changes, however, it will soon become history.
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Erasing problem does not equate to fixing it

CAMPUS ISSUES: In an effort to cut corners, campus has eliminated a valuable resource for the public.

If it’s broke, fix it. Six months ago, the U.S. Department of Justice found that educational videos posted online by UC Berkeley did not meet the standards of the Americans with Disabilities Act. The campus estimated the total cost of adding captions to its videos at $1 million. UC Berkeley
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124 cases, 10 campuses, 3 years and 0 surprises

UNIVERSITY ISSUES: Incidences of sexual misconduct throughout UC system reveal dark secret

Content warning: sexual violence When sexual misconduct becomes normalized, inappropriate behaviors that constitute harassment are not reported. This begets a cycle of degenerate working environments across an institution meant to enlighten society, not shroud itself in secrecy and scandal. In the past few months, the University of California has taken
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Vote Ben Gould for City Council District 4 seat

After dealing with the same issues time and time again, from homelessness to the plight of small businesses, Berkeley City Council needs a fresh face to offer creative solutions. That face is Ben Gould. Gould, at 25, is significantly younger and less experienced with Berkeley politics than his primary opponent,
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Campus Black Student Union deserves more resources

CAMPUS ISSUES: University needs to think of long-term solutions to improve campus climate for underrepresented minorities on campus

Being a student at UC Berkeley is hell. Anyone can tell you that. Being a student at UC Berkeley as an underrepresented minority is even worse. But those voices often go unheard. A 2014 campus climate survey proved beyond anecdotal evidence that a higher percentage of racial minorities experienced exclusionary
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School district must aim to be more transparent

CITY ISSUES: Berkeley Unified School District should be more open to public inquiries from students and parents.

If the Berkeley Unified School District is a black box — opaque, unwilling to acknowledge problems and unyielding to parents’ concerns — then the rumors and allegations against the district are Schrodinger’s cat. For much of the current school year, BUSD has been at the center of lawsuits, the most
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