Take control of our education, not just a building

HIGHER EDUCATION: While we agree with the goals of the student protest at Wheeler Hall, the movement would be more effective if it was addressed to Gov. Brown.

Over the last week, more than 200 students have camped in Wheeler Hall to demonstrate their frustration with the UC Board of Regents’ recently passed plan to increase tuition should the state fail to increase UC funding. While we wholeheartedly agree with the goals of the student movement, protesters must
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Who is going to fight for us now?

UNIVERSITY ISSUES: With the tuition hike approved, the university moves away from its traditional, state-funded model and increases its dependence on students.

When the state allows a university to turn students into a significant source of funding, it is allowing the university to slowly discard its public identity.
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Waiting on the unfair tipping system to change

BAY AREA AFFAIRS: While tipping may be a good idea in theory, service charges implemented by the restaurant lead to more fair and equal pay for restaurant employees.

There is a fear that in the absence of tipping, the level of service at restaurants will deteriorate. There are other ways, however, through which servers could be held accountable for maintaining high standards.
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How do you see the University of California?

UNIVERSITY ISSUES: With the university depending more on student tuition, the identity of the University of California as a public university is questioned.

The question at hand is not who should be blamed, but rather how do we, as residents of California and UC students, perceive the University of California.
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Passing an apathetic student district in Berkeley

CAMPUS ISSUES: Voter turnout in District 7 was surprisingly low, and the trend of not voting in midterm elections defeats the purpose of a student district.

While the numbers do not reflect mail-in ballots, we still find them shockingly low — especially considering the important ballot measures up for consideration Tuesday.
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Election 2014 Endorsements: Local ballot measures

Vote yes on Measure BB Measure BB, which implements a 30-year transportation expenditure plan, aims to improve transit connections, the quality of highways and roads and the safety of bikers and pedestrians. It is a revised version of Measure B1, the 2012 ballot measure that gained 66.53 percent of the
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Election 2014 Endorsements: City candidates

Linda Maio City Council District 1 The race in District 1 comes down to experience versus enthusiasm. Incumbent Linda Maio’s 22 years of effective service to both her community and the city of Berkeley as a whole put her head and shoulders above her challengers. In District 1, where environmental issues
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Election 2014 Endorsements: State propositions

Vote yes on Proposition 1 Proposition 1, the 2014 Water Bond, would enact the Water Quality, Supply and Infrastructure Improvement Act of 2014. The proposition offers a $7.12 billion bond for the development of California water supply infrastructure. Replacing the $11.14 billion Proposition 43, which Gov. Jerry Brown called “pork-laden,” we
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Election 2014 Endorsements: State and national candidates

Jerry Brown California Governor For California’s next governor, incumbent Jerry Brown should continue at the helm of the state. Though at time Brown has a tense relationship with the University of California, we feel that in comparison to his competitor, Republican candidate Neel Kashkari, Brown is more qualified and better
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Engage in your community

STATE ISSUES: The Daily Californian will offer the chance to get educated on issues and candidates included on next Tuesday’s ballot.

While many students may not stay in Berkeley after graduation, we implore students to go to the polls in a week to ensure a better Berkeley for themselves and future residents.
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