ASUC cannot neglect sexual violence prevention commission

CAMPUS ISSUES: The ASUC Senate is supposed to approve the commission chair each spring. So why did it wait until late in the fall semester?

Nearly two months into the fall semester, the ASUC sexual violence prevention commission sits abandoned — inactive, because apparently, only one person applied to be its chair.
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Student leaders’ continued collaboration is crucial

UNIVERSITY ISSUES: Graduate student leaders opted to split off from the UC Student Association, potentially weakening the student voice in state conversations.

Graduate student leaders opted last week to split off from the well-established advocacy body, the UC Student Association, dealing a blow that could deeply impact the power of student voices in systemwide conversations and state legislation.
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Students deserve better leaders than UC regent Norman Pattiz

UNIVERSITY ISSUES: His continued position as a regent reflects a clear contradiction of the UC's core principles.

Norman Pattiz has already shown himself to be bereft of a moral compass — of the values UC stakeholders such as students, faculty, staff and taxpayers would hope their own governing body would defend.
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In harrowing times, students can turn to each other for support

CAMPUS ISSUES: Sessions is simply wrong to dismiss the importance of counseling at a time in which college students encounter raw, targeted and blatant racism on a regular basis.

There’s been one major silver lining in the last week. In the face of unprecedented harassment, fear and discomfort, students have rallied around each other.
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Right-wing student groups invite bigoted trolls to invade campus under guise of free speech

CAMPUS ISSUES: The campus is bleeding resources to support events put on by Berkeley College Republicans and Berkeley Patriot.

The four-day “Free Speech Week” event is another excuse for provocateurs to hide behind a “free speech” label and unleash inane, tired and violent ideas that threaten a vast population of the Berkeley community’s right to exist.
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