2015 ASUC election endorsements


We hope this next class of ASUC executives and senators, the first to move back into Lower Sproul, continues to work to enact long-term and productive change that will better the campus community.
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Commencement speaker is lackluster choice

CAMPUS ISSUES: CEO Marc Benioff is a safe choice but not particularly representative of UC Berkeley

The campus’s choice for a commencement speaker, announced Thursday, is largely lackluster and builds on a tradition of white men in tech sending off students into the world outside UC Berkeley. Marc Benioff, the founder and CEO of Salesforce.com, will not necessarily be inspiring to the average student. Though we
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Smoking out tobacco use needed, even if businesses lose

CITY ISSUES: A proposed amendment to the city ordinance would make Berkeley a healthier place

As the country’s leading preventable cause of death, tobacco use should be curbed in as many ways as possible, even if that means hurting some businesses in the short term. Berkeley City Council might do just that. The council will soon decide whether to stringently limit minors’ — and, in
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Berkeley must redirect resources to help mentally ill, ease strain on police

CITY ISSUES: Intervention by police should be last resort

In light of concerns voiced at a recent community meeting, the city needs to redirect its resources to different intervention programs for those undergoing a psychiatric or mental health crisis. Berkeley Police Department, which is responding to a rising number of such calls, should be a last-resort safety net. The time, energy and costs associated with police handling the bulk of these emergencies would be better used elsewhere.
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Charges against ASUC candidates indicate voter awareness

CAMPUS ISSUES: Spamming allegations must be addressed head on by Judicial Council

The aftermath of ASUC elections this year saw spamming charges filed left and right, against individual candidates and parties’ entire executive slates. The charges alleged that candidates sent unsolicited emails to recipients they did not have a prior relationship with, did not obtain permission by an organization’s leadership to send
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Your vote matters: We all have a stake on campus

CAMPUS ISSUES: Cast your ballot Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

Next week, the polls will open for students to elect the next crop of student government leaders. To many who are dissuaded by the ASUC or are not often on Facebook, this period of opportunity might pass by without much notice. Year after year, we see less-than-stellar voter turnouts, despite the ease of access to voting.
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Freshman study abroad program enticing but with faults

CAMPUS ISSUES: UC Berkeley should focus its efforts into solving underlying enrollment issues

UC Berkeley’s new freshman study abroad program in London is a bold and fresh strategy to alleviate the burden of an overpopulated campus in the fall semester. The program typifies UC Berkeley’s efforts to become a globally oriented campus. The study abroad program will allow about 50 incoming UC Berkeley
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Regulating street behavior will not end homelessness

CITY ISSUES: Berkeley City Council wrongly moved forward with proposed ordinances that would police the actions of homeless individuals

Berkeley City Council’s move toward regulating street behavior amounts to a broad misstep and represents a failure to listen to constituents who sharply criticized the proposed rules Tuesday night and voted down a similar measure in 2012.
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