Berkeley city Housing Action Plan not yet useful

Amid an increasingly severe housing crisis in Berkeley, City Council met last week to put together a Housing Action Plan that some found to be unsatisfactory in its vagueness. During the meeting, several council members brought up the luxury housing developments that have recently cropped up around Berkeley. These new
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University takes step toward right direction

When an undocumented student receives an acceptance letter from one of the University of California campuses, they’re immediately at a disadvantage compared to students with citizenship. Unlike citizens, undocumented students have fewer financial resources at their fingertips to help them through their years at UC Berkeley. In the state of
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Administrators are reactive, not proactive

When the campus announced last week that it would be allocating $2.5 million to improve its response to sexual harassment and assault, it felt like a reaction rather than a solution. At best, it’s a small Band-Aid on a large wound, at worst, it’s simply a plan to protect the
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Solution to campus housing crisis is no solution at all

CAMPUS ISSUES: growing student housing crisis in Berkeley leads to extended housing at surrounding colleges for limited number of UC Berkeley students

In an effort to ease the strain of Berkeley’s housing crisis that will only be made worse by the incoming 750 extra students this fall, the campus recently announced a partnership with Mills College and Holy Names University to expand campus housing options. This student housing option, however, is miles
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Speaking the language of tolerance, acceptance

STUDENT LIFE: Recent events prove the importance of using accurate, precise language to describe all things in order to avoid unnecessarily silencing others.

Months ago, the campus announced that it would comprehensively review all building names. This came after calls to rename Barrows Hall because of David Prescott Barrows’ imperialist ideals. Last week, a series of posters professing hate speech toward pro-Palestinian activists were removed from campus, prompting an aggressive dialogue about the
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Getting in bed with corporations, waking up in hell

CAMPUS ISSUES: Poor budgetary decisions from campus, university and state put the UC Berkeley campus in the unfortunate position of relying on corporations.

So long as the state of California continues to grant the University of California insufficient funding and our campus continues to overcompensate high-level administrators, the public mission of the university will be compromised. Every time the campus enters into a partnership with private corporations, it opens itself up to a
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New enrollment system leaves much to be desired

CAMPUS ISSUES: Campus must work quickly to repair bugs in the new enrollment system and to undue certain changes to tele-BEARS which make signing up for classes more difficult for students.

The campus’s announcement that it would be revamping and replacing Tele-BEARS sounded like a godsend. The revamp didn’t promise to end issues of over-enrollment — only more resources and course offerings could do that — but it did promise to update a slow, outdated, often glitchy system that harks back
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UC Davis chancellor should heed students’ demands

UNIVERSITY ISSUES: In light of recent controversy surrounding her appointment to various for-profit boards and a costly PR campaign, Linda Katehi should resign.

In 2003, Barbra Streisand sued a photographer for $10 million over a picture of her house that had been uploaded to his website. Before the suit, the offending picture had been downloaded only a few times. After the suit, more than 400,000 people downloaded the picture of Streisand’s home. This
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Peaceful protesters deserve respect and dignity

CITY AFFAIRS: Disbanding of Old Post Office homeless encampment was abrupt and the United States Postal Inspection Service did not provide protesters sufficient warning.

The homeless of Berkeley are one of its most visible populations, often living on sidewalks and in public parks, in plain sight and under constant scrutiny. And yet when it comes to policy and rights, they are commonly rendered invisible. So when a 17-month-old encampment of protesters — most of
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Solutions must surround survivor empowerment

CAMPUS ISSUES: By hiring Yann Hufnagel, Nevada reiterated that survivors are too often overlooked and ignored even when their perspectives are most important.

A college fires its assistant basketball coach after finding him to have sexually harassed a female reporter. Other schools jump at the chance to hire him, and within a month, he’s signed onto a new coaching job — a true and all-too-familiar story of how the power of successful men
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