Regulating street behavior will not end homelessness

CITY ISSUES: Berkeley City Council wrongly moved forward with proposed ordinances that would police the actions of homeless individuals

Berkeley City Council’s move toward regulating street behavior amounts to a broad misstep and represents a failure to listen to constituents who sharply criticized the proposed rules Tuesday night and voted down a similar measure in 2012.
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UCLA administrators stonewalled Daily Bruin’s access

UNIVERSITY ISSUES: Student newspaper sees blocked access to Chancellor Gene Block

UCLA’s media relations team unreasonably limited the Daily Bruin’s access to its chancellor earlier this month — a move that concerns us as student journalists and one that represents the growing focus universities place on public relations.
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BAMN unfairly threatened legal action against ASUC senators

CAMPUS ISSUES: Voting on election campaign regulations should not be swayed by outside organizations

On Wednesday night, the ASUC Senate had a chance to preserve the sanctity of campus-owned study spaces for students by prohibiting campaigning in those areas. Regardless of the outcome, we are concerned that several senators reported that the activist group BAMN had threatened personal legal action against them for supporting the restrictions.
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Capping nonresident enrollment treats symptom not problem

UNIVERSITY ISSUES: Proposed legislation to limit the percentage of out-of-state and international students cannot be enacted with poor state funding to UC

A recently introduced bill that would cap the percentage of nonresident students at UC campuses is the latest move by California legislators to crack down on symptomatic ills in the university system without actually addressing the underlying disease: shortfalls in state funding of higher education.
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Capping executive compensation is unrealistic

UNIVERSITY ISSUES: A bill to prevent employees from being paid more than $500,000 will not pass

A bill that would cap UC employee compensation at half a million is a noble attempt to rein in what many see as lofty paychecks unbecoming of public employees. As ideal as it would be to attend an institution where the highest-paid employees do not earn more than $500,000 per
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Legislature, UC need to step up collaboration

UNIVERSITY ISSUES: Wildly different proposals typify lack of communication

From the announcement of capped enrollment at UC Berkeley and UCLA to the proposal for an 11th UC campus, it’s been an eventful couple of weeks for California public higher education.
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Sexual assault conference should have been more accessible

CAMPUS ISSUES: Two-day event was almost entirely closed to media; just 100 seats reserved for students

UC Berkeley’s first-ever National Conference on Campus Sexual Assault and Violence, held this week at the DoubleTree Hotel, should have been more accessible to both students and the media. The two-day conference excluded members of the media, including staff of The Daily Californian, from attending the event, with the exception
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UC opted for poor context to announce tuition hike delay

UNIVERSITY ISSUES: Postponement of tuition and fee increase is still positive step

Last week, UC President Janet Napolitano announced a delay of a controversial tuition hike set to begin this summer, which elicited cheer from many students — and with good reason: There’s promise for compromise between Gov. Jerry Brown and Napolitano, and students need not worry just yet over how to pay for their next tuition and fee installment.
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