UC tuition hike only option amid state divestment

UNIVERSITY ISSUES: Freeze in tuition for the past six years was never viable solution for University

Willow Yang/Senior Staff

After six years of living in a frozen paradise, UC students once again face the possibility of increased tuition. And this time, it’s not only reasonable — it’s necessary, for all the wrong reasons. The UC Board of Regents has proposed a $282 tuition increase that would go into effect
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Berkeley College Republicans must not normalize hate speech

CAMPUS ISSUES: Inviting Milo Yiannopoulos to speak on campus will not bridge political gap, educate students

The Berkeley College Republicans have created an appealing narrative: A small but vocal minority stands up to oppression from fellow students, the campus and hostile liberal strangers to defend open discourse and freedom of speech. Except it is not true. Milo Yiannopoulos, an editor for the far-right news website Breitbart,
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Never stop creating, discussing, enjoying the arts

STUDENT LIFE: Students and members of the Berkeley community should make sure to take avantage of the many art-creating resources that riddle the area.

Art saves lives. Simple words but easy to forget. Luckily, they’re plastered on Youth Spirit Artworks’ website. Optimistic and empowering murals grace the walls of the city of Berkeley, brightening residents’ days while their creators continue growing through an outlet meant to channel student creativity. The organization works to reinforce
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University needs to show greater solidarity with undocumented students

UNIVERSITY ISSUES: University's recent outpouring of support for undocumented students sounds hollow given its pre-election complacency.

It shouldn’t take the election of a ding-dong to spur the campus to provide more support for undocumented students. Since before the election, these students have called on the University of California to provide more support amid an often hostile campus climate and systemic hurdles. In fact, just before the
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Cancel the nonpayment policy

CAMPUS ISSUES: Going forward with ridiculous cancel for nonpayment policy shows that the campus is incapable of responding to students.

Wait, haven’t we written this exact editorial before? The campus’s decision to continue its cancel for nonpayment policy after the controversy it created last semester shows that officials remain either unwilling or unable to respond to students’ concerns. When the policy was first announced, the summer’s The Daily Californian Senior
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UC students must recognize roots of tuition hikes, take immediate action

UNIVERSITY ISSUES: Threat of increased tuition once again forces students into a position where they must act to pressure UC and state officials to prioritize students' needs.

The regents are talking tuition hikes, and students’ social media accounts are ablaze. Spring in the UC system approaches and we’re back to the regularly scheduled programming. Once again, students have to deal with the devastating news that tuition hikes might be on the horizon. It’s a familiar pattern. Continued
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Students must not criticize peers based on field of study

CAMPUS ISSUES: UC Berkeley students claim to decry acts of discrimination yet foster a toxic environment of competition among majors that needs to be curbed.

No one is surprised by the fact that there is a dramatic gender imbalance in electrical engineering and computer sciences. We all seem to have accepted this imbalance as an inevitability, but we have been complacent for far too long. Eleven percent female graduates with an EECS degree in the 2015-16 academic year is abysmal on such a progressive campus.
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Trump will not halt Berkeley’s fight for justice

CITY AFFAIRS: Abysmally disappointing national election of ridiculous despot places greater impetus on local officials to ensure Berkeley remains equitable.

While the country leapt backward last week, Berkeley and California inched forward. Berkeley voters elected the first-ever Latino mayor and the youngest mayor in nearly a century. And voters approved a slew of progressive local and statewide ballot measures that will expand enfranchisement, help the environment and increase education funding.
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Nation’s choice, but not ours

Beneath the surface of a terrifying election result sits a simple truth: More than 50 million voters proved ready to validate and legitimize the basest political pandering in modern history. Racism, xenophobia and misogyny characterized Donald Trump’s campaign, but throughout the past horrifying months, many resilient Americans vowed never to
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Stopping sexual harassment

UNIVERSITY ISSUES: UC Regent Norman Pattiz's sexually predatory nature shows the terrible ongoing standards throughout the UC system.

UC Regent Norman Pattiz watched as case after high-profile sexual harassment case came to light throughout the University of California. Then Pattiz, a trustee at the system’s highest level, perpetuated the crisis in his own depraved way. In May, he asked his colleague if he could touch her breasts. Apparently,
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