University must secure confidence in privacy

UNIVERSITY ISSUES: Shameful secrecy surrounding online monitoring at UC Berkeley and other campuses shows university officials' disdain for transparency.

We have long lamented the university’s lack of transparency on various issues, from tuition hikes to budget problems and beyond. But the recent discovery that the university is monitoring UC Berkeley’s network traffic represents a new level of covert activity. In August 2015, the UC Office of the President began
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Choose funding, not a farm

CAMPUS ISSUES: Occupy the Farm protesters cannot hope to succeed in stopping Gill Tract plans without proposing a reasonable alternative.

The protracted dispute over the future of the Gill Tract has recently been exhibited in the form of two protesters breaking in and chaining themselves to a tractor. Occupy the Farm protesters’ desire for a large community farm is at odds with campus officials’ decision to lease large parts of
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Let the candidates speak

CITY AFFAIRS: Excluding certain mayoral candidates from conversations deprives Berkeley community of ability to cast informed votes.

With the 2016 elections eight months away, it is far too early to categorically dismiss half the candidates in a race, particularly in local elections in which lack of polling and general apathy make determining the most likely winner a difficult task. Therefore, UC Berkeley professor Alan Ross’s decision to
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Nonresidents are not expendable

UNIVERSITY ISSUES: Enrollment caps for non residents would mean decreased funding and diversity for UC system.

When state officials try to limit nonresident enrollment in the UC system, they hamper the university’s ability to fulfill its public mission. Nonresident undergraduates play a vital role in allowing the university to provide an accessible and excellent education to all of its students. Thus,  AB 1711, the recent proposal
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Tele-BEARS revamp doesn’t drop biggest problems

CAMPUS ISSUES: Lack of adequate funding for students ensures continuity of students' struggle to register for their desired classes despite Tele-BEARS revamp.

UC Berkeley’s antiquated class enrollment program will cease to exist in March, after more than 20 years of service in which it graduated from a cumbersome call-in system to a glitchy online one that often left students feeling Tele-frustrated. This loss will hopefully bring an end to problems that have
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Regents need to wake up on affordable housing

UNIVERSITY ISSUES: Plan to add 14,000 beds across UC system will barely alleviate current housing strains due to large scale, simultaneous enrollment increases

Besides its Nobel Prize-winning professors, the University of California boasts college room and board that ranks among the highest in the nation.  This is why UC President Janet Napolitano’s new President’s Student Housing Initiative — which would provide an additional 14,000 beds to UC campuses by 2020 — matters so
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Board of Regents must approve student advisor position

UNIVERSITY ISSUES: Approving the student advisor position would show that the regents are serious about addressing underrepresentation of students on their board.

When the UC Board of Regents has an opportunity to improve its serious lack of student representation, it should not forgo that chance. At issue is the creation of a new student adviser position, which would mark an important, though incomplete, step toward a more equitable, transparent Board of Regents.
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Peering over the edge of the precipice

UNIVERSITY ISSUES: University of California students must advocate for the value of education and seek to increase the accessibility to the general public.

The University of California is at the edge of a precipice, at a critical moment for the future of the system. And we, as UC students, are forced into a unique position — simultaneously enrolled in one of the best higher education systems, reaping its benefits, while still suffering the
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Out-of-state, out of mind

UNIVERSITY ISSUES: The UC Regents’ decision to cut out-of-state financial aid to cover losses incurred by adding 10,000 in-state students hurts campus diversity levels.

In the calculations to balance the UC budget, cutting financial aid for out-of-state and international students does not add up. Slashing the support for a population that makes our campuses more diverse only heightens socioeconomic divisions between resident and nonresident students. After the deal reached last spring between UC President
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BAMN protests don’t do students justice

CAMPUS ISSUES: The aggressive tactics that BAMN used in its recent anti-sexual assault protests exclude and alienate both supporters and survivors.

To end rape culture on college campuses, all students must take part in open and honest dialogues about their experiences, privileges and positions within the system. Yet when some voices in the conversation are shouting over others, they stymie both the conversation and the progress. On campus last week, BAMN
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