Robert Paylor’s paralysis makes athletic injustices more apparent

CAMPUS ISSUES: Risks to student athletes warrant more attention from campus administration

College athletes at UC Berkeley are essentially working a full-time job for the campus, and they’re not being paid for it. Let’s not mince words. A lot of college sports on major university campuses are professional in everything but name and pay. Student athletes train for long, grueling hours on
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Cal Day protests represent best of campus

CAMPUS ISSUES: Protests on Saturday showed campus students fight against injustices.

This Cal Day, with UC Berkeley so visible to parents and incoming students, the campus represented itself in perhaps the best way we can hope to be perceived — students and community members all coming out to fight injustice. Demanding higher wages and safer working conditions, members of the Undergraduate
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Campus program must prove it is federally compliant

A campus program that purports to serve disabled students could be lying to the government in a sad attempt to meet federal guidelines. The home of the disability rights movement could once again be letting down marginalized UC Berkeley students. Hopefully this program can turn what some students allege are
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Dissent: Violence in recent protest did not provide long-term solution

CITY AFFAIRS: Antifa's actions at recent rally did not provide long-term solution to country's divisions

This week, a portion of the Editorial Board dissented with the majority opinion. Read the majority editorial here. The country enters a dangerous territory when it overlooks the intricate facets of Saturday’s Free Speech Rally (or any protest) and its causes, as well as its ramifications for progression past the nation’s most
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Antifa presence helped defend communities

CITY AFFAIRS: National media coverage has inaccurately portrayed the violence as pro-Trump against anti-Trump.

This week, a portion of the Editorial Board dissented with the majority opinion. Read the dissenting editorial here. Black and white. Good and evil. These dichotomies make it easier for an audience to pick a side to root for. But with the recent protests in Berkeley, the national media has taken to sensationalizing
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