Engage in your community

STATE ISSUES: The Daily Californian will offer the chance to get educated on issues and candidates included on next Tuesday’s ballot.

While many students may not stay in Berkeley after graduation, we implore students to go to the polls in a week to ensure a better Berkeley for themselves and future residents.
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Students should be the stars

CAMPUS ISSUES: The quality of graduation commencement speeches should not be compromised for the presence of a noted figure.

Our pool of alumni is expansive and brilliant, and to not tap into our campus resource is a disservice to graduates looking to build their own legacy after leaving UC Berkeley.
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Help schools help students

HIGHER EDUCATION: Instead of allocating millions to Awards for Innovation in Higher Education, state should help schools with existing programs.

Our campuses do not need any more incentives to help students graduate. What our campuses do need from the state is additional funding in order to meet the needs our university already has.
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Laboring against a stigma

CAMPUS ISSUES: Faculty and student population must take it upon themselves to fight discrimination against pregnant students on campus.

Not everyone on our campus took the same path to get here; we need to be accommodating of different student lifestyles, from student-parents and pregnant students to veterans and athletes.
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Plan ahead for practice fields

CAMPUS ISSUES: If the campus decides to reallocate field space for football practice, it must first take into account the impact on the field hockey team.

If the campus decides to allocate the space above the new parking structure to an additional football practice facility, it must demonstrate an immediate and substantial need for doing so.
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Focus on changes before fees

CAMPUS ISSUES: Before raising tuition fees, the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism must make concrete improvements to its program.

In order to justify raising tuition, the journalism school must first implement fundamental changes to its programs and maintain avenues for increased access to students of lower socioeconomic background, proving that it can offer an education worth the high tuition costs it expects its students to pay.
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It will get worse before it improves

CAMPUS ISSUES: As reports of sexual assault on campus increase, we must try all proposed solutions in the hope that something will change.

On Thursday, members of the campus community learned that the Berkeley Police Department was investigating three separate sexual assaults from Sept. 27, at least two of which police said occurred in fraternities. Amid the recent victory of the “yes means yes” law in California, the news seemed nothing less than
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Signing off on co-ed stalls

Gender-neutral signs should accompany Napolitano’s policy to convert single-stall restrooms into gender-neutral facilities.

On Monday, UC President Janet Napolitano adopted measures to support lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender students, staff and faculty.
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Don’t defer maintenance

STATE ISSUES: Brown removes additional funds to the UC aimed for deferred maintenance, an issue that should not be put off any longer.

On Saturday, Gov. Jerry Brown rejected a line-item measure to supply additional funds for UC and CSU deferred maintenance. This measure was supported by UC President Janet Napolitano, student groups and university workers unions.
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Constraints felt by all students

CAMPUS ISSUES: The whole student body can benefit from increased attention to their undergraduate experience, not just student-athletes.

In January, Chancellor Nicholas Dirks convened the Task Force on Academics and Athletics to better understand the needs of student-athletes.
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