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California ballot proposition endorsements

Ballot propositions have a nasty habit of forcing voters to give black-and-white answers to complex, multifaceted questions. They often leave nuance out of the equation. This year, California voters are faced with the longest list of ballot propositions since 2000, and sifting through them is no short process. Luckily, The
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No on 65, yes on 67: Uphold plastic bag ban

Who would have thought the plastic bag industry could be capable of such madness? It’s responsible for pushing Proposition 65, a confusing, deceptive ballot measure and is trying desperately to make plastic bags flow freely through the stores and sewers of California once more. Proposition 65 would allocate the funds
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Yes on 64: Legalize marijuana

We’ll be blunt: It’s about time. Legalizing weed is pretty damn overdue. And while it would have been fun to lead the nation, Californians will instead fall in third place behind Washington and Colorado. Luckily, the precedent clearly shows that voting yes on Proposition 64 is a good move. Both
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Yes on 63: Stricter ammunition restrictions

Yes, yes, yes on Proposition 63 — greater gun control, greater background checks, greater limitations on ammunition. Should Proposition 63 pass, and it should, purchasing ammunition would require a permit, and sharing ammunition with people who don’t have permits would be against the law. No longer could gun owners order
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Yes on 62, no on 66: Abolish the death penalty

When two death-penalty ballot propositions appear in the November election, it illustrates that the system needs to change. And the fact that the state has put 12 people to death in the past 20 years proves this true. But speeding up this inhumane, reductive practice — as Proposition 66 asks
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No on 61: Prescription drug pricing

The drug industry is powerful and needs to be reigned in. Medicines can mean the difference between life and death. When they are priced to extremes, it establishes a world where good health and longevity belong to the wealthy. Though Proposition 61 is a valiant attempt at holding that industry
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No on 60: Condoms in porn

Proposition 60 serves as a great example of out-of-touch bureaucrats meddling in a world they know nothing about. The proposition would require performers in the porn industry to use condoms in their shoots and give private viewers the right to sue any performer or studio they see breaking these rules.
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Yes on 59: Against Citizens United decision

The fact that it’s purely symbolic doesn’t make Proposition 59 any less important. It would tell California’s elected officials to do everything in their power to overturn Citizens United. Of course, that would actually take a more favorable Supreme Court or a movement to amend the Constitution, not just the
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Yes on 58: Bilingual education

When Proposition 227 passed in 1998, it eradicated bilingual public education programs. Proponents at the time argued that bilingual education programs meant that some students would never learn English, which placed them at a disadvantage during standardized tests, in college admissions and in hiring. But research has since shown that
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