Berkeley mayor must explicitly call out racial disparity in policing

CITY AFFAIRS: City Council punted on two major Berkeley police reform items at its Tuesday meeting.

City Council was set to consider three major Berkeley police reform items at its meeting Tuesday. At the 11th hour, Mayor Jesse Arreguín and Councilmember Sophie Hahn submitted alternatives that diluted language the original proposal. A direct acknowledgement of “racial disparity” was wiped entirely from a proposal that would force
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Event policy draft could use improvement

CAMPUS ISSUES: Student organizations may suffer the consequences of recent security scares.

To host an event with more than 200 people, student groups must secure a venue and notify UCPD a ridiculous eight weeks ahead of the planned event.
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New law aiming to restrict UC campuses from giving enrollment preference to out-of-state students misses the mark

UNIVERSITY ISSUES: California lawmakers should not waste its time passing bills that ask UC compliance with guidelines it is are already following.

Gov. Jerry Brown signed a toothless bill Saturday that aims to prohibit UC campuses from giving enrollment preference to out-of-state students, but amounts to little more than political grandstanding.
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Berkeley far from ready for next big hills fire

CITY AFFAIRS: As California grapples with wildfire month, Berkeley must take steps to implement better fire prevention.

A hundred thousand subject to evacuation, dozens missing and more than 40 dead. The destruction seems overwhelming and senseless.
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ASUC cannot neglect sexual violence prevention commission

CAMPUS ISSUES: The ASUC Senate is supposed to approve the commission chair each spring. So why did it wait until late in the fall semester?

Nearly two months into the fall semester, the ASUC sexual violence prevention commission sits abandoned — inactive, because apparently, only one person applied to be its chair.
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