SB 320 could revolutionize reproductive justice across UC system

UNIVERSITY ISSUES: Thanks to UC Berkeley students, a bill that provides on-campus access to medication abortion awaits Gov. Jerry Brown’s signature.

A week or two to book the appointment. Fifty-five to 90 minutes of transit one way. An average of two hours of wait time upon arrival. Time for the appointment itself. This is the current experience for UC and California State University students trying to obtain a medication abortion, a
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UC Berkeley can’t cut corners when it comes to feeding its students

CAMPUS ISSUES: The campus’s new meal plan undermines the administration’s goals to combat food insecurity.

How many meals a day should a UC Berkeley student get to eat? Nutritionists (and anxious parents) might say three. Busy students might argue that they’d be fine with just two — especially if it means they can sleep through breakfast. The campus, however, seems to think that students only
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Berkeley Police Department must reform its harmful use of social media

CITY AFFAIRS: By posting photos of those arrested during a protest, the department opened a forum of public shaming

Berkeley Police Department’s effort to deter crime by publishing the names and photos of those arrested during an Aug. 5 protest is comparable to a middle school teacher writing the names of misbehaving children on a classroom blackboard — pointless and humiliating. When hundreds of protesters and counterprotesters flooded Downtown
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For undergraduate apprentices, time is money

CAMPUS ISSUES: When UC Berkeley researchers get thousands of dollars for their work, why should students go unpaid?

For all the opportunities URAP provides, it’s missing one crucial benefit that students really needs — consistent financial compensation for students’ work.
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Living spaces: A comprehensive look at UC Berkeley’s future student housing options

CAMPUS ISSUES: In 2017, UC Berkeley released a report on 9 potential sites for new student housing. As developments begin, are all the sites really up to the mark?

But when class ends and the lecture halls empty out, students have to go somewhere. In recent years, with skyrocketing housing prices and limited on-campus options, finding that somewhere has been harder than ever.
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