A quantitative question

UNIVERSITY ISSUES: The University of California should allow students to state their sexual orientation. The benefits far outweigh the costs.

Diversity remains a hot topic across the University of California system. At UC Berkeley, for example, the Division of Equity and Inclusion oversees initiatives to better serve students of all backgrounds. A plan that would ask new UC students to state their sexual orientation is a positive step toward further
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‘Restless Farewell’

CAMPUS ISSUES: Despite a rocky finish, Chancellor Robert Birgeneau’s leadership has seen UC Berkeley through a very trying era of its history.

Most students at UC Berkeley cannot remember a time when the campus was not continually shaken by budgetary concerns — when the cost of their education wasn’t constantly being launched to greater heights. Neither can Robert J. Birgeneau, who will be resigning his post as chancellor here in December. Though
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Ten ninety-seven

CITY AFFAIRS: Berkeley police Chief Michael Meehan’s decision to send an officer to a reporter’s house after midnight was wrong.

News reporters are beholden to the truth. The risk of inaccuracy is a constant concern each carries. They expect sources to inform them when mistakes of fact are discovered. But Berkeley police Chief Michael Meehan’s nighttime effort to push Oakland Tribune journalist Doug Oakley for a correction was unacceptable. Oakley
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Don’t believe the hype

CAMPUS AFFAIRS: A few hateful words by Louis Farrakhan shaded his visit to UC Berkeley, drowning out his ability to empower.

Just as the outcry concerning Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan’s visit to campus betrayed UC Berkeley’s tradition of enlightened discourse, so too did parts of the minister’s speech here on March 10. Nothing should have prevented this controversial figure from speaking at a conference hosted by the Black Student
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Paving the way

HIGHER EDUCATION: March 5 protests in Sacramento are remarkable for all the things activists did right, not the spectacle they generated.

A multifaceted strategy is imperative for success in any struggle. Whether its on some far-flung battlefield or while navigating political challenges at home, effectively engaging with all obstacles only increases the chances of victory. The March 5 Day of Action in Sacramento, as well as protests leading up to it, in
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Don’t harbor hatred

CAMPUS AFFAIRS: While Louis Farrakhan has made hateful statements in the past, he should not be prevented from speaking on campus.

UC Berkeley’s place in the American story represents the best in scientific, social and cultural innovation. Its scholars have found treatments for heinous afflictions and advanced justice with their research and words. When we fight, we fight for freethinking justice, as exemplified by the Free Speech Movement of the 1960s.
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A revealing referendum

HIGHER EDUCATION: Students at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo have illustrated the absurd situation public education faces in California.

Momentum builds in different ways. Yesterday, the state of California saw thousands rally at the Capitol. Students from across the state stood side-by-side with administrators, politicians and others to show that they, together, needed to reinvest in public higher education. Last week, sans large-scale protest, students at Cal Poly San
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Bizarre bazaar

CITY AFFAIRS: Give Telegraph Avenue business owners the opportunity to set up shop on the sidewalk. There isn’t much to lose.

Few experiences can match visiting a bustling, vibrant marketplace. While Telegraph Avenue may not today inspire cosmopolitan visions of a coursing hub that attracts Berkeleyans and outside visitors alike, proposed changes to city rules governing street vendors may bring that dream closer to reality. If approved by Berkeley City Council
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Running on empty

CITY AFFAIRS: The city of Berkeley must find a solution to its pension problem more quickly if it wants to avoid bankruptcy.

At a Berkeley City Council meeting on Feb. 9, 2010, Councilmember Laurie Capitelli said that the consequences of not dealing with a pensions system that costs the city millions of dollars each year “could be really bad” and that “we don’t want to just kick the can further down the
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Playing the field

NATIONAL ISSUES: President Barack Obama and his Republican rivals on the campaign trail should do more to earn the youth vote.

Too often, Democratic politicians take young voters for granted, thinking their votes can be easily captured. Though students surely applaud the attention President Barack Obama has paid to education — as senior Obama strategist David Axelrod showed in a conference call with student journalists on Monday — they already know
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