A silent suppression

UNIVERSITY ISSUES: The UC Board of Regents’ newly rescheduled meeting does not provide a proper forum for public discourse that it should.

After cancelling their meeting originally set for Nov. 16 and 17 due to “a real danger of significant violence and vandalism,” the UC Board of Regents rescheduled for Nov. 28. This was a letdown to protesters hoping to make the trip to the San Francisco location. However, the real disappointment
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No longer preoccupied

CAMPUS ISSUES: The Occupy Cal movement has succeeded in galvanizing a diverse range of people on campus. The energy and momentum it has gained cannot end here.

In days since the world witnessed the violence on the UC Berkeley campus by police against protesters, various facets of the campus community have started to come together for higher education. Past movements for this cause have experienced fragmentation — administrators shunning student protest acts and focusing on their own
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Consoling a community

CAMPUS ISSUES: The shooting of a fellow student on Tuesday at the Haas School of Business was a shocking event, and we must take this moment to process what happened.

Now is a time for pause. When a Haas School of Business student was shot by UCPD Tuesday afternoon and subsequently died later that day, it struck a chord of confusion and sadness that reverberated throughout our campus community. Shock was the overwhelming sensation. Shock that such an event could
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CAMPUS ISSUES: The use of violence by police against protesters last week was unacceptable, as was administrators’ initial response.

Thousands of students, instructors and staff members emerged from varied corners of campus Wednesday afternoon to rally on Upper Sproul Plaza, the very venue that once showcased the Free Speech Movement. In stark contrast to more recent protests, student government officials stood shoulder-to-shoulder with these fellow demonstrators, and a member
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The blame game

HIGHER EDUCATION: With the midyear cuts to the UC guaranteed to occur, we continue to see our public leaders pointing fingers.

What we long knew to be inevitable has now been confirmed. In an interview with The Daily Californian’s Senior Editorial Board Friday, UC Berkeley Chancellor Robert Birgeneau said that Gov. Jerry Brown personally “assured” him that the UC will be hit with up to $100 million in midyear cuts, guaranteeing
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Lacking oversight

CAMPUS ISSUES: The failure of officials to form an oversight committee for millions of dollars of student fees is troublesome.

When students approved of a fee in spring 2010 to be spent to renovate Lower Sproul Plaza, they did so with the understanding that a committee would oversee the funding. But this committee was not formed for more than a year since the fee was implemented, during which the campus
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Change in calculations

NATIONAL ISSUES: The newly implemented calculators on college websites are a blessing to students worried about rising costs.

Across the country, eager college-hopefuls scroll through university websites each year, comparing academic programs, housing options and campus activities to determine which school would fulfill their academic dreams. One factor, however, is becoming increasingly important in this decision-making process: the ultimate price tag for each college. Luckily, a new mandatory
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Finding fault

BAY AREA AFFAIRS: Given the slew of recent earthquakes in Berkeley, the level of safety and awareness in the community is worrisome.

In the last few weeks, the ground has trembled beneath the feet of Berkeley community members about 20 times, shaking up not only our nerves but also our assurance that we would be safe should the “Big One” hit. It is our perception that if a catastrophic earthquake were to
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Social networking

NATIONAL ISSUES: A survey reveals that law schools are more likely to scan the Internet during admissions — applicants beware.

In applying to law school, the next person to peruse your Facebook profile may not be the attractive economics major in your public policy class. This social media inspector could very well be a law school admissions officer. Law schools are more likely to search for an applicant online than
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Examining escalation

BAY AREA AFFAIRS: The violence witnessed during an Occupy Oakland rally Tuesday was unacceptable. We hope nonviolence will ensue.

The streets of Oakland erupted in violence and chaos Tuesday night as an attempt by Occupy Oakland protesters to reclaim the location of their occupation culminated in clashes with police. One demonstrator sustained a fractured skull after being hit in the head with what was thought to be a police
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