Editorial against SB 66 opposes campaign rights

In its article “BAMN unfairly threatened legal action against ASUC senators” the Daily Cal Senior Editorial Board opposed the vote by the ASUC Senate that defended freedom of speech protections during the ASUC elections. In their editorial board position, they chose to join some senators in arguing in support of the
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Op-ed misuses term ‘anti-Semitism’

Many campus voices will decry the David Horowitz hit piece for its outrageously false claims against students advocating for Palestinian freedom. Many will point out that the Southern Poverty Law Center, which tracks hate crimes, has named Horowitz  the “godfather of the modern anti-Muslim movement” and many will have noted
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UC must better incorporate students into development of sexual assault prevention policy

As students of the University of California, we are proposing a new development in student-administration communication and cooperation, specifically regarding the campuswide sexual-assault-awareness campaign. Both regents and administrators alike have begun to address this extremely important issue on each respective campus — yet the student voice is not fully considered in
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