Gender, sexuality and identity are new frontiers

Freedoms of identity and expression are fundamental to human rights. As we evolve as a species, so do our understanding of the world and ourselves. Expanding this understanding always encounters resistance from those made comfortable by the current system, and pioneers have faced great risk in pushing the frontier further
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Milo Yiannopoulos limits free speech with attacks

Pieter Sittler and Troy Worden’s understanding of “free speech,” as advanced in their Valentine’s Day op-ed, doesn’t stand up to intellectual scrutiny. First, the right to free speech hardly means the right to be paid to speak in whatever venue one chooses. Milo Yiannopoulos is free to preach on any
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Letter to the Editor: Dykes and the budget

Given Cal’s star status in Bloomberg BusinessWeek’s Jan. 4 article on the piles of debt accumulated by university athletics departments, throwing $5.8 million at Sonny Dykes on his way out the door added insult to injury. I don’t intend to argue UC Berkeley’s contractual obligations to Dykes but just to
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