Gabriel Martinez/Special to the Daily Cal

Letters: May 21 – May 27

Anti-Israel ad breaks trust, propagates lies Seeing dangerous lies in a paid display ad (The Daily Californian, Monday, May 21) breaks the trust of the reader in the newspaper’s judgment as a whole. In this case, an especial red flag should have gone up in taking money from anti-Israel activists. 
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Letters: May 7 – May 13

Evans Diamond lacks satisfactory safety On May 5, 2012, Steven D. Raymond, a UC Berkeley Class of 1977 graduate, filed a report with UCPD about a foul baseball hit he said he had suffered at the game between Cal and Stanford at Evans Diamond on March 23, 2009. He had
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Letter: We must become a merit-based society

A recently-published Associated Press article hinted that Cal may be headed back to the dark ages of race-based admissions. The citizens need to speak loudly and firmly against any such maneuver by the forces who seek to return to such monumentally stupid and misguided policies. “Diversity” adds no value. We
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State college Democrats president supports Student Action

Response to April 9 op-ed by Cal Berkeley Democrats member Chasel Lee

As President of the California College Democrats, I will always support student leaders who will defend public education and fight for California’s working and middle class families. Student Action has a strong track record of success at UC Berkeley and has been a close ally to college Democrats throughout California.
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Letter: Students should vote for Class Pass referendum

While I agree with ASUC Senator Noah Ickowitz’s statement encouraging the importance of ridership data to definitively and objectively decide whether a renewal of the Class Pass referendum provides an overall benefit rather than cost to our student body, this necessity for hard fact is precisely why the referendum needs
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