Misinformation of marijuana should not demonize crop

Amber Norori’s oped on April 19 (“Legalization of marijuana could promote drought alleviation”) contains many fallacies, leading the author to false conclusions. She writes, “The average cannabis plant needs 6 gallons of water a day and has an average 150-day grow cycle, so for a medium sized grow with about
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Campus needs better housing solution for students

special to the daily cal

I agree wholeheartedly with the points made in Monday’s editorial that UC Berkeley students are not benefited by being provided housing miles away from campus. It would add stress every day to have to commute from Mills College or Holy Names University to Berkeley on the freeway, where accidents and
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Marijuana op-ed rains down truth

Amber Norori’s op-ed in The Daily Californian’s April 19 issue was excellent. It is rare to see a discussion of the massive harm that illegal pot growing has done and is still doing to the natural environment in northern California, mainly in our national forests. The vast majority of pot
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