White supremacy necessitates African American initiative


Millions of innovative, intelligent, beautiful Black students sit unchallenged and uninterested in classrooms across the country with no substantial opportunity to better their lives or families, let alone access a “prestigious” university like UC Berkeley. This country and school have seen the stats for decades and are only beginning to
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Postdoctoral researchers ready to fight

We have doctorate degrees and years of experience in a wide range of academic disciplines, mostly in the sciences and engineering. We are essential to the modern university: We carry out fundamental research, mentor students and write grants to fund our labs. We work extremely long hours. No, we’re not
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City proposal unreasonably targets students

Imagine being declared a public nuisance for forgetting to tell your neighbors you were having your daily communal dinner in a large co-op or Greek house. Imagine being declared a public nuisance if your event runs after 10 p.m. on a weeknight or 1 a.m. on a weekend, even if
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UC must follow Department of Labor rule for postdoc staff

Stagnant wages have dogged workers for decades. Data from the Census Bureau released this month show that most Americans make substantially less money in inflation-adjusted terms than they did 15 years ago. To the Obama administration’s credit, this is a problem it takes seriously and is looking to solve. As
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African American initiative is a positive step

If you haven’t already heard, the University of California, Berkeley has announced the UC Berkeley African American Initiative. Intended goals include: (1) gaining a critical mass of Black students, faculty and senior staff to reduce feelings of isolation; (2) improving campus climate for current students and (3) achieving and projecting
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Beethoven, the fine arts essential to successful student life

When Gustavo Dudamel conducts Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony at the Hearst Greek Theatre on Friday as part of Cal Performances’ new Berkeley RADICAL initiative, it will be the case of two great agendas coming together: UC Berkeley’s, as expressed in its motto fiat lux (“let there be light”), and Beethoven’s, Seid
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Du Bois’ ideology still relevant today

Chancellor's Corner

I spent two weeks in August not far from Great Barrington, Massachusetts — a sleepy Berkshire town that was close to my summer home when I lived in New York City. Known for its proximity to Tanglewood and other delights of the Berkshires, it was also the birthplace of William
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Students must coexist with city residents

By now, you are settling into your new neighborhood and becoming accustomed to our wonderful city. For those who are new to the campus, we are delighted you have chosen to come to UC Berkeley and join the exceptional scholars, world-class researchers and uniquely talented individuals who make up our
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