Ben Gould’s criticism of Jesse Arreguin are misleading

I’d like to point out some misleading arguments made about Berkeley City Councilmember Jesse Arreguín’s urban agriculture proposal in Ben Gould’s op-ed in Berkeleyside entitled “Councilman Arreguín can’t greenwash his anti-housing policies,” published Sept. 12. While Councilmember Arreguín has responded already in the Berkeleyside, I thought that Gould and the
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Conservative thought necessary for campus growth

Watching what passes for debate between left and right on college campuses about the issues of “social justice” brings to mind the observation of the late Jesuit philosopher John Courtney Murray, who suggested that sometimes the most useful thing to do is “achieve disagreement.” This may seem a bizarre notion
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Mayoral candidate Jesse Arreguin not progressive

Even in Berkeley, “progressives” push conservative policies. Sadly, Berkeley City Council member and mayoral candidate Jesse Arreguín embodies this short-sighted approach. By resisting new housing and transit, he and other self-professed “progressives” perpetuate the status quo of rising rents, carbon-belching traffic jams and faltering public transit. Their policies undermine environmental
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Police must reform to prevent loss of lives

This past weekend, President Barack Obama commended the New York Police Department for their “outstanding work” in apprehending the suspect of a bombing that happened just twenty-four hours earlier. Police response in this case demonstrates that the police are capable of responding quickly and with much success to protect the
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Regressive platforms disqualify candidate for mayor

With his endorsement of Laurie Capitelli, the conservative running for mayor in Berkeley, Robert Reich has now lost all credibility as a progressive. His shameful fawning over Hillary Clinton (she’ll make a “great president”) was bad enough, but it’s understandable that some people who supported Bernie Sanders are terrified of
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UC must provide safer space for postdoctoral researchers

It sounds simple: Postdoctoral researchers deserve a workplace that’s free from sexual harassment and discrimination. But we’ve been fighting this issue for years – and it largely existed under the radar until the Geoff Marcy scandal at UC Berkeley grabbed national headlines. Marcy, a world-famous astronomer, was called to resign
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Crying racism will not solve Sujit Choudhry’s sexism

Reflecting on the media circus surrounding her testimony at Clarence Thomas’ Supreme Court confirmation hearings in 1991, Anita Hill noted, “It was as if I had no race.” Thomas’ characterization of the hearings as a “high-tech lynching,” and the implication of racial discrimination, pitted race against gender. As a result,
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Bicycle lanes only result in greater confusion

Dave Campbell’s deceptive op-ed “City must unite to support bicycle-friendly street design” Sept. 16 calls for correction. Berkeley cyclists have an opportunity not to just dutifully cheerlead poor proposals but instead insist on truly world-class bike facilities. Most of the projects that Campbell confidently declares “are coming” to Berkeley are,
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DeCal’s cancellation transpired through unfair shortcuts

“It has been determined that the facilitator for the course in question did not comply with policies and procedures that govern the normal academic review and approval of proposed courses for the Decal program. As a result, the proposed course did not receive a sufficient degree of scrutiny to ensure
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