Chancellor’s Corner: Lead your generation with a vote


If you are concerned about the future of the compact, you need to be politically engaged. Begin by exercising your right to vote. Remember, too, that students constitute a powerful group in any polity — and they did so even when they (we) didn’t have the right to vote. We need to hear your voice in the choices our state makes about our present and future — it is, after all, your future.
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Let there be Maher

UC Berkeley is proud of its radical past, and the truly radical thing to do here is to reject the easy way out of controversy and welcome Maher to Berkeley. Not with loud protests, but with the potent forces of reason and respect, through symposia, debates and, after he has had his say, spirited rallies. Let him talk, listen politely, and watch him sweat.
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Maher’s invitation shows disregard for students

This is not a matter of free speech — Maher can iterate his beliefs on campus at a debate or club event. This is about granting Bill Maher the honor of being our commencement speaker when he clearly spreads ignorance and intolerance affecting the very people he would be addressing. When the exercise of free speech invokes hatred, we must stand up against that hatred.
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Why students should support Berkeley Measure R

Measure R builds on eight years of community process by providing the legal language to realize the vision of our Downtown Area Plan and close loopholes that have allowed corporate developers to get out of promised community and environmental benefits, including increased affordable housing, fair wages for workers and higher green-building requirements.
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Vote no on Measure R: the anti-green measure

Ballot initiatives and laws often have misleading names. Anyone can call anything a “green” initiative. The people who wrote Measure R may sincerely believe this initiative will make Berkeley more livable and environmentally friendly, but they are wrong.
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YES on 45: Stop health insurance company rip-offs

Health insurance companies need these false mouthpieces and misinformation because they know the public will support Prop 45 when they learn insurance companies oppose it and it will stop the health insurance ripoffs. Why else would health insurance companies be spending tens of millions to defeat Prop 45?
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Save Lick Observatory to defend public education, scientific inquiry

The struggle to save Lick Observatory occurs in this larger context and has larger implications than the fate of any single facility. But because the Lick funding scandal exemplifies the hypocrisy and injustice of the attack on public education, the student movement at UC Berkeley and across the UC system has the power to rise
up and defeat Janet Napolitano and stop the attack on the Lick Observatory.
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Help us help you: Reach out to your UC student regents

Each of us has a responsibility to ourselves and to one another, to ensure that the university is the best institution it can possibly be. Together, we want to encourage all students to embrace our diversity, set aside our differences and come together to bring positive change to our university.
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