UC Berkeley needs more housing solutions, not illusions

It is very difficult to avoid the unkind conclusion that UC Berkeley does not care very much about serving a basic student need — providing most of its students, as many colleges do, with affordable housing. This is not only a very important economic issue; students deserve a social environment
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Preparation helps students find suitable housing

The advantage of mobility is the flexibility to follow an opportunity no matter where it leads, whether down the street, on the other side of town or across the country. The disadvantage is actually having to relocate. Thanks to technology and an ever-more interconnected world, many of us can easily
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Neil Gorusch might stand up against abuse of power

On Feb. 1, President Trump nominated Neil Gorsuch to the U.S. Supreme Court. Supreme Court justices serve for life, and Gorsuch is just about to turn 50. He will probably still be on the Supreme Court when this generation of college students sends their own kids off to college. Normally,
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Housing should not replace educational spaces

I wish to write not to claim to have solutions to the UC Berkeley student housing crisis but to expose one proposed solution that is doing a serious injustice to students, both in the present and in the future. If you’ve ever traveled to the Northwest region of campus, where
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Conservative speech will not be stifled by violence

“The fascists of the future will be called anti-fascists,” said Huey Long long ago. On Feb. 1, we found out who the real fascists on this campus are, and they are not the Berkeley College Republicans. Many have taken to the media to state that what happened Wednesday night was not
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Population should be factor in housing discussion

Your Feb. 7 editorial began with you noticing “an increasing horde of students.” One would think that your own words would have caused you to realize that the increasing horde is the problem. But like the vast majority of people, you are blind to the obvious fact of human overpopulation
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Campus needs more respectful engagement

The recent election cycle, with its intense political debates and subsequent events, has created an environment that feels unlike any other in recent memory. In the last month in particular, I have been struggling with how to help our community move forward and process key takeaways. I’m sure many students
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Ben Gould provides student representation to city council

This month, students have a chance to elect the first student to Berkeley City Council in more than 30 years. That’s why we, the external affairs vice presidents of the ASUC and the Graduate Assembly, proudly endorse Ben Gould for City Council. For residents of Berkeley’s Downtown District 4, a
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Kate Harrison has capability to deal with housing crisis in Berkeley

On Monday, ballots started arriving for a special election in Berkeley’s City Council District 4, which encompasses Downtown Berkeley and surrounding areas. The vacancy for this seat is a result of affordable housing champion and former District 4 councilmember Jesse Arreguin being sworn in as mayor. In deciding who to
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