Proposed 2211 Harold Way project needs revisiting

William Pan/Staff

The developers and certain local media like to characterize those of us who have been tracking development in Berkeley and opposing the 2211 Harold Way project in Berkeley as old, out-of-touch conservatives who oppose growth and development. This kind of labeling makes it easier to dismiss the issues that Save
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Administration must take active role in student safety

The first week of freshman year is an exciting time for any starry-eyed 18-year-old. I spent my first few days on campus running door-to-door meeting floormates, exploring Berkeley’s gorgeous campus, sampling some of the fine restaurants in the area and experiencing the night life of campus. A few days after
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The importance of student-led change in campus life

Unsafe alcohol use has long been an elephant in the room in regards to fraternity and sorority events not only at UC Berkeley, but nationwide. Throughout the past few semesters, we’ve seen national headlines about fraternities across the country involved in a variety of serious trouble — much of it
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My grandfather’s cane: social consciousness and 25 years of ADA

In 1990, Congress passed and president George H. W. Bush signed the Americans with Disabilities Act into law. Twenty-five years later, as many across the United States celebrate a quarter century of progress, we should pause to appreciate milestones and confront new obstacles. In sweeping rhetoric, the ADA’s preamble declares,
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Breaking in the soles of 1st summer love

Love in the Sun Essay Contest, Finalist

I’m wearing my new Birkenstocks. As soon as the camp director finished daily package announcements, I jogged past the craft room and the archery field, grabbed the package from the office steps and slipped on the shoes. I had waited three weeks for these sandals — shiny, brown leather uppers
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Logging out of the world of virtual love

Love in the Sun Essay Contest, Finalist

Like any well-adjusted member of society, the person I invited to coffee had never heard of HuniePop. Fortunately, I was blessed with more than enough social ineptness to remedy the situation. “It’s, like, this really cool computer game where you date anime girls,” I explained, pulling up the least inappropriate
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Noodle and the perennial, Millennial fling

Love in the Sun Essay Contest, Winner

In stunning clarity, I remember sitting on sticky, lacquered Asian Ghetto benches, drinking boba with a group I had met hours earlier during CalSO. A bony, mop-haired kid — let’s call him Noodle — had been following us around all day, consistently drawing breath to speak and consistently deciding against
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Complicit bystanders: against innocence and standing by

Sunday marked the one-year anniversary of the killing of 18-year-old Michael Brown by Officer Darren Wilson. This act of terror and the countless others that surround it have incited mass uprisings in the name of Black liberation from police tyranny and the white supremacy that underpins it. As a non-Black
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