Obesity should be treated as a disease by health professionals


Gina Kolata’s article on “The Biggest Loser” in Monday’s issue of the New York Times describes some of the scientific findings that have led to the treatment of obesity as a disease and not just a matter of willpower. Obesity occurs in experimental models when the pathways regulating appetite and
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Nation needs stricter, safer gun control

Approximately 270 million people in the United States own firearms. The United States also has the highest gun ownership rate per 100 residents on the planet, with an estimated 466 crimes per 100,000 people. This raises questions regarding whether or not the ability for American citizens to obtain guns should
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Race must be acknowledged and discussed for inclusiveness

Berkeley is historically known as the epicenter of liberal ideologies, and buzzwords such as “diversity” are used to trumpet its progressive ideals. In many ways, it is an academic powerhouse that abounds in world-class research and educational opportunities. But black students comprise only 3 percent of the campus population, and a
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Trump would not recognize limits on power if elected president

Donald Trump is running a presidential campaign that often seems to be more about projecting strength than it is about specific policy positions. Trump presents himself to voters as a “strong man” type who would deport more than 10 million people currently living in the United States, bar Muslims from
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Sexual Harassment

I have one 105 pages to read for class tomorrow. Right now, I’m in a cafe trying to read them, and I can’t. I can’t read because I keep getting distracted by the fact that when I told someone that a tenured faculty member in my department was being accused
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