Solidarity and space

Three weeks ago, students from the bridges Multicultural Resource Center and the Queer Alliance Resource Center, or QARC, attended our Student Union Board of Directors meeting to deliver demands for new space in the ASUC Martin Luther King Jr. Student Union. These students raised valid concerns about the challenges they
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Cheryl Davila best choice for 2nd City Council district

When Cheryl Davila organized a vigil for a homeless man who died on the street near her West Berkeley home last month, it was no empty gesture, no publicity stunt solely to promote her candidacy for Berkeley City Council. The effort came naturally to Davila, a warm-hearted activist and longtime
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UC President Janet Napolitano missed mark on free speech

Recently, the President of the University of California, Janet Napolitano, took to the Boston Globe to write an op-ed that seemed, from its title — “It’s time to free speech on campus again” — to be a scathing indictment of the systemic suppression of differing views on the UC campuses.
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Honoring Columbus Day is problematic

Columbus Day has always been painfully close to my birthday. “Happy Birthday, the federal government is still erasing historical and present violence done to indigenous peoples. Here’s your present — a new blanket!” As a Chiricahua Apache woman, I find the slow push-back against Columbus Day and rededication of it
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Daily Cal report on Ayotzinapa protest oversimplified issue

The Daily Californian published the article “Campus students rally in remembrance of Ayotzinapa disappearances” Sept. 26, 2016 in an effort to showcase campus activism. But the demonstration was not simply to remember the 43 students who were forcefully disappeared. The demonstration aimed to support the families by denouncing the corrupt
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Students must work together with faculty for future of campus

I’ve had the privilege of serving students for 40-plus years, 35 of those years here at UC Berkeley in the Division of Student Affairs. My personal mission leading this division was to create a culture of care that both supports and challenges students so they can experience more and accomplish
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Progressive students should support Jesse Arreguin

Students face a clear choice in the race for Berkeley mayor this November. City Councilmember Jesse Arreguín is the only candidate with a progressive, student-friendly vision and a record to back it up. That vision has earned him the endorsement of Senator Bernie Sanders, the Sierra Club, the California Nurses
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Students with disabilities can still depend on campus

UC Berkeley is committed to providing a broad array of services to the more than 1,800 students who are part of the Disabled Students Program, or DSP. Our 34-person DSP staff assists students with everything from arranging for academic accommodations and proctoring services to sign language interpretation and mobility consultations.
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