Fossil Free UC faculty letter not specific enough in demands

The university-wide campaign called Fossil Free UC encourages faculty to sign a letter to request the UC Board of Regents to divest university endowments from fossil fuel stocks, an initiative largely driven by climate concerns. Seeking to engage the entire faculty of all UC campuses to address one of the
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University must implement anti-sexual assault training

At the UC Student Congress, hosted by the UC Student Association last August, the UCSA adopted the UConsent campaign at the urging of hundreds of students in attendance. UConsent is the University of California-wide campaign against sexual assault, which works to support a culture of consent through increased “awareness, education
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Reflections on my 1st year at UC Berkeley

As for some of you, my first year at this place we call UC Berkeley — exhilarating, transforming and occasionally overwhelming — has come to a close. I’ve had an opportunity to reflect on what I share with those on my team and on who I represent in the UC
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Campus vandalism for anarchy uninformed

Dear Angry Anarchist, On Aug. 20, 2006, my first day as a freshman at UC Berkeley, I explored this campus with a sense of wonder beyond words. Our student orientation leader introduced me to a place I’ve called home for most of the past decade. On this day, I even
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Japan must apologize for sex crimes in war

Former German chancellor Willy Brandt is widely respected for kneeling before the Warsaw Ghetto Memorial during his visit to Poland in 1970. Chancellor Angela Merkel has said that Germany has an “everlasting responsibility for the Holocaust.” These words of the German government, followed by concrete actions, reveal its earnest acknowledgment
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Fraternities need to address internal biases

The words “There’ll never be a n***** in SAE” are ringing through the minds of college students across the country. Nowhere are those words ringing louder or more clearly than in the Greek community. The reaction to this fresh controversy echoes the reaction to every single embarrassing act or revelation
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The ‘H’ word

“Homeless.” For some, the word triggers a gag reflex: Up comes a belly full of bile, spleen and invective. Why don’t they get a job, take some responsibility and get clean and sober? For others, the word opens a spigot through which flows the milk of human kindness. They remember
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