Lower Sproul workers must receive salary equal to other UC workers

On Wednesday, the ASUC Student Union Board of Directors met at Anna Head Alumnae Hall. Students, campus staff and members of the community attended to express their concerns about the Lower Sproul Redevelopment Project and subcontracted labor. As a student involved in the study and practice of human rights, albeit
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UC must repair ‘leaky pipeline’ in STEM

Berkeley is famous for two things: its world-class research campus and its historic commitment to social justice. As a scientist and a citizen, I’m proud to live and work here for both reasons. But as a postdoctoral scholar at UC Berkeley (I’ve already earned my doctorate and work in a
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From Brazil to US, young lives matter

I arrived in the United States from Brazil about two months ago as a visiting student researcher here at UC Berkeley. One of the reasons I chose this institution was because of its long history of fighting for freedom. While in Brazil, I was aware of the recent struggles in
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Charleston tragedy must motivate systemic change

Another day and another tragedy in the Black community. This time, a white terrorist executed nine patrons worshipping in the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina. Today and every day, we are reminded that we are not safe in this country. We are not safe to pray,
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Wellness Fee Referendum golden opportunity for all

Both graduate and undergraduate students overwhelmingly supported the Wellness Fee Referendum during the 2015 ASUC general elections. The margin of victory — 7,308 “yes” votes to 2,950 “no” votes — made the referendum the most widely supported monetary student fee on the ballot. The landslide passing signals wellness as a
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Protect housing costs, increase regulation of short-term rentals

On Tuesday, Berkeley City Council will vote on guidelines to send to the Planning and Housing Advisory Commissions for legalizing and regulating short-term rentals (defined in Berkeley as rentals lasting fewer than 14 days) and vacation rentals (short-term rentals during which the host is not present), which are advertised on
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Intercollegiate athletics crucial to academic values

Chancellor's Corner

Every so often, I am asked — by students, faculty and, on occasion, alumni — what I really think about the place of intercollegiate athletics on our campus. While the question is sometimes motivated by a concern that UC Berkeley doesn’t do enough to support athletics, the question more often
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Updated SHIP policy best option for students overall

In April, we announced plans to discontinue dependent health insurance as part of the UC Berkeley Student Health Insurance Plan, or SHIP. There are currently more than 22,000 students, undergraduate and graduate, on SHIP, and 122 of these students have family members in the voluntary dependent plan. We made this
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UC profits, we see exploitation

“Budgets are moral documents” — they reflect the values and priorities of the institutions from which they are issued. The recent California state budget proposal put forward by Gov. Jerry Brown reveals, among other things, a lack of state commitment to the standards of educational quality proudly sold by the
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