Campus community deserves louder voice

Elizabeth Klingen/Staff

Over these many years, I’ve read a lot of books. One of my favorites is Hans Christian Andersen’s tale entitled “The Emperor’s New Clothes.” For those of you who are not familiar with the story, it’s about a vain emperor who cares for nothing except wearing the finest clothes and
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Bernie has pragmatism we need

Some potential supporters of Bernie Sanders — those who are largely sympathetic to his message and policies — believe that Sanders can’t be elected president or, even if elected, that he could not govern with Congress. I think these fears are overblown. A careful look at Sanders’ electoral history and
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Nonresident students add value to UC education for all

While well-intentioned, California Assembly Bill 1711 capping the enrollment of nonresident students in the University of California system would not only limit the accessibility of the UC campuses to a global student body but may also diminish the student experience for California residents. Additionally, the bill restricts important university revenue
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Campus community should rally behind laid off staff

Next week, 28 staff members at Campus Shared Services, or CSS, who received layoff notices in December will be working their last day at the university — just a little over a year after CSS went “live” for the entire Berkeley campus. Further layoffs may be planned. Supporters of the
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University slacking on student housing

By next August, something tangible is going to change at UC Berkeley, and every other campus of the University of California. The change will be felt deeply by all of us. We’ll feel it in the places we work, study, live and seek healthcare. It is a change that comes
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Checking privilege serves to reinforce it

Our campus, like many others, has felt comfortable in encouraging privilege talk. People are supposed to publicly “check” their privilege and in doing so, it is hoped that they become aware of conditions of inequality that benefit or harm them. This is considered progressive because people assume that privilege talk
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Devaluing teachers hurts education

As we are beginning a new semester at UC Berkeley, we sometimes take a step back and reflect on why we are here. Few of us question how we got here. Some attribute their success to the support they received from their parents, a guidance counselor who helped them throughout
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