Regents’ decision threatens integrity of UC financial aid

Convening at UCSF’s Mission Bay campus Thursday afternoon, the UC Board of Regents proposed and passed the UC budget for the 2016-17 academic year, as well as a plan to increase undergraduate enrollment in the University of California by 10,000 students over the next three years. Part of the funding
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Exposure to arts central to undergraduate experience

Chancellor's Corner

In Bay Area technology circles, the story is well-known: At Reed College in the early 1970s, Steve Jobs dropped in on a class in calligraphy that he later said was the most important academic experience he ever had. The course enabled him to see the value of clarity, elegance and
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Higher wages paramount to greater diversity in sciences

While conversing with lab members recently, I brought up the jovial cable guy I met while he was installing our apartment’s Internet. He was a younger man with a GED, making twice my salary and working fewer hours to boot. He was excited to have a house and a child
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Korean textbook nationalization will harm Korean students

On Oct. 29, a student organization called Committee for Korea Studies collected signatures for a petition and held a protest on Sproul Plaza against one of the most contentious current issues in South Korea: the nationalization of history textbooks. We collected 130 signatures from members of the UC Berkeley community,
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Safe Campus Act amounts to step backwards

*** Trigger Warning: Topics brought up include sexual violence, sexism, queerphobia, racism and police brutality. The ASUC Sexual Assault Commission takes issue with the Safe Campus Act, which mandates that universities affected require survivors of sexual violence to report their case to law enforcement before their university can investigate the
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Commission wisely rejects inappropriate BDS resolution

Carol Sanders’ Oct. 29 op-ed, “Commission’s divest resolution, despite failing, breaks important ground” celebrates the fact that anti-Israel activists hijacked a Berkeley Human Welfare and Community Action Commission into holding a hearing on an anti-Israel resolution that the Berkeley city attorney deemed it had no business even considering. Such “victories”
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