Cal Day protest reflects barriers experienced by Black students

Nearly three months ago, the Black Student Union, or BSU, presented Chancellor Nicholas Dirks with 10 demands aimed at making institutional changes to improve the condition of Black students on campus. Ten weeks later and nearing the end of the academic year, Dirks has only agreed to three of the
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Senate must fund solar referendum

Update 4/21/2015: This op-ed has been updated to reflect information about the plan to lobby for funding for the solar referendum. Students have always been the driving force for systemwide change at UC Berkeley. In keeping with this tradition, the 2015 ASUC election results revealed Thursday night write a new chapter
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After graduation, work to help LGBTQ youth

Research shows that students who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender can have a much harder time making it through high school than students who do not.In addition, LGBT youth represent about 6 percent of the teenage population but as much as 40 percent of the homeless youth population.
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ASUC executive office misuses its discretionary funding

While many student groups financially struggle to get by, there are a select few within the ASUC for whom money is no object. From the ASUC’s $2 million budget, $52,000 is allocated for discretionary funding, which is given to senatorial and executive offices in amounts ranging from $500 to $14,500.
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Greeks must address divide over issue of sexual assault

With the University of Virginia fraternity system’s brief suspension as a result of rape allegations and the film “The Hunting Ground” openly discussing the role of fraternities in college sexual assault, there is definitely some negative press about Greek life circulating right now. I think it’s a great thing, but
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Why students need Michael Williams as athletic director

Historically, the relationship between Cal Athletics and the general student body has been adversarial, to say the least. ASUC student surveys continually rank support for intercollegiate athletics as “the least important and valuable,” protests occurred over the remodel of Memorial Stadium and creation of the High Performance Center, which aims
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March 29

Why I singled out Students for Justice in Palestine

Today we are witnessing a resurgence of global Jew hatred not seen since the 1930s when Hitler was laying plans for the “Final Solution” — the physical extermination of European Jewry. In the Middle East, Hitler-admiring leaders in Iran and parties such as Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood are openly
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