Bayview deserves clean environment

William Pan/Staff

Industrial parks and hazardous waste facilities on every corner, polluted murky waters and an old abandoned meatpacking warehouse. This description of the Bayview-Hunters Point community could easily pass for the setting of a story in R.L. Stein’s eerie “Goosebumps” books. The health of Bayview residents is degrading at an unbelievably
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Students should define their own honor code

Take a second to pull out your Cal ID and admire the really awkward picture of yourself that you probably took with butterflies in your stomach and sweaty palms by your sides because you were so excited to finally be on campus, but of course no one told you that
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Legalization of marijuana could promote drought alleviation

When you think about what greens are helping to extend California’s drought, you probably don’t think of cannabis, but in California, marijuana and alfalfa may have more in common than you think. California is, in fact, responsible for two-thirds of the agriculture produced in the United States and 60 percent
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Student voice needed on Berkeley Rent Board

Students represent approximately 25 to 30 percent of Berkeley. But despite our significant numbers, we have no direct representation in city politics and government, which leads to disastrous results. When students are not at the table, we are on the menu. We have seen that in illegally cutting off students’
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No causal link exists between food waste, food insecurity

A certain formula exists when it comes to reporting on issues of food waste. It often starts with a shocking statistic: A third of the food we produce worldwide ends up in landfills. If the audience is American and the author is feeling particularly provocative and would like to hit
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Ending water crises requires policy-level changes

Growing up in Massachusetts, “drought” was a word on a sign in the center of town that reminded us not wash our cars between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. That was the extent of our involvement in water conservation, so, upon arriving at UC Berkeley, I was bewildered by the lengths to which
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Opportunity for UC Berkeley admissions not equitable

Every year, thousands of high school seniors descend upon our campus for Cal Day. Their optimism, hope and idealistic outlook on life as soon-to-be college freshmen are written all over their faces. And with good reason: This group of students represents the next generation of leaders. They are about to
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Campus sexual violence culture shows structural failure

“The standard you walk past is the standard you accept” became the catchphrase for David Morrison’s tough and transparent handling of sexual harassment, gender discrimination and other unacceptable behavior in the Australian Armed Forces in 2013. Morrison’s mantra was no empty rhetoric. It twinned a passionate belief that all are
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