Representing what’s right

An open letter to critics of the UCSA resolution on HR 35

Last month, the UC Student Association, a coalition of the UC student governments across each campus, expressed its principled opposition to anti-Semitism but deep concern with the language of a state Assembly bill purportedly about the topic, HR 35. The concern stems from language in the bill that conflates anti-Semitism
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Create a student union

Tired of protesting? Surely many have seen, or even participated in, their share of rallies, occupations, pickets and other demonstrations. Some have been big; some have been small. Some are disasters; some actually get an effective message across and are successful — for example, stopping the 81 percent fee hike
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Vote to make your voice heard

Just last Wednesday,  a system was launched that allows Californians to register to vote online for the first time. Anyone who cares about hearing the voices of young people in our democracy should celebrate this action. Online registration will make voting more accessible for everyone. Youth, however, will likely see
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Put an end to the nightmare

What is the importance of having a counselor on campus for undocumented students? The world of the undocumented student is a fine straddle between hope and uncertainty. Let me begin by saying this: I am undocumented. It is not easy, as an undocumented student, to come forward and be open
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UC can do better

Working to achieve better benefits and pay for UC staff

As the people who cook, clean and care for you and your campus, the work we do is essential to UC’s ability to provide you with a world-class education.  Our work isn’t glamorous, but the purpose of our work is to support you — our future — and we take
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Jewish students support UCSA vote on HR 35

The vote affirms the struggle to protect Palestinian human rights

In the wake of the UC Student Association’s decision to take a stance for free speech and the human rights of Palestinians and all people, I was disappointed by the Daily Cal’s decision to publish three opinion pieces decrying this as an attack on the Jewish community. As a Jewish
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Kick back with a SUPERB dose

Lack of funding keeps SUPERB from achieving full potential in putting on events

Johnny Depp. Michael Moore. Dr. Dog Poker tournaments. Campus MovieFest. Though you may have heard the buzz about all of these entertainers and events coming to UC Berkeley’s campus in the past couple of years, you’ve likely never asked yourself who was behind all of these incredible shows. It is
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Change the discourse on free speech

UCSA position does not reflect ideas of students within the UC

Last year, I was privileged to serve the student body as its external affairs vice president and as part of my duties, represent UC Berkeley as a voting board member of the University of California Student Association. I have great respect for the UCSA but am deeply saddened by the
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Why can’t we all be friends?

We are, but we can’t seem to agree on Israel-Palestine

On Sept. 15, by a vote of 12 to 0, and 2 abstentions, the UC Student Association, which represents hundreds of thousands of students at all the UC campuses, passed a resolution condemning recent attempts to censure boycott and divestment efforts by Palestinian human rights activists on campus, and demanding
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We should not tolerate human rights violations

UCSA should be applauded for vote on house resolution

In 2010, at UC Berkeley, our student senate considered a bill calling on the UC to remove its investments in companies aiding Israel’s human rights abuses. It passed 16 to four. The president vetoed the bill, and the veto was never overturned. This last Saturday, the UC Student Association, a
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