Close to 1 million dreams protected, 10.5 million to go

For many years, I have lived in fear of deportation and permanently leaving the country I call home. The fear of being separated from my friends, my family and my community; the fear of not being accepted within my own community; the fear of contacting the police in a time of need and the fear of losing my hope and dreams after graduating from college.
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Pools bond would preserve city’s quality of life

Just a few days from now, a symbol of Berkeley’s commitment to a high quality of life will be smashed into dust and rubble, loaded onto trucks and hauled to a landfill. Demolition is scheduled to begin within the coming week on the Warm Pool, which provided exercise and therapy to the elderly, the disabled, the injured and parents with young children from 1983 until it was padlocked in December.
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Police Review Board report exhibits lack of progress

The UC Berkeley Police Review Board’s final report about the police violence of Nov. 9, 2011, does only one thing definitively — it reveals that BAMN’s assessment of the PRB has been entirely correct. The PRB is an administration creature that should be boycotted now and in the future. The
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ASUC Auxiliary realignment is disrespectful of student voice

The ASUC is a unique student government with a rich 125-year history of being a vehicle for student agency and power at UC Berkeley. It is an organization that during CalSO is often touted as being an “autonomous” student government. Well, the reality is that this notion of “autonomy” is
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West Berkeley program will hurt city

Project is simply effort to finance bloated city staff

After years of mismanagement and denial, the city is at the end of the fiscal line. There is more than $1 billion in unfunded liabilities for employee benefits and capital improvements and inadequate annual revenues to keep up with annual costs. About $252 million, about 80 percent of the city
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05.21.oped garden

Community gardens can improve humanity’s well-being

Does the Occupy movement stand for something positive or something negative? It depends on the purpose and actions of those who are participating. Spring is an image of bringing new things to life. The Arab Spring has been planting seeds of democracy. Community gardens plant seeds of life. In most
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