Yian Shang

California must go full steam ahead

It is rare that students get to be part of a visionary transportation project that will fundamentally change the future of their state. That is the opportunity that we have, today, as high-speed rail — a train that will shuttle Californians between downtown San Francisco and Union Station in Los
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People’s Park and Telegraph, inside out

In Mr. Peterson’s letter to the Daily Cal dated Feb. 3, 2012 (under the title “UC must transform People’s Park’s legacy”), I noticed that near the beginning of his letter he uses the phrase “Anecdotally we hear…” and then proceeds to make a number of other bold and untrue statements
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AC Transit and transparency in the ASUC

Increased transparency and accountability rest at the core of ASUC policy and actions. With last semester’s student unification against fee hikes, unsurprisingly, the ASUC reaffirmed its commitment to fiscal accountability. At ASUC Senate finance committee meetings, student groups often request $3 notebooks as senators debate the values of fiscal responsibility, even if
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Move your money, enact change

If you mail a dollar to UC Berkeley, Billing and Payment Services will deposit it in an account administered by the UC Office of the President, earmarked to the Berkeley campus. Because the UC Office of the President manages UC Berkeley’s many accounts in Bank of America, your tuition dollar
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Taking some time off from Cal

In the middle of my sophomore year during the fall 2008 semester, I was diagnosed with major depression. During the course of the next semester, I did everything I could to relieve my depression, from exercise to therapy. But despite all this I felt progressively worse. Life seemed hopeless and
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From the ghetto to graduate studies

Now that the application season has concluded for millions of students applying for undergraduate, graduate and professional schools, the acceptance notifications will loom over many of their heads like dark clouds for the next few months. During this time, I will reflect on my improbable journey from inner-city public schools
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Prevent dating violence in February

February is the commemorative month for Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention. The importance of recognizing and addressing these issues has been highlighted by the recent spattering of high profile domestic violence cases: Rihanna and Chris Brown, the murder of Yeardley Love by her ex-boyfriend and now, most recently, the
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UC must transform People’s Park’s legacy

Response to Jan. 27 Editorial “Unwarranted Upheaval”

We, the Telegraph Business Improvement District (TBID), have taken a keen interest in People’s Park for years. Numerous survey responses have shown us that it negatively impacts residents and businesses throughout the district, most noticeably those closest to the park. This includes thousands of students, in whom the Daily Cal
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State of the Union address renews hope

When I flopped down on a friend’s couch to watch the State of the Union address with my pizza and Diet Coke, I’ll admit that I didn’t have high hopes for this particular address. As a lifelong Democrat, I fervently supported the president’s first campaign — proudly donning my Obama
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Stopping America’s public university tuition spiral

Students of California, arise! You have nothing to lose but a crushing debt! The corporate state of California, ever ready to seize its ideological and commercial hour during a recession, has a chokehold on California’s public universities. With its tax-coddled plutocracy and a nod to further corporatization, the state government
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