Education is not prioritized in the U.S.

Shared sacrifice should prevail throughout the university

Who is giving back to the university? Now that the economy seems headed toward a double dip, with future budgets for the UC system possibly headed toward a similar dip, we have to ask ourselves how we can create more quality for less money. And while this has been the
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America should no longer be involved in costly wars overseas

Economic decline. Mounting deficits. Political deadlock. Two wars. With all these problems and more (read: an upcoming presidential election), you would think Washington would allow our exhausted military to return home after nearly a decade of war and focus on fixing the economy. Instead, it seems that we have decided
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Culture of compromise dead in D.C.

Once one of the framers of the U.S. constitution was asked, “What are the three principles upon which this new government is founded?” Legend has it that he wryly quipped, “Well, the first is compromise, the second is compromise and the third is compromise.” Although you would not know it
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Students must be properly represented

Berkeley is one of the most distinguished, progressive and diverse communities in the world. This is a legacy of which we residents are very proud: Not only is our city home to what is arguably the best public university in the world, we have a defining history of diversity, activism
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Some opinions on AB 130 are uninformed

Is ignorance bliss? On Monday, Gov. Jerry Brown signed Assembly Bill 130 which ultimately allows undocumented students, also referred to as AB 540 students, to receive financial aid through institutional funds. Consequently, this relieves some of the burden that AB 540 students face when trying to come up with ways
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Jaime Chong

Undocumented students should stand up

My name is Ju Hong, and I am undocumented and unafraid. On Tuesday, July 12, six other undocumented students and I conducted an act of civil disobedience to empower young undocumented immigrant youth and to protest the inhuman treatment of immigrants. We sat in the street near San Bernardino Valley
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Students deserve to be represented on City Council

This year, Californians have a lot on their plate. Zooming in on the map just a bit more, though, highlights a city with a hefty agenda of its own. The release of the 2010 census presents Berkeley with a revolutionary opportunity that comes along only once every ten years: redrawing
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Contract approval with SEIU Local 1021 was a bad decision

It was a very serious mistake for the City Council to approve the “contract extension” with SEIU Local 1021 (Council item 48a on the June 28 Agenda). This agreement effectively freezes and extends for three years a labor contract that pre-empts serious pension and fiscal reform in a time when
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