Students: Inspiration to change the world

On Jan. 20, 1961, President John F. Kennedy said in his inaugural address, “Let the word go forth from this time and place … the torch has been passed to a new generation of Americans.” Throughout history, students have been the inspiration for changes in the world. Whether it was
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Nicole Lim

Talking for and against doesn’t mean real talk

A response to the pro-con debate about the Palestinian bid for statehood in the United Nations

I was sitting down, calmly getting ready for my afternoon study session when I came across “the Lewis battle” in The Daily Californian, about Israel and the Palestinian bid for statehood in the United Nations. It was unsurprising that considerable analysis has been left out when the campus receives just
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Student speaks about his success in co-op

On Sept. 12, Vice Chancellor Basri sent a message to all UC Berkeley students about the campus’s efforts to ameliorate the hardships of undocumented students. Notably, the campus did not take a formal stance on this issue until California passed AB 130, the first half of the California DREAM Act,
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Gov. Brown’s veto doesn’t end struggle

The situation in the University of California is at a crisis point, and everything must be done to increase underrepresented minority student enrollment now. Gov. Jerry Brown should have signed SB 185, which allowed public universities to consider race and gender in admissions to increase underrepresented minority student enrollment. However,
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Bake sale coverage is a distraction

I am shocked and saddened by how quickly the media has eaten up the anti-affirmative action bake sale at Berkeley. It is time for the media to address an issue that actually has long-term ramifications for the State of California and the communities this bake sale targets: the privatization of
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Mahmoud Illustration

What factors are really behind the statehood bid?

On Sept. 23, the President of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas, submitted a formal request for the United Nations to recognize a Palestinian State. This measure is not supported by Israel or the United States because they see such a move outside the context of direct negotiations as counterproductive. In
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Statehood is a right for Palestinians in occupied lands

Last month, the Palestinian Authority submitted a proposal to the United Nations calling for recognition of a Palestinian state. Though the proposed state consists of only 22 percent of the land historically contested by Israelis and Palestinians, Israel and the United States vehemently objected to the statehood bid, with President
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Opinion Illustration

Campus hypocrisy during bake sale

In a letter this past Monday to the full campus mailing list, Chancellor Birgeneau, together with with Vice Chancellors Gibor Basri and Harry LeGrande, claimed that the Principles of Community “require … a positive intent not to hurt, offend, or denigrate others while expressing a reasoned position,” the implication being
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College Republicans highlight discriminatory policy in SB 185

Setting prices for baked goods based on race is blatantly discriminatory — in the same way that using race to judge college applicants would be discriminatory. The Berkeley College Republicans oppose any policy that treats one racial group different from another. Some people would call treating one ethnic group different
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