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Students deserve to be represented on City Council

This year, Californians have a lot on their plate. Zooming in on the map just a bit more, though, highlights a city with a hefty agenda of its own. The release of the 2010 census presents Berkeley with a revolutionary opportunity that comes along only once every ten years: redrawing
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Contract approval with SEIU Local 1021 was a bad decision

It was a very serious mistake for the City Council to approve the “contract extension” with SEIU Local 1021 (Council item 48a on the June 28 Agenda). This agreement effectively freezes and extends for three years a labor contract that pre-empts serious pension and fiscal reform in a time when
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Selig should have moved the All-Star game

Major League Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig recently struck out, big time, by refusing to relocate the 82nd All-Star Game from Phoenix, Arizona, to another city due to the desert state’s  immigration law, SB 1070. Although the core of this draconian law remains under a federal court injunction, if Arizona Gov.
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Student input needed for city vibrance

The realization will hit any day now. It will be brutal for those who thought they could somehow create Rodeo Drive out of Telegraph Avenue, but the upside is that it will save years of police riots, court costs and the bewildering schizophrenia of having the richest property owners in
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Students should aim for September deadline

With the 2010 census numbers in, redistricting in Berkeley is about to begin, and residents of the city are being asked to submit proposals. Recently, the city council moved back the proposal deadline from mid-August to Sept. 16 in order to give students more time to have their voices heard;
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There are still ways for immigration reform to pass nationally

You may hear that “immigration reform is dead” in the 112th Congress. But in reality, it is very much alive. It will just probably happen in pieces, not “comprehensively.” A trend for new bipartisan immigration policy is emerging that focuses on two immigration issues: granting more green cards to educated
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White House visit restores hope

President Obama is committed to fulfilling promises

One hours-long visit to the White House changed my perspective on what is possible for us to achieve today. I hope it might affect yours too. Last month I was honored to receive an invitation from the White House asking me if I wished to meet with President Obama and
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Holding antimatter is exciting step for physics

On June 7, the Daily Cal reported on the demonstrated trapping of long-lived antihydrogen atoms by the Antihydrogen Laser Physics Apparatus collaboration, which includes members of the Fajans and Wurtele  research groups in the UC Physics department. As a follow-up, the graduate students of these groups would like to offer
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