Individual actions can help reduce global food wastage

In the United States, tons of discarded or uneaten food is caused by long supply chains from the producer to the consumer, rigid expiration dates on food packages and “attractive” food promotions that lead people to buy more than what they really need. And that’s not to mention the biggest causes of this massive waste — people’s bad habits with regard to food consumption.
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Students must learn how to recycle responsibly

Your weekend getaway to San Francisco couldn’t be going any more smoothly. Sitting on the grass at Dolores Park, munching on your margherita pizza from Pizzeria Delfina, the sun shining overhead — you know this is the good life. You venture away from your friends to throw out your trash that’s accumulated, but then you see them: the daunting and colorful blue, green and black bins. As you hold your greasy cardboard pizza box, you begin to sweat. Which trash bin do you choose?
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Resources exist to fight sex harassment, violence in UC

Sexual violence and harassment have no place at UC Berkeley, where our most important values include treating one another with respect, support, honesty and integrity. In this spirit, we want to underscore that our campus remains firmly committed to ensuring our practices and policies live up to our principles. It is also important that all students understand their rights and the campus investigation and adjudication process.
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More research into toxins in tampons is necessary, overdue

Our reproductive rights should include the right to know what is in the products we place in and around the most vulnerable parts of our bodies, and whether those chemicals have the capacity to harm us. It is wrong for the NIH not to conduct research on the toxicology of intimate and everyday products.
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Students need easier access to reproductive health services

When one in three women will seek an abortion in their lifetime and when a majority of people who seek an abortion are under the age of 25, it is essential that colleges provide adequate, comprehensive and easily accessible reproductive healthcare to all of their students. This includes medication abortion.
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Demands of the Undergraduate Workers Union

  We demand rights on the job ▪ A 15-minute break for shifts exceeding three hours in length, with pay for breaks scaled to the length of the shift ▪ No “just under” scheduling, such as 3.5 hours without break, which the employer has used to justify the prohibition of
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Cal Dining must follow sustainable labor practices

The promotion of fair-trade coffee and local artisan cheeses may boost Cal Dining’s public image, but this surface-level sustainability rhetoric assuredly does not reflect the reality of the dining halls. It is not sustainable to eat food served by workers who cannot afford to pay their rent or feed themselves while undergoing wage theft and other labor abuses.
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