Regulations on cosmetics must be stricter

In 1933, a new mascara was introduced to the market that was meant to give radiant personality: Lash Lure. This product was famous for its ability to eat away at the user’s eye causing debilitating eye pain and blindness because of paraphenylenediamine, a coal tar dye, in the formula. In
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City of Berkeley should seek alternate housing solutions

On a simple walk back from class, I notice something popping up along the Berkeley skyline almost daily. It towers over the buildings, its presence a friendly reminder of progress. The crane, which resides in construction sites across the city, casts a shadow over the sidewalk, the people and neighboring
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Animals should be rescued from unsafe farm conditions

Most of my classmates have probably never heard the term “open rescue,” which refers to the activity that has kept me up for hours at night several times in the past few months. Open rescue is the quietly radical act of entering farms, filming the conditions found inside and taking
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Immigrants are crucial to California’s economy

Although I was born in China, the American dream always inspired my path toward attending colleges in the United States. I obtained both a bachelor’s and master’s degree at UC Berkeley and went on to found my start-up company in Silicon Valley. A country’s economy can be roughly divided into
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City of Berkeley needs to invest in improving infrastructure

Earlier this month, California came perilously close to experiencing what could have been one of the worst infrastructure disasters in the country. The failure of both the main and auxiliary spillways at the Oroville Dam prompted the evacuations of almost 200,000 residents in downstream communities, with officials fearing a 30-foot
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Student journalism must not become a tool for police departments

Shame on The Daily Californian for its article ”UCPD asks public for help with investigation for Yiannopoulos demonstration.” The Daily Cal posted pictures of people police want to “investigate” and stated that people should come forward and identify them and send police their own pictures of “recognizable persons committing criminal acts on
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Climate change fights must be cooperative

In a letter I wrote that 2,300 UC and CSU faculty members signed, we asked the Trump administration to honor the U.S. commitment to meeting the modest reductions in greenhouse gas emissions set out in the Paris Climate Accord. In the weeks since that letter circulated, Scott Pruitt falsely testified
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