Who is harmed by the status quo?

Take the campus climate survey to improve the student experience

Walking along Sproul Plaza and knowing that you belong is a beautiful thing. I have seen how it lights up students, filling them with ebullient radiance. They feel at home and are happy to be here. There are thousands of people that pour through Sather Gate every day millions of
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Why financial literacy matters

Students must be able to make sound, informed fiscal decisions

More than 76 percent of college students report that they are not prepared to deal with the financial challenges of real life and wished that they had more help with making sound financial decisions. Despite the fact that financial decision-making is more complex today than ever before, 26 states have
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SHIP’s future is not certain

Campus will work to maintain quality care despite SHIP crisis

In recent weeks, officials who oversee the UC Student Health Insurance Program, now in place on all UC campuses, announced that the program is carrying a projected $57 million deficit and that the increased cost could very well be passed along to UC students in the form of notably higher
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Transforming Cal’s campus

Every student should care about the Lower Sproul Plaza project

I often eavesdrop on tour guides as they lead doe-eyed groups of prospective students across campus. “Does anyone know what UC stands for?… No one? Under Construction.” The joke is lost on the nervous students, but I chuckle to myself as I think about how true the statement is. What
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Understanding the commuters

Students who live far from campus regularly face significant obstacles

At long last, I have come to my fourth year at UC Berkeley, and I can proudly say that I have been commuting to school since the very beginning. As a molecular and cell biology major, I have endured the rigor of all my MCB coursework (including the harrowing challenges
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Rape culture is here

Objectification of women is embedded in our society

On Aug. 11, 2012, a 16-year-old girl was kidnapped by a couple of male classmates on the football team at her school. Too drunk to resist, she was physically dragged to various parties and sexually assaulted by a multitude of peers, who simultaneously filmed her rape, joked about it and
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Online education: proceed with caution

UC Web-based learning should be grounded in campus efforts

Online education is an emerging issue at the University of California, with Gov. Jerry Brown and UC leadership strongly in support of moving some portion of a UC education online. At the last UC Board of Regents meeting, online education was viewed as a potentially transformational development — the modernization
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Valentines and violence

Take a stand against sexual violence this Valentine’s Day

Everyone knows about it — the first “V” in V-Day: the valentine, the heart.  The pleasure of being in love, all the way from the casual one-night hook-up for fun to shameless flirting to being in love for the long haul; the ecstatic highs, the melt-down heartbreaks and everything in
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Governor, students need your leadership

Editor’s Note: This op-ed was previously published in the California Aggie. Here at the University of California, students are living in interesting times. After nearly a billion dollars in state funding cuts and a doubling of tuition in just five years, 2013 looks to deliver at least a moment of
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Why California needs an oil tax

The tax would raise money to invest in our state’s future

Education is suffering. The economy is forcing too many people to rely on government assistance, and we are not doing enough to promote renewable energy. We have a problem when California, the ninth largest economy in the world, has a 9.8 percent unemployment rate. Enrollment at California community colleges has
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