Transparency is top priority for administration

University constantly strives to be efficient

Imagine the development of the University of California as a phenomenon of astrophysics. The first sparks of interest in creating a public university came amid the Gold Rush, California’s Big Bang if there ever was one. Out of those sparks, a small college was established, which in relatively short order
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Reconstructing homes all over the East Coast

This year, like the past three years I’ve been at Cal, I flew home to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family. Only unlike every other year, home took the form of a temporary residence taken up in a relative’s house because Hurricane Sandy rendered my house unlivable. I am from Long
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The hope for a lasting peace

Connecting the Israel-Gaza conflict and campus politics

In the last year, Hamas, the fundamentalist party that rules Gaza, has fired thousands of rockets into Israel — 1506 during the latest round of fighting. Israel had a right to defend itself as it did in the recent fighting, and its conduct more generally deserves vindication. Hamas’ charter speaks
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The fight to save education must continue

Lately, my friends have been asking me: “Proposition 30 just passed… so why mobilize?” In the relief following a narrow escape from a 20.3 percent fee hike, it seems like a reasonable question. As the pre-election panic subsides and we return to our schoolwork exhausted but reassured that we’re safe
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Help protect the tenants from eviction

In response to the Nov. 8 Daily Cal newspaper article regarding the eviction notice of the 40 Acres Medical Marijuana Growers’ Collective, I would like to take the time to clarify a few things. First and foremost, the FJSC Soe Group is currently attempting to evict Chris Smith and 40
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Challenges still remain for the city

We need to cooperate to provide valuable public services

Yes on Measure S is proud to have run a positive, constructive campaign, and we remain committed to making Berkeley’s public spaces more civil and inviting. Starting with a significant deficit in some polls, Measure S has garnered an impressive estimated 48 percent of the vote as of press time.
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Check your intake at the front door

Be responsible about alcohol consumption in the residence halls

For Halloween, I was a Cal track and field champion — not because I went out that night clad in blue and gold short shorts, wristbands and running shoes but because for one night, I had to nearly break the Cal long jump record — on several occasions — just
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The homeless need attention

The failure of Measure S means there is more work to be done

Once again, we are the margin of victory. Despite what people said about young voters losing enthusiasm and the 2008 election being a fluke, we have again defied expectations and turned out in even higher numbers. From the passage of Proposition 30 to re-electing President Barack Obama, our voices were
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Tuition rollbacks will not hurt financial aid

As hundreds of students walked out in the rain last Thursday to call for rolling back tuition, Chancellor Robert Birgeneau told CBS News that more tuition hikes are inevitable despite increased taxes on the rich from Proposition 30. New tuition hikes would be outrageous, considering that the university has raised
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The future after Proposition 30

Proposition 30, approved by California voters last Tuesday, has allowed the state’s educational systems to duck a bullet: We’ve avoided massive trigger cuts and other revenue losses that would have been imposed had the proposition not been approved. The proposition’s temporary increases in sales taxes and top-bracket income taxes will
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