Kony 2012 and why you should care

Kony 2012 is one of the most brilliant things I have ever witnessed in my life. I study ideas — good ideas, bad ideas, powerful ideas, ideas started by one person, ideas started by a group, ideas that never became realities, ideas that were popular and now are not. You
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Ishi cast member reflects on the play and its criticisms

I’d like to preface my comments by saying I can’t imagine how hard it must have been to watch our production of “Ishi: The Last of the Yahi” as someone of American Indian descent. I have the utmost respect for those brave and courageous California natives who came out and
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Encouraging shared governance for students

So much about the University of California has changed since Mario Savio’s infamous speech Dec. 2, 1964. Since then, the state and the UC Board of Regents have moved far away from the Master Plan. In 2011, for the first time in the university’s history, undergraduate students paid more than
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Farrakhan’s secret relationship

Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan addressed an estimated 600 students at UC Berkeley last Saturday and told black students not to befriend any Jew without first reading “The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews,” a book that promotes the thesis that Jews were behind the black slave trade. Heck of
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The administrators always get away with it

The Contra Costa Times broke the story that a top Berkeley administrator has been penalized for illicitly and repeatedly promoting an employee with whom she was allegedly having a long-term sexual relationship. Apparently, Jonathan Caniezo’s salary increased from less than $70,000 in 2007 to over $110,000 in 2010, despite protests
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UC Berkeley: As always, the center of the action

Campus higher education expert examines the opportunities and challenges Berkeley faces in the wake of Birgeneau's resignation

In the forest of daily news, it is easy to lose sight of today’s overarching and fundamental challenge to public higher education, as governmental financial support has receded. Simply put, how can California and the United States structure and fund higher education so that it can sustain and further hone
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Theater department apologizes for ‘Ishi’ production

The current production of John Fisher’s play “Ishi: The Last of the Yahi” in the department of theater, dance and performance studies at UC Berkeley has sparked a number of strong reactions — especially among the Native American community, for whom Ishi’s story is sacred. On March 9, after a
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American Indian Graduate Student Association calls for art with ethics

Although the subject matter of “Ishi: The Last Yahi” is highly disturbing and offensive to Native Americans, the writer and director John Fisher and the Theater, Dance, and Performance Studies department failed to consult with Native Americans about bringing this play to campus. In the play, Fisher freely misrepresents Ishi
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Sign the petition to oppose Farrakhan’s harmful words

I would like to reiterate that I and the other student leaders who created the petition about hosting Louis Farrakhan at UC Berkeley “completely support the annual Afrikan Black Coalition Conference as an indispensable contribution to the empowerment of black students across the state of California.” The BSU had the First Amendment right to
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Farrakhan’s presence demonizes Jews and others

When I recently heard that the keynote speaker for the Afrikan Black Coalition Conference was going to be Minister Louis Farrakhan, I was disappointed. For a campus that prides itself on openness and inclusivity I can’t think of a more divisive speaker. When Farrakhan spoke at a national convention just
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