Prevent dating violence in February

February is the commemorative month for Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention. The importance of recognizing and addressing these issues has been highlighted by the recent spattering of high profile domestic violence cases: Rihanna and Chris Brown, the murder of Yeardley Love by her ex-boyfriend and now, most recently, the
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UC must transform People’s Park’s legacy

Response to Jan. 27 Editorial “Unwarranted Upheaval”

We, the Telegraph Business Improvement District (TBID), have taken a keen interest in People’s Park for years. Numerous survey responses have shown us that it negatively impacts residents and businesses throughout the district, most noticeably those closest to the park. This includes thousands of students, in whom the Daily Cal
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State of the Union address renews hope

When I flopped down on a friend’s couch to watch the State of the Union address with my pizza and Diet Coke, I’ll admit that I didn’t have high hopes for this particular address. As a lifelong Democrat, I fervently supported the president’s first campaign — proudly donning my Obama
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Stopping America’s public university tuition spiral

Students of California, arise! You have nothing to lose but a crushing debt! The corporate state of California, ever ready to seize its ideological and commercial hour during a recession, has a chokehold on California’s public universities. With its tax-coddled plutocracy and a nod to further corporatization, the state government
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Pension funds can be an answer to Occupy’s call

One of the central criticisms to the Occupy movement — both from supporters and dissenters — has been its lack of a plan, a focus — of something other than occupying. People have come out in droves all over the country, from Wall Street in New York City to Huntington,
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Governor’s budget is a welcome relief despite new obstacles

Andrew Albright and Sydney Fang authored this op-ed. On Jan. 5th, Governor Jerry Brown released his proposed budget for the 2012-2013 fiscal year, laying out how he will address the $9.2 billion budget deficit. His budget includes cuts to services such as education and welfare, in addition to taxes to
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Protecting patients in the workplace

Greetings, UC Berkeley students. Are any of you graduating soon? Do you use marijuana for medical reasons? Do you want to get a job when you graduate? Tough luck. Many are unaware that the California Supreme Court has ruled that employers may fire anyone who fails a drug test, even
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OpEd Prop13

A continued struggle for public education

The crisis of the University of California has, of late, come to the forefront of our thoughts and discussions about the role of government in our lives. As the recession plows forward, the state finds itself with less and less money by the day. Funds are divested, year after year,
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Whistling in the dark: Berkeley budget woes

A couple years ago, the City of Vallejo went bankrupt, blaming unsustainable costs of wage and benefit packages negotiated with employee unions. Two months ago, Pleasant Hill, despairing of a negotiated settlement with the unions, imposed a salary freeze on its workers and dramatically reduced pension benefits for future hires.
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