We should not tolerate human rights violations

UCSA should be applauded for vote on house resolution

In 2010, at UC Berkeley, our student senate considered a bill calling on the UC to remove its investments in companies aiding Israel’s human rights abuses. It passed 16 to four. The president vetoed the bill, and the veto was never overturned. This last Saturday, the UC Student Association, a
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bpd opinion

Improve local policing programs

End association with secure communities

Imagine yourself picked up by the Berkeley police on a minor matter. You’re quickly cleared for release, but the cops see that you were once suspected — NOT CONVICTED — of a more serious offense.
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Make student voices heard in the city this fall

Register to vote in Berkeley and have an active voice in local politics

This year, Cal students have an unprecedented opportunity to have a voice in local Berkeley politics. Currently, Cal students make up about a quarter of Berkeley’s population, but in the last half century, only one student has been elected to Berkeley City Council. The Free Speech Movement — the apex
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Get educated on the measures and go vote

Students can make difference by casting vote in election this fall

It’s been easy to overlook the youth vote — until recently, we’ve been seen as an immobilized voting bloc, to be recruited as volunteers rather than to be courted as a constituency. However, we challenged that notion in 2008 when we more than tripled our turnout as one of the
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Criminal treatment on football game days

Innocent students are subject to harsh random alcohol testing

My name is Andy Furillo, and I am a 21-year-old senior here at Berkeley. I have been an avid Cal football fan since I was a toddler and have been a student season ticket holder every year I have been at Berkeley. As I prefer to remember and analyze the
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A life-changing experience abroad

Birthright makes for engaging and powerful trip in Israel

After reading, then re-reading Jason Willick’s Monday column “Why we love Israel,” I was upset. I was not upset about the way he portrayed right-wing Israelis, and I am far from a supporter of Sheldon Adelson. Rather, I was upset how the article comes across as a generalization about the Birthright experience, as one operated by hot-headed rightists and supporters of settlers, where brainwashing about the devil incarnate that is “Modern Islam” is rife. It is this sort of sordid idea of the “Birthright experience” that might corrupt an altogether powerful, if not engaging and challenging, trip.
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Middle class was let down by California State Legislature

The middle class is dwindling. Since the economic downturn, politicians have rallied behind the call to help the poor and middle classes.  Political speeches are now about protecting the middle class.  But, as experience has proven recently, political rhetoric about the middle class is nothing more than just that —
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Switching to solid ground

Healthcare workers at Alta Bates will be switching to new union for stronger benefits

Whether it’s Alta Bates Summit Hospital rising above Ashby and Telegraph, or the Herrick Campus serving psychiatric patients, or the towering complex of health facilities at the Summit Campus near Downtown Oakland, East Bay residents are intimately familiar with Alta Bates Summit Medical Center. These are hospitals where our children
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Rising businesses keep area vibrant

Measure S ensures safety of students

Perhaps nothing symbolizes the changes in the economy more than what we all see on Thursday evenings with the “Off the Grid” food trucks. Food trucks are a hot, growing phenomenon all over the country and they are now here on Telegraph every Thursday evening. Hundreds of people come to socialize on the sidewalks and street while enjoying a tasty meal. Our challenge, which we are still working on, is how to meaningfully tie Telegraph as a destination into such a fun event. Some individual merchants have done so already. Moe’s Books has poetry readings many Thursday evenings and Caffe Mediterraneum has interesting coffee tastings in front of their café during “Off the Grid.”
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Leave the alcohol at home, drink safely on gameday

With the new Memorial Stadium completed, football games are back on our home turf. Last Saturday marked the first football game of the season, and Berkeley was flooded with blue and gold, eager alums, students and fans cheering on the Golden Bears. While most enjoyed the event without any problems,
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