Lost foreign policy opportunities in the Middle East

It’s taken me a while to process what happened on Sept. 11 in Benghazi, Libya. I first heard about it from a friend in my dorm room just before a 2 p.m. class. I saw the headlines about the violence and the storming of the embassies, about the months-old anti-Islamic
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In the trophy room

Reel Life

We all have our own trophy rooms, and we’re all collectors of some sort. We adorn our walls with paintings and line our shelves with photographs. For some, it’s an art form. For others, it’s just the mosaic of life.
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Ticketer by Jacqueline Alas

Happy Birthday BART

Immutable Orange

This September, BART celebrated its 40th anniversary. Besides a reason to celebrate BART for free ice cream giveaways and a promotion giving away 1,000 $40 BART tickets, it is interesting to look back and see how the role of the public in public transportation has changed in the United States
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Much ado about nothing

Please, just cut it with the drama. The political drama, I mean. Cut the smart remarks, the inconsequential press releases, the irrelevant speeches, the waste-my-time-and-yours political “debate” that resembles Jerry Springer more than honest and meaningful discourse. Just quit it with the petty political theater. Last week, a video surfaced
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Sleepwalk with me

Reel Life

We all sleep alone. Physicality aside, we lie in the mercy of our own creations alone. You could fall asleep in the most public of places or wrapped tightly in someone’s arms and still feel as utterly alone. The fact of the matter is that a room full of people
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Two bad resolutions

This morning, a reader emailed me regarding the UC Student Association’s vote repudiating HR 35, a California Assembly resolution aimed at addressing anti-Semitism on state public university campuses. Referring to recent Daily Cal op-eds on the issue, the reader asked for my opinion, “in particular on the attempt by some
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connor blog 1

More voters doesn’t mean answers

The other day, I was asked for the sixth time if I was registered to vote. I’ve been grilled by volunteers at the table at Sproul Plaza, volunteers under Sather Gate, volunteers in front of Dwinelle and Wheeler Halls, volunteers attending my Undergraduate Political Science Association meeting and, alas, still
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Welcome to Wonderland

Reel Life

In reality, half of our travel time was spent orienting our phones in an attempt to read maps and pausing in our steps to make sure that we, as the blue dots in Google Maps, were moving in the right direction. And for some odd reason or another — we were advised again by Google maps — to get off at the Ashby BART Station and walked the four-mile trek to campus with our suitcases in tow. Tired, we settled dinner at Walgreens and opted out of socializing for a quiet night in. Our first night in Berkeley, we spent our night with Harry and Sally.
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Pilar Huerta - Opinion Blog Writer

‘Sup Bay Are-uh

Savage Heart Murmurs

Let’s go to East Oakland — home of the hyphy movement, Oakland’s criminal notoriety and the smartest and chillest six-year-olds I’ve ever met.Twice a week this past semester isn’t enough. I’ve been working at a public elementary school in East Oakland, soothing the insecure cool out of first grade boys
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Ain’t no fun

It's A Juanderful Life

While I was busy finally getting some schoolwork done this weekend, many of my peers were basking in the glory that is known throughout the world as Coachella. While I must admit that I don’t always enjoy reading antiquated English literature for hours on end, this past weekend was especially
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